Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter Reviews

Cat owners realize how useful cat litters are. They keep the home tidy and free of cat smells and wastes.

However, despite how good they are, cat owners get tired of always cleaning up cat litter tracked out of the box by their feline companions.

 Thus they wonder "is it possible to have cat litter that doesn't track?". 

Well, yes! There are many non-tracking cat litters on the market today. It is up to you to buy the best non-tracking cat litter.

To make this task easier for you, we have compiled some of the best and  most popular non-tracking cat litters available today. We review each of these non-tracking cat litter brands to give you the best non-tracking cat litters.

cat getting out of his litter box

what are non-tracking litters?

Non-tracking cat litter is specially formulated that are designed to reduce the dispersion of litter; some are biodegradable. These litters are made from different materials: clay, crystals, and natural constituents like pine. There are many things to consider before buying one. Is it good for the environment? Are the materials in these non-tracking litters made from quality ingredients? Are these litters safe? These are some of the questions we'll explore below.

the best non tracking cat litter buying guide

In this section, we will briefly discuss some of the essential factors to consider before choosing any non-tracking cat litter, whether it's biodegradable or not:

odor control for your cat

This is arguably the most important factor to consider before buying non-tracking cat litters. It can be scented or unscented. No matter the type, it should be able to eliminate cat smells and invariably from your home.

When purchasing scented cat litter, be careful that it doesn't have an overwhelming smell that leaves your home smelling like a hospital, or that triggers allergies in you or your cat.

clumping or non-clumping cat litter

Clumping or a lack thereof can affect the quality. Although non-clumping litters have their advantages, most folks find the ease of cleaning and, in most cases, better odor control of clumping cat litter irresistible.

Clumping cat litter, biodegradable or not,  is more susceptible to tracking than other versions or clumping litters. However, when non-clumping one tracks, cleaning it up is a pain in the backside compared to clumping versions.

cat's preference

No matter how much you like a non-tracking cat litter brand or formula, if your cat does not like it, it is utterly useless. Thus, before choosing a particular one, determine if your cat prefers it, especially if a friend were to recommend a low-tracking or all-natural litter like the one in our Pretty Litter review. Some cats may prefer dust-free, unscented (without fragrance), with or without baking soda, or ones with natural granules or where each granule is softer for their paws. Unfortunately, it's up the the people to pick the ideal litter product for their feline, and with so many options, there's no guarantee that you'll get the perfect choice for your pet kitten, but you may be struck with a non-tracking cat litter brand that your kitty doesn't like.

These are some of the factors to be considered when picking the top non-tracking litter on the market. Let us briefly consider some factors that cause your kitty to track and some tips to reduce it in your house.

factors that can cause litter tracking in cats

It should be noted that while brands might label their scooping cat litter products as non-tracking or zero tracking and other buzzwords, in a practical sense, none are 100% guaranteed to stay in the litter box tray. This is due to different factors.

For one, cats have different paw sizes. Thus the amount tracked by a small sized cat will be different from that tracked by a cat with bigger paws. Furthermore, cats have different temperaments. Some just love digging and scooping everything they find, including their litter. If your cat is a "digger," no matter the kind or size of you use, chances are the it will still be scattered all around the home or house.

the best way to reduce tracking with your cat

Other things can help keep it at a minimum. For example, there are special litter boxes that prevent cats from tracking litter and stop odors, and providing a mat around the cat's litter box can help to trap any litter on the sensitive paws. If the litter granules in the bag is wet or heavy, you aren't cleaning the litter box enough. You should be cleaning it multiple times a week, if not every day, especially if you have larger cats who use up a lot of litter.

Another way to reduce it is by regular cleaning. The more often you clean and scoop your cat's litter box and it's non-tracking cat litter, the lower the chances of tracking. Regular cleaning is not only good for your cat's health, but it is also a means of saving you from stress.

Felines are, by nature, very clean animals, with the exception of some mess. If your cat's litter box is unclean and clumps are lying on top of it, whenever your cat wants to do its business, it will dig deeper to find clean litter. And as your cat digs, it's inevitable that clumps of cat litter get between its toes.

This will cause more tracking. Therefore, clean regularly!

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra clumping cat litter

The Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Clumping cat litter is a product that has received rave reviews from thousands of cat owners.

