Kitty Poo Club disposable litter box

Kitty Poo Club Reviews

Kitty Poo Club Product Review & RatingUpdated April 2nd, 2020If you can’t stand the idea of cleaning out your cat litter box once a week, we don’t blame you. It’s not the most fun part of our week either. Unfortunately, with regular litter, it’s something that you have to do. Until Kitty Poo Club came along, that […]

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declawed cat paw

Best Litter For Declawed Cats

best litter for declawed catsIf you have a declawed kitty at home, you may have noticed it sometimes exhibits some odd behavior that is different from other cats with regular paws. That’s because declawing a feline is not a natural process for them or their paws by any means. It can lead to such things as […]

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