Best cheap cat litter - Reviews For The Best Inexpensive & Affordable Litter For The Money

Looking for a review and rating on the best cheap cat litters? A good quality, cheap cat litter can make all the difference in your household. It can stop nasty odors, save you time, money, and energy and best of all, keeps your furry kitten happy and healthy. 

You don’t need to break the bank for all of these benefits for your feline – there are tons of litters out there that come at a super affordable price, which brings this review.

All you need to know is what to look for.

This post will take you through some of the most important factors of the highest rated affordable litter for the money so that you know what you should be shopping for, and then review a few of our favorite and the best cheapest  litter right now.

The one cheap cat litter for you will depend on your pet and their cat box, your home and your needs. This review will help you to make an informed decision before you buy cheaper litter.

Best Affordable Cat Litter products For Your Feline

dr. elsey's precious cat ultra Litter review

As per these reviews, this product is a unique clay formula that clumps well and will not track. The cat litter granules are extra heavy and thick, which means that moisture will not sink through to the bottom of the cat litter box.

This affordable litter will stick to itself with moisture, but won’t cling to your cat’s paws when they walk through it in the cat litter box. It is also one of the highest rated hypoallergenic litters and super cat-friendly – there is no uncomfortable texture or odd scent that will steer cats away from the litter box.

One feature of this brand is the great odor control. Especially compared to other clay litters, there will be hardly any odor in your house. It's known to many as the best budget cat litter for the cost, offering great performance compared to other reviews.

That makes Dr. Elsey's cat litter ideal and one of the top litter options for a household with multiple cats.


  • Clumping 
  • Non-tracking
  • Odor control technology – great for multiple cat household
  • Cat-friendly feel and scent


  • Clay formula – may contain potentially harmful silica dusts
  • Very heavy – difficult to lift and store

Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Litter Review

Another awesome value option for houses with multiple cats according to our rating and review of each of these litters, this one from Frisco has a non-tracking, clumping clay formula that neutralizes odors coming from the cat litter box.

The granules of this litter are specially designed to lock together with moisture, preventing any mess from getting to the bottom of the litter box.

That makes it easier for you to clean the litter box tray of your cat's urine and feces, and saves you money in the long run by helping each bag last longer.

This clay product is hypoallergenic, aborbant, and comfortable for cats to walk across.

 The ingredients are mainly natural and free of harsh chemicals. It neutralizes odors naturally, rather than using chemically perfumes and deodorizers to cover them up.

This would be a perfect budget litter as per our reviews for someone with two or more cats. However, it is very heavy when we reviewd it – be prepared that it will be hard to lift and handle.


  • Clumps well – easy to scoop and clean
  • Non-tracking
  • Natural ingredients
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Cat-friendly scent and texture


  •  may be very heavy
  • Not as effective at stopping odors as some others

arm & hammer super scoop cat litter review

This Super Scooper litter from Arm and Hammer is one of our favorites because of its light weight, dust free formula and amazing clumping capability.

This is a crystal kitty litter, meaning it is made from sodium silica granules rather than clay.

The granules will not stick to a cat’s paws, and they produce no dust – perfect for pets and pet owners with sensitive noses.

Speaking of sensitive noses, this is one that offers a fragrance free formula. That means it blocks and neutralizes nasty odors without covering them up with a strong, chemically fragrance.

That makes this product super cat-friendly. An infusion of baking soda into the formula (the classic Arm and Hammer odor blocking trick) is what helps to block scents, rather than covering them up according to our review.

This crystal litter comes in a variety of sizes, for single cat or multiple cat households. It is great quality, and comes at a steal of a price. This would be a good fit for any pet owner looking at reviews.


  • 99% dust-free formula
  • Clumps fairly well – easy to scoop and clean
  • Non-tracking 
  • Lightweight – easy to carry and store
  • No strong or chemically fragrance
  • Odor blocking technology


  • Does not clump as well as some other, clay-based litters
  • Odor blocking makes it hard to know when to change the box

premium choice carefree kitty solid scoop Cat Litter review

This product from premium choice is another great option for sensitive cats.

