Best dust free cat litter For Your Feline

In a world where many brands claim to be the best on the market, choosing the right product after reading some reviews is more difficult than ever, especially finding the best dust free cat litter.

When it comes to dust-free cat litter, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you.

A lot of cat litter products claim to be the best  dust free cat litter, but many of them are made of dust-prone ingredients when you review the label.

As a cat parent, you definitely want the very best for your beloved feline friend. But how can you choose the highest quality litter from among the sea of available options?

Below you will find a list full of reviews of dust-free cat litters that are safe for your family - kitty and human alike.

cat in the litter box with dustless litter

the benefits of getting the best dust free litter

Have you ever started coughing or sneezing while emptying out the litter box? Or maybe while pouring new litter? What about your cat - does he or she ever wheeze or cough or dry heave when using the litter box?

If you've been using clumping cat litter that doesn't advertise as dust-free, you may think that the small cloud of dust coming out of the box is a normal thing.

Alternatively, your clumping cat litter may claim to be the best dust-free in their own reviews, but you're still coughing. You may think that's just how it has to be, but the truth is, it doesn't. The solution is simple - trying out real dust-free cat litter.

a healthy human and cat family with dust free cat litter

While low amounts of dust usually won't harm anyone, for people and cats that are allergic or asthmatic, it's a whole different story for the best litter. A lot of people have a mild allergy to dust. You may not even know it, but if it bothers you, it's time for a change of litter to one of the better ones we wrote reviews for.

Switching to the best dust-free litter is one of the first steps you can take towards the lasting health of your family - human and cat alike. Here are just a few of the benefits you can review of choosing a dust-free brand of the best kind of clumping cat litter.

  • Respiratory health - this is a major one. Prolonged exposure to dust, even in low amounts, can have detrimental effects on the health of your kitty.
  • Safe for people and cats that suffer from asthma, allergies, and various other diseases.
  • No crystalline silica - one of the more popular types of cat litter is clumping clay. The biggest reason behind its popularity is that cats usually like it and that it's clean. Unfortunately, it's definitely not the healthiest choice for you or your cat: it may contain crystalline silica, a classified human carcinogen.
  • No sodium bentonite - also found in clumping clay litter, it may be harmful to cats or humans alike, especially if you're suffering from allergies.
  • No dust trails - when using cat litter that is not dust-free, the dust is not just in the air: it sticks to your cats' paws.

Remember that cats are very clean animals. If your kitty picks up dust in the litter box and later on cleans him- or herself, the sodium bentonite clay enters your cat's digestive tract, which is not the best scenario. The clay expands up to 18 times of its original volume when in contact with moisture. It may then become a cement-like mass in your cat's intestine.

For the above reason, sodium bentonite should be avoided at all costs. It is especially harmful to kittens, who have small digestive tracts. In fact, kittens should not use clumping clay litter until at least 4 months old, and waiting even a little longer is the best bet.

Cats, aside from being naturally clean, are also rather delicate. Your kitty won't be able to tell you that something is bothering them. Keep a watchful eye for any signs of discomfort in your cat, and consider switching to a healthy, dust-free brand of cat litter.

what to look for when choosing your new dust free cat litter?

A lot of cat litter brands claim to be dust-free but are in fact made out of dust-prone material. Some may have reduced dust levels, but will still be harmful to humans or cats with allergies. Skoon cat litter doesn't make this list but is an honorable mention. If you want to ensure that you're keeping safe, look out for the following things:

Ingredients - when trying out a new brand of cat litter, don't trust the tags and read the label carefully. Check the ingredients for sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. Very common in litters, these two litter agents are especially harmful to cats (and humans) with asthma.

Granule size - larger granules often have a lower likelihood of dust remittance in comparison to fine granules, making for easy cleaning.

Material - if you don't want dust in your box of litter, aim for natural materials. Cat litters made from paper or walnut have a much lower chance of containing dust residue.

Now that you know what to avoid, here is a handy list of materials that are usually safe for you and your cat alike.

  1. Walnut - made out of crushed walnuts, produces a very low quantity of dust.
  2. Pellet cat litter - made out of recycled paper. One of the best options, but some cats reject it due to its large granule size.
  3. Corn - it's especially absorbent, odorless, and biodegradable
  4. Pine - made from lumber scraps
  5. Wheat - made out of ground wheat
  6. Silica gel crystal - not completely dust-free, but very absorbent.

time for a change to dustless cat litter

You are one step closer to making the best possible choice for your cat. You know what to avoid and what to search for, and you know the upsides of choosing to go dust-free. Even with all that knowledge, it still isn't easy to pick the right brand for your cat.

Before you browse through our list of 6 best types of dust-free cat litter available on the market, here are a few quick tips.

When you decide to get a new type of cat litter, make sure that you start with a smaller bag. Cats need time to adjust to a new litter, and your cat may not accept it right away, or even at all. That's why it's safer to start small.

If your cat has any type of respiratory issues, they could be related to allergies. If you suspect your kitty may be allergic, avoid corn, pine, and wheat based litters. Alternatively, consult your vet before settling on a specific brand.

