Best cat litter for multiple cats

If you have multiple cats, you are not alone. The American Pet Products Association reports that most people in the United States have at least 2 cats. Because of having multiple cats, special needs will arise.

One of the problems that multi-cat households face is that of cat litter. The more the cats you have, the more cat litter you have to use.

It is no wonder that multi-cats households are associated with smells.

To help owners solve this problem of multi-cat households, we have written this reviews article. Here you will discover 6 of the best cat litter for multiple cats and our review for each.

We will also consider some of the essential factors in these reviews that affect the choice of multi cat litter.

multiple cats in the litter box

buying guide for the best cat litter for multiple cats

What qualities make for a good cat litter for multiple cats? Let’s find out in these reviews.

moisture control

If cat litter lacks good moisture control, it will be tough to manage the cats litter box. A good litter for multiple cats must have good moisture control. This will ensure that the litter absorbs more urine, reduces ammonia and waste smells, and makes the cat litter more conducive.

Clumping litters usually have the best moisture control. However, some non-clumping litters might do a good job, although these are rare.

odor Control

Since you have multiple cats, it is essential that the cat litter has not just good, but excellent odor control in the review. Cat litters listed as "multi-cat" litters are the best choice in this regard.

To control odors, cat litters usually have their own scents. Before choosing any litter, ensure in the reviews that the scent is not overpowering and can cause irritation. Furthermore, that you like the scent of a cat litter does not mean that your cats will like it too! In fact, most cats do not like litters with odors. To reach the best compromise, choose unscented cat litters.

good dust and tracking control for multiple cats

The more cats you have, the more frequently the cat litter is disturbed as they all have to do their "business." It is imperative that your cat litter has good dust and tracking control. If you pour a litter and it releases a lot of dust, discard it. Aside from causing a dusty home, the dust can be allergic to some of your cats.

Tracking is a common issue in multi-cat households. Thus, if you do not want a home full of paw-shaped prints, choose a litter that doesn’t stick to the paws of your cat.

If you cannot find a suitable cat litter, you can reduce tracking by using a litter mat. Place this below the cat litter box. It will trap any litter stuck in the paws of your cats and reduce tracking.

reviews: 6 of the best cat litters for multiple cats

so phresh odor-lock crystal cat litter for multiple cats

Crystal cat litters are usually better than clay cat litters.

The So Phresh Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter does a decent job of challenging other cat litters on the market for the spot of the best.

Made of crystals, this cat litter is ideal for folks that are tired of clay products.

It's crystalline nature also is helpful for people who are allergic to dust and other chemicals common in clay or wood cat litters.

You can check out our entire So Phresh litter review for additional information on one of the best cat litters of the list.

Odor Control

Made of silica gel, the crystals do a good job of locking smells. So Phresh has made this product intending to eliminate cat smells. The crystals themselves give off their scent. This scent isn't too harsh or overpowering. Thus if you or your cat are allergic to harsh smells, you'll find comfort in this cat litter.

Aside from its scent, it absorbs ammonia smells, urine smells, and cat waste smells. It is important to clean this cat litter out regularly.

Many cat owners who have used this product report that if cleaning isn't done after 5-7 days, the locked smells seem to be released into the air all at the same time. Therefore, in 1 day, your home can go from smelling pleasant and cat-free to smelling like, well, cat urine and waste.

clumping action

As this one of the best crystal cat litters, there's no clumping action. This can be good or bad. It's great if you hate cleaning out clumps. Cleaning is usually easy to do because the crystals absorb moisture well and do not become a paste. It is bad because, as we pointed out earlier, you might need to clean more frequently. Failure to clean regularly will turn the crystals to paste, make it gooey and difficult to clean. This happens along with the total release of smells into the air.

dust and tracking

Since this is not a clay litter or anything of that sort, tracking is minimal. The silica gel cat litter does not stick to the paws of your cat. Furthermore, dust is minute compared to clay litters.


  • The crystals absorb moisture and eliminate smells quickly and efficiently.
  • There are minimal tracking and dust production issues
  • The litter is easy to clean out
  • It is great for cat owners and cats with allergies to harsh smells.


  • It requires regular cleaning, or else it unleashes all trapped smells
  • It is relatively expensive and doesn't exactly deliver value for such a premium price.

world's best cat litter

The World’s Best Cat litter is a good solution to your kitty needs.

Made from corn kernels, this best cat litter is great for your cat and the environment. It is biodegradable and can be used as compost.

If you don’t have a garden, or you don’t want to keep it in the waste bin, you can flush it down the toilet.

For folks that have never used flushable cat litter before, this best multiple cat litter is a breath of fresh air.

It is 100 % natural and constituents zero harm to the environment, unlike the more popular clay-based cat litters.

Check out our full review of World's Best Cat Litter.

