Best Lightweight Cat Litter (Reviews)

After cat food, cat litter is arguably the most important consideration in caring for your cat. As a cat owner, you want the best care for your cat.

Thus, you have to think about so many factors that affect their health, including cat litter duty. Furthermore, unless your cat is an outdoor cat that comes and goes as it pleases, your feline companion is bound to leave a mess in your home.

Constantly cleaning up after your cat can be stressful and add further tension to your already busy lifestyle. To make your life much easier, there are products we review like lightweight cat litter you can buy that will reduce the toll your cats’ potty necessities has on your day.

There are many cat litter products available on the market, but we have compiled three of the best lightweight cat litter available on the market today. This narrows down your choice to the very best lightweight litter for cats!

cat getting out of litter box

Issues With Lightweight Litter

Recently, lightweight cat litter has come under a lot of scrutiny. This is because some cat owners have complained that the lightweight cat litter they used affected the health of their feline companions.

However, to put it frankly, these claims & reviews on lightweight cat litter are unfounded. There has been no definitive or substantive evidence that lightweight cat litter affects the health of cats. All people have had to go on are stories, all of which are simply claims without any evidence.

Hence, rest assured that cat litter in no way affects the health of your cat. Moreover, the brand's listed in our review have been thoroughly tested, reviewed, and verified to be totally safe litter for cats!

what is lightweight cat litter made of?

There are many types of lightweight cat litter available on the market. Each of these lightweight cat litter brands we review are made of different materials. Here are some of the most common types.

Lightweight crystal cat litter 

This type of cat litter is made up of silicon. They are often more expensive than other types of cat litter, but they have better odor control and are quite durable. As they are made of silicone, they can be dangerous to your cat if it ingests the silica in large quantities.

clay clump cat litter

This is one of the most popular types of cat litter and for a good reason. Although it isn't biodegradable and might be dusty, it makes up for this by being very easy to clean and maintain. Made of clay (bentonite) most cats love this type of litter.

Clay Non-Clump lightweight litter

Also made of clay, although not bentonite, this type of cat litter is another popular choice among cat owners. However, since it does not clump like "clay clump" above, it is more difficult to clean and requires dedicated scrubbing and cleaning before it's clean. It is a suitable litter for kittens.

lightweight biodegradable cat litter

Made of the lightweight, biodegradable materials like corn, wheat, etc., this cat litter is great for your cat. It doesn't clump and produces little to zero dust. However, if your cat is allergic to the materials it is made of (corn, wheat, or pine), it can cause negative reactions.

Whichever cat litter you choose, be assured that they are safe for use. The only difference between these lightweight cat litters we review and conventional cat litters we review is the mode of manufacture.

is lightweight cat litter as good as regular cat litter?

Lightweight cat litter is a great alternative to normal cat litter, no matter which of our reviews you read. In many cases, it gives as good as, or even better performance than regular, normal cat litter.

Here are some advantages of lightweight cat litter over regular cat litter.

efficiency of lightweight litter

Lightweight cat litter is more efficient than regular cat litter. For example, they are more durable than regular cat litter.

lightweight & easy to carry

This is the most noticeable difference and improvement. Lightweight cat litter undergoes a production process that makes them much lighter than regular cat litter.

The benefit of this is that it is easier to clean your cats' litter box.  You can change litter and clean up without breaking a sweat.

Aside from these benefits, lightweight cat litter also has its downside.

The main disadvantage is that due to their fineness and lightness, they track easily. They also tend to produce more dust than regular cat litters.

frisco lightweight floral fresh scent multi-cat litter

The Frisco floral scent lightweight cat litter we review delivers an impressive performance worthy of your consideration.

A lightweight cat litter weighs up to 50% less than regular cat litters. Thus, cleaning and maintenance are easy. You don't have to do any heavy lifting to clean your cats' litter box.

It is formulated from bentonite. Because of this, this lightweight cat litter has a great clumping action that will leave you and your cat pleased.

The clumps formed are strong and firm, reducing tracking. Furthermore, since the clay clumps are strong and firm, your cats' litter box stays dry. 

