Best Pellet Cat Litter For Your Feline

If you have a pet cat, chances are you’re tasked with the job of cleaning the litter box, which isn't always the best scenario. If so, you know how much that job can stink. It’s smelly, messy and has to be done so often!

Today we’re going to dive into everything there is to know about pellet cat litter.

We’ve compared and given you the top 4 of the best pellet cat litters on the market today. Complete with a buyers guide for the best pellet litter, you’ll be set to choose the best pellet cat litter by the time you’re finished reading this!

You may not know why you should be using a pellet cat litter instead of what you’re using now, let’s talk about that more in depth in this review.

pellet cat litter

why you should use a pellet cat litter

If you don’t have enough reasons to switch already, there are plenty of them to spare, starting out in these reviews with the fact that pellet cat litter great for the environment. Pellet litter is made out of recycled biodegradable materials. Unlike clay litter we've reviewed that has to be mined and required expensive materials, ends up in landfills and damages the earth, pellet litter does the opposite by using recycled materials and can later be recycled again after use which makes it much more sustainable and healthy for your pet.

Something we may not think about is how the litter feels for our cats to walk on. Does it hurt their feet? Is it uncomfortable on their paw pads? Studies show that most cats actually enjoy the feel of pellets versus other types of litter like granules we've written reviews for, making pellet litter the best option. One of the best things about pellet litter is that it doesn’t clump up thanks to the way it’s made. The pellets break down into smaller pieces when they come in contact with moisture. This can be really great if you’re pet has the habit of getting litter stuck in their paws, which isn't the best time to deal .

Since pellet cat litter won’t clump up, this won’t happen and they won’t be licking or ingesting dirty clay off their paws. The best reason to choose pellet cat litter over other types is the fact that it does the job better. It absorbs more and better than clay litter does. This means it not only gets the job done better but it will last you longer which saves you money, making it one of the best cat litter options available.

Have you ever went to clean the litter box and noticed that there’s a trail of litter going away from it? That happens often with granules but doesn’t with pellets since they are much bigger and weigh more. You won’t be finding pieces of possible dirty litter everywhere in your house thanks to pellet litter for cats!

Best pellet cat litter buyer's guide: what to consider before purchasing

Just like anything else you invest in, there are things you should consider in a product before spending any of your hard earned money. Below are some of the things that are important when it comes to pellet cat litter and picking the best one. Take a few notes or screenshots to bring with you to compare products next time you’re picking up litter for your kitty that you think is the best.

price of pellet cat litter

One of the only downfalls of pellet litter is that it is slightly more expensive than granules. Remember, though it will cost you a bit more, it lasts longer which ends up saving you money in the long run. It usually is more expensive due to the materials it’s made out of and the fact that it takes longer to make than clay litter. Just because a little costs more, doesn’t mean it’s better so compare pellet litters to each other just like you would pellet to another type.

Does pellet litter contain dust?

A lot of cat litters on the market create dust whenever you fill the litter box and whenever your cat kicks up litter when they use it. This creates dust clouds that settle in your home and can affect you and your kitty. All of the litters we will be discussing are practically dust-free but not all the options in stores today are. If you have allergies, are sensitive or just prefer to keep your home a little cleaner, having a dust-free litter may be your best option.

pellet cat litter tracking reviews

Tracking is when the litter sticks to your cats paw and makes a trail from the litter box and later can be found throughout your home. Having a litter with bigger pellets, unlike granules will help to reduce or completely rid of tracking. This keeps your home cleaner and if the litter isn’t sticking to your cats paw, they’re much less likely to be ingesting it, saving them from gastrointestinal or other health issues.

fragrance of pellet cat litter

Many litters have fragrances like lavender or fresh smell to mask any stink that can come out of your pet. Most pelleted cat litters are actually unscented and use the natural smell of the material to cover the odor of urine or feces. There are also pellet litters with fragrance out there too if that’s what you prefer. This is a crucial area to make sure you’re getting high quality litter because mixing a urine smell with a fragrance could make things smell even worse.

material review

Unlike clay litter, pellet litter is actually made out of many different types of materials. Most of them are natural and recycled but there are artificially made pellet litters out there. This is something that’s more of a preference rather than a factor that makes a large difference in what the litter can actually do. There are plenty of different materials to choose from that can fit you and your feline friends preferences such as clay, pine, newspaper and more.

the good and bad of pellet cat litter

We already covered why you may want to buy pellet versus other types of litter but we wanted to share a pros and cons list to break it down a bit more. Below you will read about some of the main benefits of pellet cat litter and the things that people may not like about it.


  • It’s great for the environment
  • It’s absorbs more than clay, making it longer lasting
  • Pellet litter is often made from recycled materials
  • There is low tracking so cat litter won’t be all over your home
  • You won’t find it sticking to your cats paws
  • Most of them are compostable


  • Is often more expensive than other litter types
  • Doesn’t always clump up

Clearly the pros outweigh the cons but in the end up, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you, your home and your kitty. Let’s take a look at which pellet cat litter made the top of the list, along with the three that followed.

Below you will find a comparison table that you can use to help you decide which out of the four we discuss is best for you and your cat. 

There are plenty of other options out there, we just cover the top four that people seem to enjoy the most!