Clumping Action

Despite being a corn-based cat litter, it features impressive clumping action. Clay litters might clump better, but there is no beating the overall convenience and comfort this cat litter brings. The clumps stay hard over time. Thus, cleaning this litter is easy. They absorb moisture easily and do not break easily. This is ideal for multi-cat households where cats move in and out of the litter box. If you want to enjoy good clumping but do not want clay or crystal cat litters, this is a great choice.

Odor Control

This cat litter has great odor control. It is a non-scented cat litter that still manages to eliminate cat smells. It is ideal for cats and cat owners that are allergic to the artificial smells of other cat litters. Furthermore, good clumping action help reduce the smell of ammonia, urine, and other cat wastes.

However, users have complained that after exposure to a lot of urine or other cat fluids, it starts to smell. To prevent this, regular cleaning is recommended.

Dust And Tracking

Since this cat litter is made of corn, which is lighter than clay, you might expect it to produce a lot of dust. However, the World’s Best Litter packs a good surprise. There is little dust production.

Tracking is a bit more prominent, but it is nothing that cannot be solved by placing a mat around the cat litter to trap any errant cat litter.


  • It has impressive odor control
  • This corn-based cat litter has good clumping action
  • It is easy to clean as the clumps stay hard over time
  • It produces little dust
  • It can be used in a multi-cat household
  • It is lightweight and easy to pour.


  • Tracking is an issue.
  • It needs regular cleaning because the clumps might crumble after time.

dr. elsey's precious cat utra cat litter for multiple cats

We have nothing but good things to say about this cat litter. It is one of the best cat litters you can ever purchase.

The features are simple but still highly effective.

Precious Cat is known for its good products, but this litter is the apex of the brand. 

This clay-based litter ticks so many boxes.

You can read our review of Dr Elsey's cat litter for more information about this brand's products.

Odor Control for multiple cats

This clay litter does an admirable job with odor control. We were left impressed by the way it kept smells at bay. As a clay-based litter, it has a dull clay smell that isn't easily noticeable. It takes some hard sniffing to notice this smell. It does not have any harsh chemical smells or artificial odors. Thus, if you have allergies, it will not trigger them.

It locks in urine and waste smells very well. It keeps these smells away for as long as a week. The clay clumps absorb and lock in wastes quickly. Urine might be a bit trickier as ammonia smells can be perceived after about 6 days.

To prevent this, cleaning once a week is advised. Whenever these smells are perceived, then the cat litter has reached its capacity and needs to be changed. It is a good litter that can comfortably be used for multi-cat households.

Clumping Action

Clumping is where this cat litter really impresses. The clumps form are very hard. They also stay hard. They easily absorb wastes and moisture and play a significant part in locking in smells. Even if you have a busy litter box due to multiple cats, this cat litter's clumps remain hard. Aside from the odor control, the rock hard clumps are easy to clean and dispose of.

Dust And Tracking

This cat litter produces little dust. Although some users have complained of large amounts of dust in their bags, this seems to be a manufacturing error. The dust varies from bag to bag with some owners reporting virtually zero dust in their own cat litter. Either way, it still produces less dust than competing cat litters.

Tracking occurs, but it is very little and shouldn't cause any major concern.


  • Great for multi-cat households
  • Clumping action is almost impeccable. Clumps are rock hard and stay hard
  • It is easy to clean out
  • Delivers exceptional value for money.
  • Good odor control


  • Variance in dust production
  • If not regularly cleaned, it absorbs much moisture and becomes too hard for simple cleaning

cat's pride multi cat litter for your feline

The title for the best multi-cat cat litter lies between the Cat's Pride Litter and the previously reviewed Precious Cat litter.

This cat litter also does an admirable job with all its features. This lightweight litter prides itself on being hypo-allergenic and meant for sensitive cats and their owners.

It is an unscented cat litter that promises a 10-day guarantee of keeping your cat litter box smelling fresh and clean.

Let's look at some of the reasons why this cat litter is rated so highly.

Odor Control for multiple cats

Although this cat litter claims to be 100% unscented, it does have a smell. However, this smell is so full that you'd be hard pressed to notice it. Moreover, after the cat litter has been poured, this smell dissipates after some time. Unlike many competitors, it does not feature any perfumes, artificial smells, or harsh odors. Despite not having an overpowering smell, it does a good job of keeping unpleasant cat smells away. The company promises a 10-day guarantee of odorless performance, and we found this product delivers on this promise.

The clumps it forms locks in cat smells. We advise that you don't wait for the 10 days, especially if you are using this litter in a multi-cat household. Therefore, clean out the cat litter after about 6-7 days to ensure continued performance.

Clumping Action

This cat litter clumps well. The product has small clumps that become rock hard on exposure to moisture and cat wastes, kind of like Pretty Litter. These clumps remain hard after exposure to moisture and ensure that cleaning out the litter is not a disgusting experience.

Furthermore, the clumps are small. This ensures that the product lasts longer, and you don't have to go through an entire jar quickly.

