Best Cat Litter For Allergies - Hypoallergenic Litter For Your Kitty 

For many cat owners, cats are an extension of their family. As a result, they want the best care possible for their feline companions. Providing a comfortable life for your cat can become a challenge, especially if your cat has allergies, leading many to look for the best litter for allergies.

These allergies can be a source of frustration and concern, especially when it is due to your cat's litter.

In this article, we will look at some of the allergies these litters cause and why some litters cause allergies. We will see some factors to consider when choosing cat litters and recommend five of the best cat litter for allergies.

Read on to find out more about the best cat litter for your allergy!

First, what allergies might your cat have?

Cat sneezing

cat allergies - Hypoallergenic Litter For Your Allergic Feline

Cats are like people. Just like people, they have allergic reactions to different stuff.

The most common causes of a sensitive cat allergy is smell and dust. And like people, they are more susceptible to allergic reactions when they are young or have grown old. This is why kittens and senior cats usually react more to certain triggers.

Allergies arise from dusty litters, litters with fragrances, and even natural things like pollen and grass.

The immune system tries to expunge allergens like dust, etc. In some cases, an overreaction occurs, and this results in allergies.

Allergies are very annoying because they can occur at any time. Even if your cat does not react to stuff right now, it might become allergic in the future.

symptoms of Your cat Having allergies

Your cat might develop one or more symptoms of an allergic reaction to its cat litter.

Here are some of the common symptoms:

  • Sneezing or coughing. Allergies might cause your cat to sneeze either gently or violently.
  • Your cat does not feel comfortable in its litter. Thus it might start avoiding the litter and start doing its "business" someplace else.
  • Your cat might have a swollen face due to frequent scratching. The itchy skin will cause it to scratch all over or chew it's paws.
  • In more severe cases, allergies can cause your cat to snore while sleeping, frequently vomit, suffer diarrhea and cough.
  • Acne can be another side effect of allergies. It is seen in pimples and cysts occurring around the face of your cat. This bumps and pimples might remain there without any discharge coming out.

In all, it is obvious that these symptoms will make your cat very uncomfortable, and if not treated and dealt with, it can ruin your cat's health, especially ingredients that cause vomiting, which is definitely not the best scenario for your feline.

Thus, to help your kitty from any irritation, identify the root of its problems: cat litter.

how to choose safe litter For Your Allergic Feline

Since we have established some of the causes of kitty allergies, it is easier to choose cat litter that does not cause them.

A simple solution to this problem is cleaning your feline's litter regularly. Doing this reduces the chance of mold, dust, or other things affecting your cat. It also ensures that harmful chemicals are kept out of your cat's litter box.

choose a dust-free cat litter for allergies

A dust-free litter should be one of the first things you look for when choosing a cat litter; this is the best bet.

To this end, avoid kitty litters that are susceptible to producing dust. For example, clay cat litters are prone to causing dust due to their basic components, which means it's not the best litter option for allergies. If dust affects your cat and causes allergies, it's movement in and out of the litter can kick up dust. This can get into the lungs of your kitty and trigger an allergic reaction.

considering smells and fragrances for cat allergies

After the dust, another cause of allergies in cats are fragrances. Although these fragrances conceal or eliminate the odor oftheir wastes, they might not be comfortable for your feline. It might make our homes smell less "catty," but might be detrimental to the health of your kitten.

Why is this?

This is because most of these fragrances are not made from natural sources but are synthetic smells. The chemicals these fragrances are created from can cause allergies and respiratory problems. They can cause fur loss, itching, and inflammation.

clumping litter and it's effect on cat allergies

Although this isn't completely proven, clumping can reduce allergies. Clumping can absorb moisture, dust, and chemicals in the air to reduce the chances of allergic reactions.

best cat litter for allergies

Here are the 5 best cat litters for allergies.

catSpot litter

CatSpot litter is none that promises impressive performance: and delivers! It is made from coconut, which might sound weird, but it works really well.

Unlike other cat litters that are made of artificial materials like silicone or made of clay, the coconut base of this cat litter makes it stand out.

As a result of its unique composition, it is a non-clumping cat litter. If your cat is allergic to stuff like dust, then this cat litter solves your problem. Completely dust-free, this cat litter is super comfortable for your cat.

It possesses an impressive ability to trap moisture, ensuring that your cat's litter box is kept dry at all times. Furthermore, this makes it easy to clean and maintain. The cat litter does not become moist and gooey after time, making cleaning a bearable experience.

Check out our entire CatSpot litter review for more info.

Odor Control reviews

The CatSpot litter has good odor control. The company urges that after 15 days, the cat litter ought to be changed. The duration it lasts is dependent on such factors as the number of cats using the litter box, the frequency of waste elimination by the cat or cats, and any accompanying health issues. Anyways, it serves as an excellent means of eliminating smells. However, we found that it had some problem with eliminating urine or ammonia smells.

is it safe for the environment?

Since it is made of coconuts, it is no surprise that this cat litter is safe for the environment. If you have a garden, it can serve as compost. Simply throw the waste product into your garden. It is biodegradable and safe. Furthermore, even if cats mistakenly ingest this cat litter, there are no adverse health effects or allergies.

review on it's tracking

The granules of this litter are soft and fine. While this makes them great for your cat, it might cause you some stress.

