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bigger cat bullying another cat

How To Tell If Your Cats Are Playing Or Fighting

How To Tell If Cats Are Playing Or FightingMock fighting and aggression is typical of cat behavior during play. However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether cats are playing or fighting. Rolling, tumbling, lightly biting each other and gripping are indicative of a fight or playful behaviors. The movements and motions look similar, making […]

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cat meowing

Cat Meowing At Night

Is Your Cat Meowing At Night?Cats tend to sleep for long hours. But when awake, they’re active. The activity period is believed to be nighttime, but that’s said to be a myth. So, they can meow at night to wake you up. Your cat meowing long after you’ve gone to bed could mean several things. It could […]

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two friendly cats playing

How To Get Cats To Get Along

How To Get Cats To Get Along TogetherSome cats just love being aggressive and can’t seem to get along with other felines according to our experts at Cat World. Under-socialization is a major factor that has been linked to cat aggression. The cat might have undergone certain negative experiences with older cats when it was young. A […]

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child playing with his cat

How To Play With Your Cat

How To Play With Your CatPlaying with your cat can be fun. Interactive play ensures your cat gets enough exercise despite its age. It also strengthens the bond between you and your cat, an element essential to your general well-being. With interactive play, your cat develops hunting skills and develops healthy weight it maintains as it makes […]

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