different cat breeds

What Breed Is My Cat?

What Breed Is My Cat? Find Out What Kind Of Cat You Have!Explore this list of common cat breeds (with pictures) & their characteristics to see what kind of cat you have![Infographic at the bottom!]“What kind of cat do I have?” Okay, so we know that you’d love your pet regardless of their breed, but […]

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Litter Robot Self Cleaning Litter Box

Litter Robot Review

Litter Robot 3 Open Air Automatic Litter Box ReviewsDo you struggle with cleaning up after your feline friend every time it has to do its business? Cat lovers adore their pets, but unsanitary litter boxes can be a huge problem, especially when they start stinking up your home. If you hate seeing, smelling, and touching […]

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Kitty Poo Club disposable litter box

Kitty Poo Club Reviews

Kitty Poo Club Product Review & RatingIf you can’t stand the idea of cleaning out your cat litter box once a week, we don’t blame you. It’s not the most fun part of our week either. Unfortunately, with regular litter, it’s something that you have to do. Until Kitty Poo Club came along, that is. They have a […]

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declawed cat paw

Best Litter For Declawed Cats

best litter for declawed catsIf you have a declawed kitty at home, you may have noticed it sometimes exhibits some odd behavior that is different from other cats with regular paws. That’s because declawing a feline is not a natural process for them or their paws by any means. It can lead to such things as […]

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