Dust And Tracking

This litter promises a dust free performance. Many users have acknowledged that while it produces some dust, the dust is minuscule.

Tracking occurs, but since the grains are small and remain hard, it is easy to control.


  • Very effective odor control
  • It does not contain any artificial smells or chemical odors that can trigger allergies
  • Good for cats and cat owners with allergies
  • Clumps are small, lock smells in well, and are easy to clean
  • Excellent value for money
  • 10-day guarantee of odorless performance
  • Very little dust and almost zero tracking issues.


  • It is slightly expensive
  • Needs to be cleaned regularly in a multi-cat home.

ever clean litter for multiple cats

The Ever Clean Multi-cat Clumping Cat litter is the first self-acclaimed multi-cat cat litter on this list. It is like other Ever Clean cat litters with a few exceptions.

Where other products of this brand might have a combination of plant agents and some antimicrobial compounds, it possesses these in larger quantities.

This is to negate the smells that emanate from a multi-cat cat litter.

This clay-based cat litter is great if you have more than 1 carbon your home. Let's see some of its main features and how it performs.

Odor Control

As indicated earlier, this clay-based litter is imbued with plant agents and antimicrobial extracts to help control smells. These compounds act to eliminate any smells and trap them before they leave the litter box. Despite the increased quantity of plant extract, this cat litter does not leave your home smelling like cat litter all the time.

Ever Clean Multi-cat Clumping cat litter only releases its scent when it detects the cat's paws in the litter. So you can rest assured you won't have this smell in your home at every point in time.

Clumping Action

This cat litter has one of the best clumping action features. Although not the best on this list, it still does a good job for multiple cats. The clumps are strong and efficient enough to handle basic needs of multiple cats. They harden quickly once exposed to waste or moisture and remain hard for a while.

We like how this best multi feline litter automatically arranges itself. The wastes and moisture stay on top of the litter so that you can easily clean it out. As a multi-cat cat litter is is quite efficient. However, the clumps are quite big, so you will likely go through a box of litter quicker than you like.

Dust And Tracking

Ever Clean Multi-cat Clumping cat litter does not have any listings on the packaging as to how well it handles dust. This is the best first indication that its dust production and control might be a cause of concern. This cat litter kicks up quite a large amount of dust.

As for natural tracking, since the granules are hard and non-sticky, there is low tracking for multiple felines.


  • Low tracking
  • Good clumping action
  • Easy to clean out wastes and used litters
  • Impressive odor control
  • Scents is only released when the cat is in the litter.


  • It's quite pricey
  • Lots of dust is produced
  • Big granules might cause you to use up a box more quickly.

arm & hammer multi-cat litter

The Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi-cat Litter is the last, but not the least option on this list.

It combines ammonia odor blocks with the trademark baking soda found in Arm & Hammer products.

This helps it to eliminate strong multiple cat smells, which is especially useful when dealing with multi-cat cat litter boxes.

Aside from its claims of complete odor removal, it also claims to be 100% dust free. Here is our review of this product.

Odor Control for multiple cats

This cat litter comes with ammonia odor blocks and features the baking soda from Arm and Hammer. This is done to eliminate smells. Furthermore, the cat litter has moisture activated granules that are meant to trap any waste.

During use, we found that smells from ammonia and water are largely eliminated. However, they are replaced by a strong artificial smell from the cat litter. If you are sensitive to artificial smells and your cat is allergic to such smells, then this litter might not be for you. If you can stand the intense smell, this litter will serve your needs.

It traps cat smells for up to 7 days. As a multi-cat cat litter, if you can stand the intense artificial smell, it does a great job masking cat odors.

Clumping Action

While users might have issues with the artificial smell, this cat litter redeems itself in this category. It does an amazing job with clumping action.  The clumps easily absorb moisture and waste. They are very hard, and despite soaking up moisture and wastes, they remain rock hard. Even if multiple cats use the litter, the clumps do not break up but remain solid.

It is easy to clean up this litter. Arm &. Hammer's single cat products have hard clumps, and this dedicated multi-cat cat litter has even harder clumps. Because of their compactness, the clumps are easy to clean. They do not crumble and leave a message during cleaning.

Dust And Tracking for multiple cats

Arm & Hammer claim this product is 100% dust free, but during actual use, it proved to have some dust. This especially visible when pouring the litter.

Some users have also reported tracking for this multiple feline litter, but this not just the normal tracking issue common to clay-based kitty litters.


  • The clumps are hard and remain hard after use
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Good odor control.


  • Intense artificial smell.

Review: conclusion of the best multi cat litters

It is hard enough caring for one cat. Caring for multiple cats can be very stressful. Ease this stress by choosing the best cat litter for multiple cats. We hope that after reading this article, you have found the best multi cat litter that suits your needs and ease your stress.

If the products listed aren’t to your taste, ensure you go through our buying guide to know the factors to look out for when buying a cat litter for your multi-cat household.