The lightweight nature of this cat litter makes it very easy to track. However, the tracking occurs around the vicinity of the cat's litter box and not around the entire home.


  • If you are conscious about the environment, the biodegradable nature of this cat litter will appeal to you
  • Soft, fine granules are easy on the paws of your cat and are comfortable
  • Zero dust production. If your cat is hypoallergenic, this cat litter will suit it fine.
  • No additives or chemicals are added to this cat litter. It is 100% made from coconuts
  • It absorbs moisture very easily.


  • There are tracking issues
  • It does not efficiently eliminate urine or ammonia smells.

naturally fresh walnut-based household litter

Naturally Fresh is known for the high quality of their cat products. And this product is no different.

This is a natural cat litter made of Walnut. As a result, it is completely natural. There are no chemicals or additives that can trigger allergic reactions in your cat.

Just as the first cat litter on this list, it is entirely biodegradable.

Naturally Fresh

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features and reviews

It is a multi-cat product. It features clumps that are very hard and impressively absorbent. The clumping action makes it suitable for use for many kitties sharing a litter box.

It's love moisture. As a result, any moisture that interacts with this super hard clump gets absorbed completely and in a short period.

Although they are made of Walnut, these clumps are super hard and large just like clay clumps. This means that while cleaning, you do not have to worry about breakage of the clumps.

dust and Fragrance & it's impact on feline allergies

The Naturally Fresh walnut based litter is almost dust-free. If your cat is allergic to dust, it can find solace in this cat litter.

It is an unscented cat litter that does a great job of eliminating smells


  • Walnut-based cat litter. 100% natural without any additives or chemicals and is biodegradable.
  • Very absorbent cat litter that is great for multi-cat households
  • Large, strong clumps do not break even during cleaning
  • Dust-free performance
  • Low tracking


  • Some folks prefer their cat litter scented, although, despite its unscented nature, it still covers smells admirably.

okocat natural dust-free paper litter

The Okocat natural Paper dust-free cat litter is the only paper based cat litter on this list. It is, as the name implies made of paper. This makes it completely absorbent. In fact, findings reveal that it can absorb close to 200% of its own weight.

200% ability to hold its weight means that it can last far longer than other litters made of other materials.

Most paper litters are non-clumping litters, but the Okocat breaks the mold by being a clumping cat litter. The Okocat has been designed to retain its strong clumping ability. It is firm on the outside and soft on the inside to aid in absorbing moisture.

Okocat natural Paper dust-free cat litter

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We absolutely love the absorbent action of this product. It wholly and quickly absorbs any moisture that comes in contact with it. Shorter absorbing time means lesser chances that the smell of waste escapes the cat litter.

This eases the stress of cleaning the litter box: it takes 1 week before any smells escape the locking action of the clumps.

Once the clumps have absorbed the moisture, they become super hard and difficult to break.

As a paper litter, it is completely biodegradable and can be flushed in small quantities.


  • Super absorbent clumps remain rock hard even during cleaning
  • Unscented paper cat litter is gentle on the nose of your cat
  • Can hold over 200% of its weight in moisture. This durability means less frequent cleaning of the litter box.
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly


  • It is expensive

dr. elsey's precious respiratory relief

This cat litter is formulated for cat owners whose feline companions suffer from respiratory issues.

It is an entirely unscented cat litter that does not contain any chemicals, fragrances, or smells that can trigger allergic reactions both in the cat and the owner. To help with respiratory problems, the cat litter contains an herbal composition that calms the cat and reduces anxiety.

It is the only clay/silicon-based cat litter on this list. As a result, it displays high moisture retention and absorbent properties. Moisture is locked in and prevented from reaching the base of your cat's litter box.

The clumps automatically arrange themselves, with the clumps staying at the apex of the litter box. Dr. Elsey's cat litter makes cleaning fast, convenient, and less irritating. You cat check out our Dr. Elsey's cat litter reviews here.

Dr. Elsey's cat litter

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tracking & reviews

As with many clay cat litters, Dr. Elsey's cat litter is susceptible to tracking. Most cat owners reported this issue in their reviews


  • Impressive moisture absorption ability with super hard clay/silicon clumps
  • Biodegradable
  • Reduces stress and aid respiration through its herbal essence
  • Low dust production


  • Tracking problems

arm & hammer platinum cat litter for allergies

This product is made to eliminate smells from your cat's litter box while caring for the health of your cat.

It is a completely dust free cat litter that is ideal for cats that are allergic to dust. Furthermore, it forms hard clumps when it comes in contact with moisture.

The hard clumps stay on top of the litter box and make it easy to scoop and clean. It does not stick to the edges of the box.

The cat litter features a technology that automatically locks in any smell and has baking soda that eliminates odors immediately.

Arm & Hammer provide a 7-day guarantee of an odorless environment, after which the litter has to be changed.

Art & Hammer Cat Litter

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  • Strong clumps trap moisture and prevent the escape of odors
  • Dust free performance


  • Tracking is an issue

Conclusion on the best cat litters for allergies

If your cat has any allergies, be observant, and try to identify the root of its problems. By using the cat litters in this review, you'll come across the best cat litter for allergies, and you can be sure that any allergies caused by cat litters will be a thing of the past!