best litter for declawed cats

If you have a declawed kitty at home, you may have noticed it sometimes exhibits some odd behavior that is different from other cats with regular paws.

That’s because declawing a feline is not a natural process for them or their paws by any means. It can lead to such things as behavioral issues due to the extra stress and pain that declawing creates for your animal and their health.

This stress on their paws often carries over to such behaviors as your newly declawed cat’s refusal to use its litter box, because it can be painful for them, especially after their declawing surgery. Don’t totally give up on your pet just yet though.

There are things you can do to get your kitty to use its litter box once again so they can feel more comfortable.

It all starts with patience and the type of litter you choose to make it easier and less painful on your cats paws after their declawing surgery, which is why we wrote these reviews.

declawed cat paw

Based on others experiences and reviews, we have put together a list of litter products that tend to be declawed paws friendly, finding the best options available for your cats paws and their health after their surgery. This has much to do with the ingredients that declawed cat litter are made with.

We will do some helpful reviews on these brands of of the best litter that declawed felines seem to prefer due to their sensitive paws, especially during their recovery period post declaw surgery.  Along with the reviews, we will also provide you with some of the best information on litter that relates to  cats without claws on their paws with advice from a veterinarian. Armed with all of this information in this review of taking care of cats after their declawing surgery, it should greatly aid you in finding the best litter for declawed cats and their health. 

We do not condone cat declawing surgery by any means. These reviews are intended for cat owners who have recently adopted a declawed cat and are looking for helpful advice.

What Is The Best Litter For Declawed Cats?

1) yesterday's news original formula

Here is a quality soft litter from Yesterday's News that has proven itself to be effective in enticing declawed cats to use their litter box again, making it one of the best cat litter options we have reviews for after their declawing surgery for their paws.

It has a soft base, which is great for your cats paws after a painful surgery, and many other ingredients that help any cat overcome its fickleness when it’s time to poop in their litter box.

This is an eco-friendly cat litter product too. That’s because its ultra-soft pellets are made out of 100% recycled paper fibers.

These fibers are even 3 times more absorbent than traditional clay litter pellets, making some customers claim that it's the best option after declawing surgery. They help to form the perfect litter box base for cats with sensitive feet, especially  after they have had their claws removed; it's so important to have proper treatment and take care of the raw wound and encourage your kitty to use the litter box, even if it may be uncomfortable, painful, or cause slight irritation.

There are other features to like about this litter that is great for declawed cats and their paws too. It is completely unscented which cats seem to prefer and its 99.7% dust free too.

This is also a very low tracking type of pet litter, and highly absorbent.

Yesterday's News Original Formula

Check prices:


  • Ultra-soft pellet formula to make it more comfortable
  • Unscented litter
  • 99.7% dust free
  • 3X more absorbent than clay style litter pellets
  • Eco-friendly pellets made from recycled paper
  • Low tracking litter


  • Does not clump
  • Requires daily feces removal
  • Only offers average odor protection

2) sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural Wheat Litter

Here is a cat litter for declawed cats we have reviews for that offers several advantages to those who use.

Among them is the fact it’s so easy to clean because of its excellent clumping formula. 

One of its main ingredients is wheat starch and that greatly enhances its ability to clump and is soft on their paws - a great options after a declawing surgery. It also contributes to making this a 100% natural litter, which is the best and often the only options for cat owners when you're looking out for the health of your cats after a declawing surgery.

It also has a very decent odor stopping capability. That’s because sWheat Scoop has made this kitty litter with a high amount of positive ions. These cancel out the high degree of negative ions that are present in kitten urine.

There are very little dust particles in this formula too. In keeping with its all-natural composition, it’s also a dye and perfume free cat litter, great for your cats paws.

This product is so environmentally-friendly its completely biodegradable makeup can even be flushed down the toilet, making it one of the best health options.

 sWheat Scoop Litter

Check prices:


  • Wheat based litter that’s highly suitable for multi-cat homes
  • Ion-based odor elimination
  • Low dust emission
  • Clumps for easier cleaning
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Dye and perfume free


  • Requires adding more product after clumps are removed
  • It’s a medium softness litter

3) okocat super soft clumping wood cat litter

If your feline has just recently been declawed and will not even approach its litter box due to tender feet and paws, then you will want to take a closer look at this comfortable brand of wood-based, 100% natural litter for cats.

It’s one of the softest and best textured litter brands you will find in the marketplace with customer reviews, which is great for cats paws after a painful declawing surgery.