Fragrance additives may irritate your cat and make them averse to the new type of litter. If your cat has a tender respiratory system, consider going with a fragrance-free type of cat litter.

6 best brands of dustless cat litters

You now know what to look for, and we are here to help you pick. Here is a list of the 6 best available dust-free cat litters.

World's Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula - The Best Dust Free Cat Litter

This corn-based World's Best cat litter is free of silica dust, allowing you and your kitty to breathe easy. It's 99% dust-free and also unscented, so it will not irritate your cat's respiratory system in any way.

It has a natural, compressed corn formula that is entirely free of silica dust, making it one of the best for easy cleaning. You won't have to deal with annoying and unhealthy dust clouds, and your cat will be able to breathe easy. Due to it being 99% dust-free, you also won't have to deal with dust trails in your home.

The formula is environmentally friendly and totally flushable. Combined with the best fact that this is a clumping cat litter, clean up is truly going to be a breeze.

Clumping litters are great, especially when they are dust-free, and your cat is going to love this one. It forms tight, easy to scoop clumps on contact. While it is unscented - which as you know is actually a good thing - it is also odorless. It efficiently traps the smell of ammonia and all other odors.

Check out our entire World's Best Cat Litter review here.


Odorless formula - the fact that this has no fragrance additives will make your cat happy. On the other hand, the fact that this is completely odorless will make you and your family happy.

Clumping - not all  the best dust-free litters form clumps upon being used. This makes clean up really easy. Cats are also known to prefer this type of litter to be the best.

99% dust-free - corn-based litters produce next to no dust and will go a long way in keeping you and the kitty healthy.


Corn-based - while corn is the best for dust reduction, it might trigger respiratory allergies in some cats. If you suspect your cat may have allergies, it is best consult a vet before trying this cat litter.

Arm & Hammer Litter Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter

Scientific studies have proven that cats tend to be happier if they are raised with a best kitty friend. Some of us may have one cat, while others may have two, five or more. Arm & Hammer created this cat litter with multi-cat parents in mind.

Depending on the type of litter you used before, the smell of a used litter box might be no stranger to you. That is about to change. This clay-based cat litter is designed to eliminate odor for up to seven days - and that in homes with several cats!

This multi-cat litter has a proprietary blend of moisture-activated micro granules that seal in odor, while baking soda destroys the odors on contact. Aside from ensuring your house smells fresh and clean, it also has an ultra-low dust clumping formula, which makes clean up a breeze.

The low dust formula ensures that your kitty won't be suffering from any respiratory problems. It also reduces tracking. You won't have to deal with annoying dust trails in your home, and your cat won't carry it on his or her paws.


Soft - this cat litter is made with micro-particles that are soft to the touch. Your cat will love it.

Solid clumping - the formula in this litter creates solid clumps for easy removal.

Multi-cat - this product is the best for homes with more than one cat thanks to its lasting odor control formula.

Low dust - this cat litter contains very low amounts of dust and will keep you and your pet safe.


Scented - since it is aimed at multi-cat households, it's highly focused on odor control. Not all cats accept scented litters, but many do.

Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter

Okocat delivers a product that is designed with the health of you and your pet in mind. This litter is made out of natural paper, making it entirely safe for allergic or asthmatic humans and cats alike.

Okocat Natural Paper is one of the best dust-free, which also means that there will be no dust to stick to your cat's paws. You don't want your kitty to be consuming even small amounts of dust, so this cat litter is designed to keep your cat safe. To top it off, it won't track through your home.

This litter's formula has no additives, chemicals or synthetic scents that could be harmful to cats. Cats sometimes reject scented litters, so your cat should enjoy this unscented brand.

Made from reclaimed fallen timbers and lumber materials, this dust-free cat litter isn't just great for your cat. It's also great for the environment and completely eco-friendly. It's biodegradable and entirely flushable, which makes clean up a lot easier.

Read our full review of Okocat's litter here.

While this is not a clumping litter, it has a very high absorbency factor and can carry up to 200% its weight in moisture. It has specially formulated pellets that are firm on the outside, but soft on the inside.

Okocat Natural Paper Dust Free Cat Litter is unscented but odorless. It stays dry for a long time and features a fortified odor control technology. That goes a long way to making cleaning up more pleasant.


Entirely safe - this cat litter was created with allergy and asthma patients in mind. The best goal was to keep you and your family healthy, and it's safe to say that Okocat managed to design the perfect cat litter.

No additives - this product has no fragrances or deodorants that could irritate your cat.

Hypoallergenic - this cat litter is perfect for cats with any type of respiratory issues.

Made out of paper - Okocat's litter is dust-free, low-tracking and degradable. It will not only keep your cat in good health - but it also makes cleanup quick and easy.


Non-clumping - made out of paper, this Okocat litter will not form clumps. However, due to its superior odor control, it's still very easy to use and manage.

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Dustless Cat Litter

Despite being clay-based, this cat litter is not only 99.9% dust-free, but also hypoallergenic, which is the best of both worlds for your feline. If you or your cat suffer from allergies, this cat litter is a good combination of safety and convenience.

