multiple cats in the litter box

Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

Best cat litter for multiple catsIf you have multiple cats, you are not alone. The American Pet Products Association reports that most people in the United States have at least 2 cats. Because of having multiple cats, special needs will arise. One of the problems that multi-cat households face is that of cat litter. The more […]

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cat in the litter box with dustless litter

Best Dust Free Cat Litter

Best dust free cat litterIn a world where many brands claim to be the best on the market, choosing the right product is more difficult than ever. When it comes to dust-free cat litter, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. A lot of cat litter products claim to be dust-free, but […]

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cat getting out of his litter box

Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter (2019)Cat owners realize how useful cat litters are. They keep the home tidy and free of cat smells and wastes. However, despite how good they are, cat owners get tired of always cleaning up cat litter tracked out of the box by their feline companions.  Thus they wonder “is it possible to have […]

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declawed cat paw

Best Litter For Declawed Cats

best litter for declawed cats (2019)If you have a declawed cat at home, you may have noticed it sometimes exhibits some odd behavior that is different from other cats.  That’s because declawing a cat is not a natural process for them by any means. It can lead to such things as behavioral issues due to […]

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pellet cat litter

Best Pellet Cat Litter

Best Pellet Cat Litter TodayIf you have a pet cat, chances are you’re tasked with the job of cleaning the litter box. If so, you know how much that job can suck. It’s smelly, messy and has to be done so often! Today we’re going to dive into everything there is to know about pellet cat […]

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