It is great for multi-cat households and delivers excellent performance.

Our experts reviewed Dr. Elsey's cat litter if you'd like to get more information about the brand's products reviews.

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litter

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odor control

 This clay litter on its own gives off a dry clay smell. It is not formulated with artificial scents or perfumes. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will not trigger any allergies. As for cat "business," this brand does a magnificent job of covering and eliminating any odors. This product is one of the best offerings from Dr. Elsey's Precious brand.

The ammonia smell from urine is locked in the litter for days. Only after some time has elapsed do you perceive any unpleasant smells. It is excellent for households that have multiple cats.

clumping action

This feline litter has one of the most rated clumping action we've ever tried. The clumps are strong and super hard. They soak up moisture easily while retaining their shape.

As a result, smells are locked in and cannot escape. Furthermore, this type can absorb far more moisture than others. So even if you have multiple cats sharing one litter box, you can be sure of good clumping action that will keep you satisfied.

Cleaning the clumps is easy because the clumps remain hard and are easy to remove. However, if you for some reason let urine accumulate, the clumps become really hard to remove, and scraping has to be done.


Dr. Elsey's claim this kitty litter is 99.9% dust free and hypoallergenic. In our testing, we found this claim unsubstantiated: although this seems to fluctuate between bags.

Some bags have zero dust while others have quite a large volume. Notwithstanding, it still produces less dust than the majority brands on the market.

It faces the same problem common to most clay types, i.e., there's still tracking. However, the formulation ensures that the tracking only occurs in the vicinity of the litter box.


  • Above average clumping action
  • Good odor control
  • Very affordable
  • Reduced dust production compared to others


  • It easily absorbs moisture, thus caking is an issue.

naturally fresh walnut-based non tracking litter

This type is made of 100% natural products. Despite this, or probably because of this, it has an odor control that is almost literally the best we've ever tested.

Furthermore, it retains moisture so well and very quickly. Its main constituent is the fibers from the walnut shell.

We absolutely love this brand, and thousands of cat owners do too. It absorbs moisture and eliminates odors better than almost all clay, wheat, or pine types.

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Litter

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odor control

The odor control is simply phenomenal. Even if you live in a multi-cat household, it effectively eliminates ammonia smells from urine and other odors.

clumping action

Consumers might be forgiven for thinking Naturally Fresh would compromise on clumping action. Well, they are wrong! This litter produces super strong clumps that are surprisingly moisture absorbent. Aside from efficiently removing odors, these strong clumps make cleanup easy. The clumps are easily scooped and disposed of.


Naturally Fresh Walnut Based Multi-cat Quick Clumping litter is one of the highest praised dust free. Completely hypo-allergenic, it makes breathing easier for allergic cats and their owners. Furthermore, because of the lightness of the walnut-based litter, it does not stick to the paws of your feline companion.


  • Quick-forming clumps easily absorb moisture and keep smells out
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance
  • Little to zero dust emission and minimal tracking.

feline pine cat litter that doesn't track

This is made for cat owners who want a natural type that does not clump but still offers one of the top rated odor control. It is made of 100% pine products. 

Instead of clumps, it features tiny pellets that soak moisture. 100% natural, this litter doesn't have any chemicals or additives.

It is good for feline owners and cats that suffer from allergies.

Feline Pine Cat Litter

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Odor Control

It does not have any chemicals, additives, or synthetic perfumes. Instead of these, it has a fresh pine smell. This smell is not overpowering but wafts softly pass your nose. Many cats and their owners enjoy this soft smell.

Since it is not a clumping litter, it does just a decent job of odor control. There is no particular time to change it. You can create a schedule or simply wait until the litter box begins to smell funny. If you are in a multi-cat household, this litter is not recommended. The more the cat's sharing one litter, the more it's performance drops.

Clumping Action 

As indicated from the product name, this is a non-clumping litter. Instead of clumps to trap moisture and eliminate smells, it simply absorbs moisture. Hence, it's not conventional, and it might come with some inherent disadvantages compared to some of the top ones.


 Feline Pine claims "no dust and no tracking." However, in practical use, this claim is false. As a non-clumping litter, the pine tracks quite easily. It sticks not just to the cat's paws, but also it's fur. Therefore, if you're looking for a completely non-tracking litter, this isn't for you.