Its composition also offers some very good odor control. Users of this lightweight litter find that it eliminates litter box odor up to a week at a time.

Okocat also makes this cat litter so that it emits very little dust and clumps up decently too.

Even the box this cat litter comes in is well-designed, actually one of the best designs we've seen. It makes it so you can pour the litter into place easily and then the box stores away nicely too.

The biodegradable composition of this cat litter also allows you to simply flush it down the toilet when cleaning. Read the full review of Okocat's litter for more info.

Okocat Cat Litter

Check prices:


  • One of the softest textured cat litters you can buy - great for kitty paws
  • Up to 7-day odor elimination
  • Emits very little dust
  • Clumps for easier cleaning
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Easy pour & store box


  • Medium clumping ability
  • Does not come in larger size packages
  • Lightweight litter that cannot be placed in windy areas

4) world's best cat litter 

Here is a pretty interesting concept in litter from World’s Best. It’s a cat litter that is corn based, which is great for cats paws.

They claim it will last over 60-days in a home with a single declawed cats because of the concentrated power that whole kernel corn and wood fibers give it. This also makes it an ideal litter if you have multiple declawed cats at home.

There are other things to like about this environmentally-friendly cat litter too. Its wood and corn fibers also give it excellent odor control. The fact it’s lightly scented with natural lavender helps a great deal with odor problems too.

This is a very easy litter to use when it comes to maintaining your kitty's litter box too.

That’s due to its excellent clumping ability. World’s Best also points out the fact this is a low dust emitting cat litter with only slightly noticeable tracking after use. Check out our full review of World' Best Cat Litter.

World's Best Cat Litter

Check prices:


  • Soft corn/wood based cat litter, great for paws
  • Natural lavender scent
  • Concentrated formula works better and lasts longer
  • 99% dust free
  • Very good clumping ability
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Excellent for multi-cat homes


  • Requires regular clump removal
  • Slight tracking noticed

5) pet smartCat All Natural cat litter

Are you looking to try something very different to get your declawed cats to use its litter box again, making sure it's a great option for your cats paws?

This may just be the right litter for you. SmartCat has come up with an all-natural and soft grass-based litter that does an excellent job of eliminating litter box odor in the home and making it comfortable for your kitty's paws.

What is so special about using a grass-based cat litter? It gives this brand of litter both excellent clumping ability and superior absorption. So, not only does it absorb odors quickly, but it also makes for easier litter box maintenance too.

You don’t have to worry much about dust with this all-natural litter from Pioneer Pet either. Its composition is 99% dust free.

This litter is also certified fragrance free and contains no harmful chemicals.


  • Soft, natural grass based litter, great for sensitive paws
  • Superior odor control
  • Quick clumping and offers excellent absorption
  • Virtually dust free
  • Flushable and biodegradable
  • Chemical and scent free


  • Requires clump removal on a regular basis
  • New litter has to be added every few days
  • Slight tracking noticed

6) naturally fresh walnut-based cat litter

Here is a litter from Naturally Fresh we reviewed that uses ground walnut shells as its main ingredient.

This produces a very absorbent and soft form of litter, great for sensitive paws, that could play a major role in getting your cat to use its litter box once again.

Being as absorbent as it is, this cat litter does a very good job at controlling odors.

The company boasts that it has three times more absorption capability than typical clay-based cat litters have. It also clumps nicely for easy cleaning.

There are no harmful chemicals used in making this all-natural brand of flushable cat litter either. Naturally Fresh uses no grains or clay in the mixture and it’s a completely unscented form of cat litter too.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Cat Litter

Check prices:


  • All-natural walnut shell based cat litter, great for paws after declawing surgery
  • Offers excellent odor control
  • Quick clumping
  • 3X better absorption than clay-based cat litters
  • Grain-free and clay-free
  • Unscented


  • Requires daily maintenance
  • Slightly dusty

why do some cats refuse to use a litter box after being declawed?

There are two main reasons that feline experts feel that recently declawed cats stop using their litter box. One is physical and the other is mental.

physical pain

The most obvious reason for litter box refusal is the physical one. When a cat is declawed it can be a very painful experience for them, much like surgery would be for a human. The aftereffects of declawing or claw removal include pain, swelling, and tenderness.