Product Name


Is it Scented

Where to Buy

Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Pellets



Buy on Chewy

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter


No (may smell like walnuts)

Buy on Chewy

Yesterday's News Original Formula Cat Litter



Buy on Chewy

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter


No (may smell like wood shavings)

Buy on Chewy

our pellet cat litter top pick

Now that you’re aware of what to search for when comparing new litters and above we’ve shown you which litters we’ve decided are the top 4 pellet cat litters available right now, we thought it’s time to tell you a bit about our top pick. After plenty of research and doing some comparing of our own, the clear winner is:

The Breeze Cat Litter Pellets By Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats is one of the most popular names when it comes to cat litter.  With Breeze cat litter they’ve created an innovative litter that works wonders. It might seem strange to find out that this cat litter is in fact made from clay but all of the great things about this litter overturn that one possible negative.

This litter was made to be used with the Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Tray system. The litter is made up of small pellets that soak up liquid and then allow it to fall to the bottom of the tray while solids stay on the surface.

There is a pad on the bottom of the tray that absorbs all those unpleasant smells. Thanks to this device, a 7 pound bag of this cat litter should last you a month at the minimum.

Though the clay isn’t recyclable, it will still last you a long time. Since it is clay, it doesn’t clump but it also isn’t incredibly dusty. Tidy Cats put a lot of research in to make it one of the only litters on shelves today that is nearly 100% dust free.

You can read our Tidy Cats litter ratings for an in-depth view of the brand.

The Breeze Cat Litter Pellets

Check the Best Price:

It comes in 3 different options for purchasing: a 3.5 pound bag, a 7 pound bag and a case of 6 3.5 pound bags. It may be expensive compared to what you’re using now, but it will last you over a month, is practically dust free and with the tray, you can expect almost no odors.

These pellets are bigger than granules so they won’t be sticking to your cats paws which not only is safer for them but you also won’t see them tracking it around your home every time they use the bathroom. This one is easily our top pick, along with all the other people who swear by it. If it doesn’t sound like a litter you want for your cat, we’ve got three more that might be better fitting. Let’s talk about those next!

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter

If you’re someone who is looking for a cat litter that is great for the earth, you’ve found it. The Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based cat litter is not only made from recycled materials, it’s also recyclable after use! It’s made from walnut shells and have incredible odor eliminating powers.

A strange fact about walnut shells is that they have natural compounds that are incredible for getting rid of ammonia causing bacteria and is 7 times better than any other material that does this. Another great thing about this litter is that it’s practically dust free. This will keep your home and cat cleaner. Having dust free litter can be really important, especially if you struggle with allergies.

You won’t find any artificial chemicals or compounds in this litter that could be potentially harmful or hazardous to you or your feline friend. It’s a bit heavier than granules which helps it not stick to your cats paws and reduces that amount of tracking you’ll see outside of the litter box. One of the best things about this litter is the price. You can find a 14 pound bag for less than $10, talk about savings!

Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Pellet Non-Clumping Cat Litter

Check Prices:

Yesterday's News Original Formula Pellet Cat Litter

Another great litter for our environment is Yesterday’s News pellet cat litter. This company decided to take advantage of all of those old news papers that people aren’t reading anymore and make them into kitty litter. Like the product mentioned above, Yesterday’s News won’t be bringing much dust to your home. It’s incredibly high absorbing so it lasts longer and won’t make a stench from the urine or feces.

This is a scented litter which may or may not be a feature you enjoy. It still packs enough power to eliminate odors that come naturally from your cats trip to the litter box. There are unscented options if you’d prefer that! One of the biggest factors of this litter is the fact that it’s a lot softer than other litters available. The pellets are also much smaller. This can make it a lot more comfortable on your cats paw pads which will help to make your cat enjoy it.

 Because it is eco-friendly, it may not be the cheapest product on shelves today. It’s available in a 5 pound bag, a 15  pound bag and a 30 pound bag. The price ranges from around $5 to $20 depending on the size you choose, but it’s so long lasting you could only need one bag a year if you opt for the 15 pound size bag or above!

 Yesterday’s News pellet cat litter

Check Prices:

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Pellet Cat Litter

Last is certainly not least, especially when it comes to Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter.

Believe it or not, this litter is actually wood-based. One of the top features, you can see in the name, is it’s incredible clumping power which makes for super easy cleaning. 

This company is well known in the cat litter world for creating products that amaze customers.

They are a little more expensive than their competitors but it’s with good reason. Their cat litter is one of their more wallet-friendly items which is great for new customers!

The great thing about making pellets out of wood is how absorbent it is. Did you know that this cat litter will soak up 500% of its own weight in urine before you can even tell that it’s wet? That’s amazing!

On top of that, there are no harmful or hazardous chemicals or additives used in the making of this litter

Okocat Natural Wood Clumping Pellet Cat Litter

Check Prices:

Your home will stay clean from dust when your cat is using this litter which is great for people who are sensitive to dust! Okocat is also known for the incredible odor shield technology in their litters. You won’t be able to smell any of your cat’s business for up to a week after they use the litter box!

This is a great litter to use if you’re a busier person, since you’ll have to clean their little box or tray a lot less often. This litter is biodegradable and you can even flush it down your toilet rather than let it sit in your garbage for days. It comes in 3 different sizes: a 8.2 pound box, 13.2 pound box and lastly a 19.8 pound box. You can read our full Okocat litter review for more information.

final words on this pellet cat litter review

Cat litter is something that you may not have thought of as something to research and look into. There are plenty of different types whether it’s a material, a scent or the size of the pellets or granules. Which cat litter you settle on is ultimately up to you and after reading this you’re much more educated on the topic.

There are things to consider like the price of the litter or if it’s recyclable. You’ve read about the top four most popular pellet cat litters that are on the market today and every single one of them would be a great option to buy. Each of them will keep your home free from litter getting tracked around and are each practically dust-free to keep you and your kitty happy and healthy, ending this pellet cat litter review of the best pellet cat litters.

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