Thus, when cleaning, you do not need to scrub the box (which can be irritating). The clumps do not scatter or break down during cleaning.

Another feature of this lightweight cat litter is that it does not produce a lot of dust. Although lightweight litters are notorious for the amount of dust they produce, Frisco claims this cat litter is dust-free.

However, it still produces dust and is guilty of tracking. Compared to other lightweight cat litters, the Frisco cat litter features much better tracking.

It is a scented cat litter. The floral scent is mild and pervasive. With this cat litter, you do not need to worry about your cat droppings leaving an unpleasant smell in the air. Unlike other scented cat litters, the Frisco cat litter only releases its floral scent when the cat litter box is disturbed. Thus, when your cat is done leaving waste and moves around the litter box, the Frisco cat litter automatically gets to work and releases its scent. The benefit of this is clear. Your home does not constantly smell like cat litter.


  • A scented cat litter automatically releases its floral scent only when it is disturbed.
  • It delivers excellent value for money
  • It is very lightweight
  • The clumps formed are strong and firm.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Good tracking performance when compared to competitors.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft, fine and comfortable texture for sensitive cat paws
  • It comes in an unscented variant and is great for multi-cat households.


  • Still tracks more than traditional cat litters
  • It isn't biodegradable and eco-friendly

arm & hammer litter clump & seal lightweight litter for multiple cats

Arm & Hammer are known globally for their products aimed at controlling household odor.

The Arm & Hammer lightweight multi-cat litter is another product from this company that continues this tradition.

The cat litter is a lightweight solution to the needs of your cat.

As a "multi-cat" litter, Arm & Hammer claim this cat litter can be used conveniently for more than 1 cat. Therefore, if you have more than 1 cat, this cat litter is for you! It comes with a 7-day guarantee.

As a clay cat litter, this litter clumps easily.

The clumps are strong and absorb cat droppings efficiently. 50 % lighter than conventional cat litters, it combines its lightweight nature with all the benefits of a clay cat litter.

Arm & Hammer are known for their household odor control, and this cat litter is no exception. It offers some of the best odor controls available. The technology behind this is quite straightforward.

The litter contains micro-granules that are activated by moisture. Once moisture is detected, a tight cover is formed around the litter to prevent the escape of odors. It further boosts durability by incorporating a baking soda composition.

All these technologies mean it can be used for multiple cats in the same household.


  • It is lightweight
  • It can be used for multiple cats.
  • Decent clumping action
  • Minimal dust production


  • It is relatively expensive
  • Great for 1 or 2 cats. However, if more cats use this litter, after 7 days, cat odors become more pronounced.
  • After some time, clumps might become soft and gummy
  • Easily tracks.

tidy cats lightweight 24/7 performance cat litter

Reports on social media made it seem like this cat litter was harmful to cat health. However, these claims are unfounded and false.

Purina continues to grow from strength to strength and this cat litter is ample proof.

If you are a busy person who doesn't have the time to check the litter box frequently, or you have multiple cats sharing one litter box, this cat litter is for you!

It delivers wonderful performance.

The clay granules of this cat litter create clumps that easily absorb moisture and cat droppings.

Furthermore, these granules arrange themselves automatically in such a way that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. They stay at the apex of the litter box. They are thus easy to scoop.

Great to use in small spaces, this cat litter forms clumps that are super hard and long-lasting.

As a lightweight litter, it has impressive odor control. The Tidy Cats cat litter eliminates smells that emanate from cat "business." It features a triple odor formula that helps it remove odors effectively. Tidy Cats cat litter also features Tidy Lock. Tidy Lock is a technology developed to eliminate ammonia smells for at least 2 weeks.

It serves as a multi-cat lightweight cat litter. Thus, if you have more than one cat in your household, you can use this lightweight cat litter for all of them: with great performance.

This cat litter is of high quality and is reportedly 99.6% dust free.

Check out our full review of Tidy Cats cat litter.