Dust production is also another issue that this litter battles.

These problems further escalate if you use the it in a Multi-cat household.


  • 100% natural pine composition
  • Soft , pleasant pine scent
  • Affordable price.


  • Really uncomfortable tracking issues.

petsafe scoopfree premium crystal non-tracking cat litter

This is the only crystal type on this list. It combines the clumping ability of conventional clay litters with the power of crystals for eliminating smells.

It is good for single cat households that want something different from conventional cat litters.

It comes without any harmful chemicals or additives and has no added scents or dyes.

If you have just 1 cat, or you have multiple cats with individual litter boxes, then this brand is for you. It is cheap and within your budget.

Scoopfree Premium Crystal Cat Litter

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review: Odor Control

PetSafe boasts that this litter offers 5x more protection from odors compared with other litters. When put to the test, we found the type quite efficient in eliminating smells. Since this is a crystal cat litter, there are no added perfumes or artificial smells. The crystals quickly dispel and smells. They prevent unpleasant odors from aggravating for multiple days.

review: Clumping Action

As a crystal litter, it is non-clumping. The crystals absorb the moisture effectively and for a longer period than others.

Dust reviews

This crystal litter is dust free. Tracking is a slight issue, especially if you have a cat that loves digging into its litter.


  • It absorbs moisture quickly and easily
  • Good odor control


  • If used in a humid environment, it can become less effective in keeping out smells.

world's best cat litter 

Another natural litter to make our list, the World's Best Cat litter is made from natural wood fibers and whole kernel corn.

As a result, it gives off a pleasurable natural scent while combining this with good clumping action and overall impressive performance.

You can read more in our full World's Best Cat Litter review.

World's Best Cat Litter

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Odor Control

This type features natural scents of corn and wood fibers. Due to the absence of chemicals that can irritate, it is safe for cats and cat owners that are allergic to chemical smells. This lack of chemicals compromises the odor control of this otherwise effective cat litter.

The litter needs to be cleaned quite regularly because it does not do a really great job suppressing cat smells. Urine and ammonia smells are especially hard for the World's Best Litter to suppress.

Clumping Action

The clumps that are formed are really hard. No matter what it comes in contact with, either waste or urine, it does a good job trapping these while retaining its rock hard nature.

Cleaning is easy. No moisture finds its way to the sides or bottom of the litter box, so there is no need for unpleasant scraping.


It does a more than decent job of producing little dust. But since it is made of lightweight materials, it is susceptible to tracking. A litter mat can help curb it.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Strong clumping ability
  • Quick moisture absorption
  • Little dust production


  • Relatively expensive

fresh step extreme non-tracking Cat Litter

If you are looking for a litter to erase all bad smells from your cat litter box, then the Fresh Step Extreme Scented cat litter is for you.

When all else fails, you can be sure this litter destroys all other smells. However, we are not too convinced about its other qualities.

Our ratings of Fresh Step cat litter goes deeper into this brand.

Fresh Step Extreme Cat Litter

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Odor control rating

This litter comes with its own perfume. This perfume eliminates any underlying cat smells and urine odors. However, if you are sensitive to smell, this type can trigger your allergies.

There's a reason it's "Extreme Odor Control." The perfume smell is overpowering and will likely be unbearable for many folks. Furthermore, after a couple of days, urine smells, and other cat smells can be subtly perceived.

ratings for it's Clumping Action

The clumps formed are rock hard. They easily absorb moisture and waste. However, the clumps can be quite large, which can cause you to go through a box of this litter quickly.

Furthermore, the clumps become so hard (almost like concrete) that it becomes difficult to clean the litter box.

Dust comparisons

This litter has problems with tracking. The clumps will stick to almost any surface: litter box surface, paws, and fur. It becomes difficult to clean.

Dust production is high, so there is no consolation here. Considering the claims of the manufacturer and the price, it is quite disappointing.


  • Clumps are strong and easily absorb moisture


  • Relatively expensive
  • Strong artificial perfume can be off putting

conclusion for the best non tracking cat litters

After reading this guide, we hope it's easier for you to choose the best non-tracking litter for your cat. There are many choices available, but the products reviewed in this guide are some of the top brands on the market, ending this review of the best cat litter that doesn't track.