Let’s face it; some forms of litter have a very gritty feel to them. It’s no wonder a cat that has been recently declawed will stop using its litter box if this type of coarse litter material is what lines the box. Just like you won’t walk across glass or hot coals with bare feet, neither will your cats with sensitive feet subject itself to pain by going in a litter box where the litter hurts its feet.

mental stress of cats after declawing

The less obvious reason a cat refuses to use its litter box is the mental side of things according our review of cat litter for declawed cats. You have to remember that a big part of how a kitty perceives the world is through its claws and paws. You see it when they play and you see it when they do other things like hunt too.

Once they lose their paws after declawing surgery it’s like a part of their functioning has been taken away. Our experts who research information for this review feel this cause’s mental stress in a cat. This stress, in turn, is thought to contribute to such odd cat behaviors as litter box refusal.

Here is our buying guide after declawing

Here are some things to consider when buying litter for your declawed cat.

look for softer Material In litter

We just mentioned above that a declawed cat’s feet and paws can be very sensitive after the procedure has been done. So the very first thing to consider when buying cat litter for your cats after declawing surgery from a veterinary clinic is the composition of the litter material. To entice your cat to use their litter box again, you want to choose a cat litter that’s as soft as possible for their paws.

Reading the ingredients here will help too. Clay-based and some synthetic based cat litters tend to be rougher on a cat’s feet and paws. You may even want to see if your local pet supplier has an open bag of the type of litter you are thinking about buying after declawing. That way you can feel it yourself to see how soft it is for your cats paws.

choose the best low odor or unscented cat litter

For some odd reason, it seems that it’s not only a cat’s paw’s that get sensitive after your cats are declawed. Many cat owners feel that having litter that is scented is a big litter box turn off for their declawed cats too. That’s why you see many brands of litter on our top review list that are totally unscented. Maybe it’s just something psychological for your cat, that’s something we will never know. If many cat owners feel having unscented litter helps your cat start using its litter box again, then it’s sure worth a try.

If you are a cat owner that insists on having  litter that is scented, you will probably stand a better chance of getting your declawed cats to use its litter box if your choice in litter is naturally scented. Once again, the reason for this is not known, but this is something that owners of cats have taken notice of over the years. So if you must have scented litter, try one that is scented with natural scents such as lavender.

try to find a low dust cat litter after declawing

Chances are your recently declawed cat will have some open wounds on its paws due to the claw removal procedure. It’s not like you can wrap these wounds without adding a huge amount of distress to your cat. That means these wounds will be exposed to the environment in your home. This includes if your recently declawed cat tries using a litter box again. Because of that, you want to make sure you choose a cat litter that has a composition that leaves little to no dust inside the litter box

Dusty cat litters like clay based ones can really make it harder for your cat’s paws to heal. The dust itself will most likely end up in your cat’s wounds and could result in an infection or additional paw discomfort.

Other Tips to Help Get Your Cat to Start Using Its Litter Box After Being Declawed

Here are some other things you can do to try according to our reviews and get your recently declawed cat to use its litter box again:

  • Try putting a little bit of catnip in the litter box. It will draw your cat to the litter box.
  • Lure your cat into the litter box using its favorite food. Fish usually works great for this.
  • Place your litter box in a peaceful area free of other cats or household pets. Your cat will then not be stressed over the fear it can no longer defend itself.

alternatives to declawing cats

Maybe you have not declawed your cat yet but are preparing to do it. Now that you know that it can cause some behavioral problems you may be rethinking that choice. Here are some ways you can get problem cats to quit being destructive with their claws.

  • Provide them with scratching posts. This will help keep your cats from doing damaging scratching on your furniture.
  • Trim your cat’s claws on a regular basis.
  • Rub some citrus or lemon oil where your cat scratches. Cats tend to find citrus smells unpleasant.
  • Place two-sided tape in areas where destructive scratching is taking place. Cats do not like the sticky feeling of tape.
  • Use vinyl nail caps. This takes some time and expense but it’s much less likely to result in behavioral problems for your cat.

Our final thoughts

Obviously, having declawed cats that go to the bathroom in your house instead of its litter box can be a big problem. There is nothing that ruins rugs, floors, and furniture faster than pet urine or feces. That’s why you have to do everything in your power to entice your feline into once again using its litter box. Having the proper cat litter has proven to be a big help here.

We have reviewed several brands of cat litter that we feel are excellent for recently declawed cats to use. Any one of them we have reviews for we feel will give you a big leg up when it comes to getting your declawed cat to use its litter box again. If you don’t like any of the cat litter brands, use the other advice in our reviews we give you in this article to help you find the best litter for declawed cats.