This cat litter combines heavy non-tracking granules with medium grain clay. The end result - impressive clumping litter that keeps the moisture from ever reaching the bottom of the tray. It provides strong clumps that do not break down, which makes it one of the best for easy cleanup.

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Clumping Cat Litter was designed with multi-cat households in mind. It's also perfect for those cat parents who own mechanical or sifting litter boxes. Even if you have several cats, this litter delivers superior odor control, keeping your home fresh with the best smells.

While it does provide great odor control, this cat litter is unscented. Combined with it having virtually dustless and being hypoallergenic, you can rest easy about keeping your cat healthy. Our experts came up with a comprehensive Dr. Elsey's cat litter review, and they saw it as a top litter brand.


Multi-cat litter formula - this litter was created with multi-cat homes in mind. Even if you have a big cat family, this product will work well in your home.

Easy to clean up - thanks to the strong clumping formula in this litter, cleaning up will be fast and easy. It's also ideal for sifting and mechanical litter boxes.

Completely hypoallergenic - suitable for humans and cats with allergies or asthma. 99.9% dust-free litters.

Odorless - while this litter is odorless, it is also unscented, making it a good choice for your cat.


Clay-based - this litter was made out of clay, which still produces more dust than paper-based litters. However, the formula in this one is safe and suitable for cats with respiratory issues.

Tidy Cats Instant Action Immediate Odor Control Dustless Cat Litter

Purina's clay-based cat litter is another great contender on this list. If one of the factors you care about is strong odor control, then you should definitely consider this as of the best kind of dustless litter.

This cat litter is made out of natural clay and has a built-in deodorizing system. It was designed to trap odors from the start, protecting your home from the unpleasant smell of ammonia. Purina promises guaranteed odor control with its innovative TidyLock protection system. This cat litter keeps your home smelling nice and fresh.

While it is clay-based, it is also virtually dustless and reduces up to 99.9% dust. You and your cat will breathe easy, thanks to both the low dust formula and also the outstanding odor control of the litters.

Tidy Cats Instant Action Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter was designed for households with multiple cats. Whether you have one cat or several, this litter is a great choice. You can read more about them in our Tidy Cats litter review.


Ammonia protection - with this litter, you will never have to worry about any unpleasant smells in your home.

Dust-free - made out of natural clay, this product promises up to 99.9% dust reduction. You can feel safe knowing that your cat will have no trouble breathing.

Clumping - this is a clumping litter. It produces strong clumps that are easy to scoop.


Scented - Purina's litter is dust-free, but it is scented. If your cat is especially tender, he or she may not love scented litter.

Frisco All Natural Grass Clumping Cat Litter

This natural, grass-based litter is a great choice if your cat prefers fine grain litters. It was made with 100% natural grass, thanks to which it is soft and easy for your kitty to sift through.

There are no added chemicals, dyes or fragrances in this litter, which is something that a lot of cats prefer. Despite that, it does have excellent natural odor control and is one of the best ultra-absorbent litters. It will keep your home smelling fresh, but it will not be off-putting to your cat.

Grass produces a low-dust litter, which is beneficial to both you and your kitty as per our reviews. Your cat won't kick up dust or create tracks in your home, and you will not breathe in the dust when pouring new litter.

This Frisco litter produces quick and solid clumps, which makes for easier scooping and disposal of the litter clumps for your kitten. You won't have any trouble keeping the litter box clean with this cat litter, due to it being one of the best litters for clumping we've reviewed. Last but not least, it's fully biodegradable and eco-friendly.


100% natural - this unscented grass litter is biodegradable and very low dust, which makes it a healthy choice for you, your kitty, and the environment compared to other litters.

Excellent odor control - this litter is highly absorbent. It locks in wetness and strong ammonia, ensuring that your litter box area will smell nice.

Ideal for multi-cat homes in our reviews - due to its strong odor control and clumping, this litter is great if you have more than one cat or kitten.

Resealable bag - this litter comes in a bag that makes it very easy to store.


Not flushable - while this cat litter is biodegradable, Frisco does not mention it being flushable.

final tips & Summary for finding the best dust free litter

When choosing your new cat litter, remember to carefully read and review the list of ingredients. To begin with, don't go straight for the biggest available bag - unless your cat is known not to be picky. However, if your kitty does not like the litter right away, don't be discouraged. Some cats need a little time to review and adapt.

Remember that regardless of the type of litter, you should still take safety precautions when handling the litter box. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter. This applies even to clumping litter, which is generally known to be easy to clean.

With countless choices available on the market we wrote reviews for, choosing the right type of dust-free cat litter can be a chore. Luckily, there are many great options to choose from. This means that every cat parent will find something perfect for their family.

The litters on the above list we wrote reviews for are dust-free and will drastically reduce the amount of dust you and your cat breathe in on a daily basis. For the sake of staying healthy and happy, going with dust-free options is definitely a sensible decision when shopping for new cat litter, ending this best dust free litter review.