About Us

Cat World was started by Jackie Johnston with a mission to form a tight nit community in which cat owners can share their knowledge and information with each other. There are a lot of false information out there, which can be detrimental to the lives of your precious kitties! Our goal is to raise awareness on the absolute best practices on how to properly raise and take care of your lovely cats.

Jackie has worked at various different New Jersey animal shelters for more than 3 decades nursing kittens back to health and finding them the perfect home so they can live happily with caring people. She's learned a vast amount about the proper ways to raise and take care of cats of all ages and conditions, and is very passionate to spread as much of her knowledge as possible so she can make a positive impacts on the lives of countless kitties!

The goal of starting this informational cat website was to get across as much cat and kitten-related information to the world of cat owners as quickly and efficiently as possible. Jackie knows how hard it can be to raise cats properly; there are so many things that can go wrong, and a lot of articles online are either outdated or incomplete. The main goal of this site is to make sure that the correct information is put out there for every cat owner in the world.

When it comes to cat health and treating medical problems in felines, Jackie has teamed up with seasoned veterinarian Dr. Hafeez Arshad (DVM, M.Phil Pharmacology). Dr. Hafeez loves helping pet owners, and most importantly, keeping their animal friends happy and healthy. You can reach Dr. Hafeez on Linkedin.

If you have any questions or concerns about raising or taking care of cats, feel free to reach out to us!

Jackie Johnston

Jackie Johnston


Dr. Hafeez Arshad (DVM, M.Phil Pharmacology)