Best Interactive Cat Toys

Best Interactive Cat ToysA comprehensive  guide about top automated cat toysThe old ball of yarn and squeaky mouse definitely have their place in your cat’s toy collection, but if you really want to satisfy his constant need for physical and mental stimulation an interactive cat toy is definitely the way to go. If you have […]

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Cat Stopped Using The Litter Box

Has Your Cat Stopped Using The Litter Box?Has your cat stopped using the litter box? Your cat can stop using the litter box for many reasons. It could be an issue with the litter box itself, dissatisfaction with the positioning of the litter boxes, an underlying medical condition, or environmental changes either indoors or outdoors. Although […]

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cat sleeping in her litter box

Cat Sleeping In The Litter Box

Why Is Your Cat Sleeping In The Litter Box?Is your cat sleeping in the litter box? Cats exhibit all kinds of behavior. And, their new owners find the unusual behaviors worrisome or even confusing. Your cat sleeping in the litter box is one of the classic yet strange behaviors you can expect to see in […]

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cat in a tool belt

DIY Cat Litter Box

DIY Litter Box In 6 Easy StepsAre you a cat lover, but can’t seem to find the right litter box for your best friend? Or, do you keep many cats and don’t want to spend too much on litter boxes? Don’t worry because you can easily make a DIY cat litter box with a touch […]

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little grey kitten

How To Litter Train A Kitten

How To Litter Train A Kitten [Ultimate Guide]Do you need to learn how to litter train a kitten? If you’ve ever been owned by a kitten before, you’ll understand that they can be challenging to train. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, though. Litter training kittens is something that should be done from an early […]

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