The clay formula during our review is comfortable for cats to walk on and dig in, and there is no added scent that will bother sensitive noses.

It clumps together really well, ensuring that no moisture gets through to the bottom of the box and making changing out the litter quick and easy.

This is a clay sodium bentonite formula, which is what gives it its one of the top rated clumping abilities. This product is also low-tracking and has a low-dust formula – however, unfortunately, this litter will produce a little more dust than some of the other options on our list.

It is also very dense and heavy compared to others we reviewed.

That said, this would be a great litter for a multiple-cat household. This litter naturally blocks odors and comes at an incredibly affordable price.


  • Really good clumping – super easy to scoop
  • Low-tracking formula
  • Good for sensitive cats
  • Comfortable to walk on
  • No harmful or annoying scent


  • May produce more dust than some other options
  • May not prevent tracking as well as others

fresh step unscented cat litter review

Like the name suggests, this Simply Unscented litter from Fresh Step is a simple but highly effective scent-free formula.

It uses all natural ingredients, like plant extracts and activated charcoal, to block odors instead of covering them up in our review. In fact, it is guaranteed to keep a litter box odor-free for as long as ten days, even with multiple cats using it.

The formula clumps fairly well, and you shouldn’t have any issues with clumps sticking to the bottom of the litter box. It is a low-dust formula and a low-tracking formula.

The fine  granules are comfortable for cats to walk around on and dig in when they're in the litter box.

The most talked about feature of this litter is the natural odor-blocking technology. Unfortunately, it might be a little dustier than some other brands we have reviews on, but it is still designed to keep dust problems at a minimum in their  litter box, which is one of the most praised features in our review.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Blocks odors for up to ten days at a time
  • Good clumping formula
  • Low tracking
  • Low dust
  • Great for households with multiple cats


  • May be a little dustier than some others
  • Slightly more expensive than other brands

Things To Look For In a budget-friendly Litter

Before we show you some of the top cheap feline litters you can buy right now in our review, lets talk about what you should be looking for in our review. Here are a few of the most important factors you are going to want to consider and review while you are shopping for affordable cat litter when you're on a budget.

types of cheap cat litter for the cat box

If you just got your cat or only recently started using litter or just started reading reviews, you might not be aware that there are multiple kinds of cat litter you can purchase on a budget for your litter boxes. The top kind depends on what works for you and your pet. Here are a few of the most popular types on the market right now that we review:

clay litter

Good, old fashioned clay-based kitty litter is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a cat litter. Clay is what has traditionally been used, and a lot of brands we review still produce clay litters today. Clay is generally pretty cheap and always really absorbent, but there are some downsides.

For one clay can be sticky; it might stick to your cat’s paws and end up getting tracked around the house. It is also heavy, so it can be a pain to store the bag and refill the cat box. Worst of all, though, clay litters contain silica dust, which can be harmful for you and your pet if you breathe in too much of it. However, nearly all of the modern clay litters being produced have low dust formulas, so there isn’t much risk of harm from silica dust these days.

If dust is a concern for you, you may want to look into some other cheap options before you settle on a traditional clay litter. Other than that, though, clay is still one of the top budget options.  

bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a refined kind of clay that will clump together where your cat goes, so it is easier to scoop. This kind is a little lighter than traditional clay, but it still comes with the risk of being tracked through the house and the harmful silica dust.

biodegradable pellets and granules

A biodegradable kitty litter in our reviews seems like one of the best solutions, because you go through so much of it – no one wants to feel like they are wasting or polluting every time they through out their litter. Biodegradable pellets are usually made out of wood or paper. They are lightweight, easy to scoop, and will not stick to your cat’s paws, which is what you want in a brand we review as the perfect  kind you can get.

One downside to the biodegradable route, though, is that cats tend not to be as happy with it. Pellets can feel strange for them to walk on, and biodegradable granules can come with an unusual scent that cats might dislike. If you are training your kitty to use the litter box, you might not want to start off with a biodegradable litter.

silica gel

Silica gel , or crystal, is made of super absorbent sodium silica granules. They clump together so that they are easy to scoop, and the litter is fairly lightweight, which is one of the most talked about features of this type of litter in our review. It also does not produce any dust, which the best option if you are worried about the harmful silica dust of clay litters.