  • At $19, it offers excellent value for money
  • It is 99.6% dust free. This reduces tracking and stress.
  • Impressive clumping action
  • The Tidy Lock feature ensures ammonia smells are eliminated for at least 2 weeks after purchase.
  • Easy to clean up and maintain as clumps automatically arrange themselves.
  • It has a lightweight design
  • 24/7 performance underlines the brilliance of this product


  • Some tracking occurs, although it mainly occurs around the vicinity of the litter box.
  •  It has a relatively high price.

buying guide: factors to consider before buying lightweight cat litter

Since lightweight cat litter is significant, both to you and to your cat, it is important to consider the factors that should affect your choice of cat litter.

These factors include:

1. Cost

2. Appeal

3. Efficiency

4. Durability

5. Odor control

6. Ease of Clean-up and maintenance

7. Tracking and Dust production

Let's have a look at each of these factors.


As with everything you purchase, you need to count and review the cost. A cat litter might be cheap but might require you to change it often. For example, if a cat litter costs $4 per pack and you need to change it every week, which means you'll spend $40 a month. On the other hand, another cat litter might cost $20, but it'll last for over a month.

Hence, in the end, the more expensive cat litter might actually be more economical.


No matter the price of the cat litter, if your cat does not like it, it is of zero use. Each cat is different, hence what Cat "A" finds comfortable might be uncomfortable for Cat "B." Some might like a certain brand of cat litter while others might respond negatively to it.

So, be observant and know the brand that you cat finds desirable.

efficiency of lightweight cat litter

One reason why you are purchasing a cat litter is to make your life easier. Hence, the efficiency of the cat litter is important. It should form hard clumps that can readily absorb moisture and droppings. It should erase the smells that emanate from your cat's "business."

The better the clumping ability of your cat litter, the easier and less disgusting clean-up is.

durability of the litter 

This factor is intertwined with the other factors that should be considered. You need to weigh the durability of the litter against the cost and efficiency. Long-lasting cat litters save you money and reduce the stress of shopping.

odor control

Cats are obsessively neat. They constantly groom themselves and hate being dirty. Thus, if they notice foul smells in their litter box, they tend to avoid it and will find somewhere else. This can cause complications for you as they might start doing their "business" all around the home.

Although cleaning works, it is often stressful. Using a cat litter will reduce this stress. A cat litter will ensure that your cat's litter box always smells nice and fresh. This is attractive to your feline companion.

Cat litters do not have to be expensive before they help to control odors. Many manufacturers produce budget-friendly litters that can care for your needs. Some are scented while others are non-scented (but still get rid of any smells).

ease of clean-up and maintenance review

Cat litter boxes require thorough cleaning and maintenance. A cat litter can make your job less unpleasant and much easier.

Cat litters are broadly divided into clumping and non-clumping cat litters.

Clumping cat litters are the best litters for easy cleanup. Furthermore, they require less attention. You can leave things be for up to a week without any problems with the litter box. In addition, cats tend to enjoy clump cat litters. However, because of the clumping nature of these cat litters, cats might end up ingesting the litter while grooming. This can lead to digestive complications, especially for kittens.

Non-clumping cat litter has its advantages. For one, since they are non-clumping, they do not turn into balls that can be ingested by your furry friends. Non-clumping cat litters are ideal for kittens.

tracking and dust protection reviews

Cats are very mobile creatures. As a result, they tend to move in and out of their litter box frequently. If your cat litter produces a large amount of dust (especially if it is filled with a clay-based cat litter), then prepare to have visible, dusty prints all over your home. The cat litter might stick to the fur or paws of your cat and be deposited as grains all over the home.

Therefore, before choosing a cat litter, check out the reviews from others who have used the product you're interested in, it might save you a lot of discomforts.

Conclusion Of the best lightweight cat litter available

There's no doubt that as a cat owner, you want the best for your cat. You also want to reduce the stress that comes from taking care of your cat. A good lightweight cat litter is a solution to your problems. The three cat litters in this review are some of the best lightweight cat litters available. They deliver excellent performance, and we are sure your cat will love them.

Remember that there is no evidence that cat litters are detrimental to the health of your cat. The products listed here have been thoroughly tested and vetted as safe. So choose one of these products and be assured that your cat will purr in delight and satisfaction with the best lightweight litter for your cat!