One reason a lot of pet owners prefer silica gel litters is that they are super effective at blocking odors. This can the best bet for your home, but be careful – with no odor, it can be hard to know when it needs changing.

important features of An Inexpensive Litter

Whatever the type of the cheapest cat litter you deem top in your review, there are a few universal things you are going to want to look out for when searching for the top rated affordable kitty litter. Not every cat litter will check all of these boxes, but the more of these features you can find in one brand, the better it will be for the cheapest cat litter.


The number one most important feature, obviously, is that it is absorbent. Your cat needs to be able to use their litter box more than just once between changes. The more absorbent a litter is, the longer you will be able to use it, and the easier it will be for you to change.


The whole point of using a litter box is to keep your indoor cat clean and sanitary. You should always make sure that the litter you buy is trackless, or not sticky, so that it will not cling to your cat’s paws and end up getting tracked all over your house. Most litters produced these days are trackless, but some will still be stickier than others.

clumping formula

It is not absolutely necessary to have a cat litter that clumps well,, but it can be really helpful. Having the best cheap clumping litter makes it so that, instead of throwing out the whole box full every time, you can just scoop out the clumps and refresh it, saving yourself money and helping each bag last a little longer.

The better the cat litters formula is at clumping, the less likely moisture will seep through the litter to the bottom of the box. This is really helpful for cleaning – when moisture gets to the bottom of the box, it can lead to clumps stuck onto the plastic material. Stuck clumps are annoying to clean off, and only get worse over time if you do not know they are there in the litters.


Last but certainly not least, it is important that you get a one that your cat will feel comfortable with. Cats can be very sensitive, especially about where they go. Your litter should have no funny angles or jagged edges that your cat will not want to walk on. The odor of the litter should be cat-friendly, too.

This is especially important if you are training a kitten to use the litter box. Start them off with one they are very comfortable with, and they will get used to using the litter box faster.

scented vs. nonscented

A lot of formulas come with infused scents that will cover up the ammonia odor of the litter box. Others work to neutralize odors of the litter box, or stop them without putting out any additional scent in the litters. Which one you choose depends on your preference – some people are just sensitive to chemically artificial scents, so they prefer unscented litters for their feline's litter box.

You should keep in mind, though, that an unscented version sometimes works harder to block the odors than a scented one will. If you choose a scented litter, you may want to change it more regularly – an artificial scent on top of the smell of a full litter box is not always pleasant.

multiple cat vs. single cat household

One last factor you will want to consider before you go out and buy a new kitty litter is whether you are shopping for one cat or multiple. For a house with multiple cats, odor blocking technology is going to be your top priority for cat litters. You want a litter that can be left for a day or more without stinking up the house and the cat box.

Non-tracking litter is also crucial for a house with multiple cats. More cats means more litter tracked throughout the house, which means a bigger mess to clean up.

If you only have one cat in the house, though, you have a little more flexibility in your shopping for inexpensive cat litters. You might want to value clumping capability over odor-blocking capability. With only one cat, you can save a ton of money on litter by scooping clumps out of the cat litter box instead of dumping all of the litter out every time from the litter box.

No matter how many cats you have, you should definitely consider one that is going to be comfortable for them to walk on and dig in when they're in the litter box.

Final Verdict & Rating on the top Value cat litter 

You don’t have to spend a fortune on inexpensive cat litter to keep your home tidy and smelling fresh. You just need to know what to shop for when on a budget.

These are some of our favorite cheap kitty litters on the market right now to fit your budget, but there are plenty of other cheap  options out there that come at an affordable price and work just as well as the more expensive brands, like these Skoon cat litter reviews.

When shopping for your next affordable & cheap litter, remember to keep an eye out for formula that will clump will, prevent tracking, limit dust and keep your cats comfortable - this will ensure you pick the top budget friendly litter for your cat.