Cat Genie Reviews & Ratings For 2019

The CatGenie self washing litter box is one of a growing number of self-cleaning litter boxes for cats, a modern convenience that eliminates one of the few unenjoyable parts of cat ownership - cleaning cat litter - which is why we had to come up with this review of Cat Genie.  Gone are the days of sifting, scooping and cleaning dirty, smelly litter boxes.  Now you can sit back and relax while a self-cleaning machine does all of the work for you.  Pretty cool, huh? Luckily, we came up with these comprehensive Cat Genie reviews so you can make an informed decision for your cats.

There are a few products we've written reviews for that are leading the way when it comes to advanced kitty litter box solutions, and this automatic litter box is definitely one of them.  Although they all share the same basic premise, CatGenie is perhaps the most unique in its mode of operation. It ranks very well in our well-researched list of the best self cleaning litter boxes today!

Rather than traditional litter, Cat Genie uses permanent, washable granules that never need to be changed.  Cat Genie also flushes like a toilet, automatically removing liquefied waste, and cleans itself afterwards, differentiating itself from competitors like the Litter Robot and PetSafe litter box. You can check out this Litter Robot Review if you're looking for other options for your cats.



Our Honest Catgenie Review for your feline


Reviews: Main Features of The Cat Genie self washing litter box

  • Three products in one: litter box, appliance and toilet
  • 100% dust free, biodegradable permanent Washable Granules ™
  • SaniSolution cleaning cartridge lasts 4-6 months
  • Connects to cold water line for automatic washing
  • Control panel for setting three different modes of operation
  • Includes water hose for automatic draining
  • GenieEyes sense when cat is in the unit
  • GenieHand scoops, scrubs, scours and sifts
  • Attachments available for added privacy for cats
  • Fresh water and dryer spout to clean and dry granules

Reviews: Design of the cat genie self flushing litter box

As far as the design of the CatGenie, it is more open than competitors like the Litter Robot, although you do have the option to buy an enclosure for cats that prefer a little privacy.

You have a large bowl that holds the soft, comfortable granules.  There is a sturdy base underneath the Cat Genie litter box.  Above the bowl you have a water spout that brings in cold water for the cleaning process as well as a dryer spout that blows hot air into the unit to dry the granules after they are cleaned by the multi-purpose GenieHand, making it a great solution and experience.

Behind the GenieHand is a hopper that houses a water sensor, hair cutter ring and an impeller that macerates (softens) waste.  A drain hose then brings the waste into a laundry pipe or into the toilet.

On top of the CatGenie is a receptacle for the SaniSolution as well as the control panel for setting all of the operational features, such as the cleaning cycle for this self flushing litter box.

Overall dimensions of the Cat Genie are 19.25” wide in front, 17.5” wide in back, 21” high and 24.5” deep.  It weighs approximately 26 pounds.

What exactly Comes With The catgenie automatic litter box?

There are a few options when it comes to ordering the CatGenie for your cats.  There’s the basic Tabby Package as well as two Tuxedo Packages.

The Tabby Package comes with the following items:

  • Cat Acclimation Guide
  • Owners Guide
  • Simple Setup Sheet
  • Processing unit, water supply hose, power cord
  • CatGenie base, brim, bowl, hopper and drain hose
  • Hook for toilet
  • GenieHand
  • Laundry room and bathroom T-Adapter
  • Hopper cover
  • Washable granules for replenishment
  • Washable granules for your first fill
  • One SaniSolution 120 cartridge
  • One maintenance cartridge
  • 90-day money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty, free shipping and rewards points.

The Tuxedo Package - Fresh Scent comes with everything you get with the Tabby Package plus 1 Genie Dome with side walls for privacy and two additional Fresh Scent SaniSolution cartridges, perfect for multiple cats.

The Tuxedo Package - Scent Free 2-Pack is identical to the Fresh Scent package except the bonus SaniSolution cartridges are scent free.

How does the cat genie 120 litter box work?

There are three different modes that you can choose from in this automatic litter box for cats: Cat Start, Auto Start and Push Start.

In Cat Start (Activation) mode, the CatGenie litter box will automatically start cleaning 10 minutes after your cat uses it.  This ensures that there is less germ, dirt and smell buildup and is also 10 times more efficient as it extends the life of the SaniSolution cartridge.

In this mode you can choose 14-hour cat activation, which means there are 14 awake hours and 10 sleep hours; or 24-hour cat activation, which means the CatGenie never sleeps and is always ready to clean after it is used.

You also have the option to have cleaning begin after 30 minutes instead of 10 if you have more than one cat and they don’t mind a used litter box, which is not available for other automatic litter boxes we wrote a review for.

In Auto Start mode, you can program the CatGenie to operate from 1-4 times a day depending on how many cats you have.  So, it will run every 6, 8, 12 or 24 hours based on your settings.

In Push Start mode, you can begin the cleaning process of the Cat Genie whenever you like, during Sleep Mode or between Auto Start cycles.  This is the recommended cycle when your cat is getting used to the CatGenie.

Regardless of which of the three modes you choose the cleaning process is the same.  There are three different cycles:  Scoop Cycle, Wash Cycle and Dry Cycle.

During the Scoop Cycle, the GenieHand scoops three times to remove all of the solids.  This takes about 7 minutes.


During the Wash Cycle, water flows into the CatGenie and completely covers the washable granules.  There are three washes with the SaniSolution, during which the GenieHand scrubs not only the granules but the bowl as well.  

As the granules are agitated solids get liquefied inside of the hopper and the water and waste are drained out.  At the end of the Wash Cycle the interior is rinsed clean.  This part takes about 11 minutes.

During the Dry Cycle, the GenieHand sifts through the granules as hot air passes over them.  It takes about 17 minutes for the granules to completely dry out and be ready for the next usage.

So, as you can see the GenieHand serves multiple functions, and is an integral part of the machine. It scoops out solids for processing, scrubs and scours the granules and bowl itself, and sifts through granules to aid in the drying process, making this automatic cat litter box one of the best we've reviewed.

How do you set up the catGenie 120 self washing litter box?

Setting up the CatGenie litter box is not difficult at all when we were reviewing this automatic litter box.  There are a few steps involved, but they can all be accomplished in under a half hour.

First, find a good location for your CatGenie, which is typically a laundry/utility room or a bathroom so there is access to cold water and drainage.

For a laundry room, start by turning off the cold water supply.  Unscrew the cold water supply hose and attach the included ¾” T-Adapter.  Screw the Genie water line into the T-Adapter and then turn the cold water back on.

Place the Genie drain hose into the washing machine’s waste pipe using the drain hook.  Make sure it’s less than 5” inside to avoid clogs and overflow.  Then you can plug it into a GFCI outlet.

For a bathroom, setup is similar with slight variations.  After you shut the cold water off and unscrew the flex house, attach the 3/8” T-Adapter rather than the ¾” one.

 Then screw the Genie water line into the T-Adapter and turn the cold water back on.  For toilet use only, connect the Genie hook to the drain hose.  

Push until the hose is all the way into the hook.  Place it over the toilet rim, then plug in the power cord.

Once this initial setup of this litter box is complete, you are all set to go; we starting writing these reviews shortly after.  Place the washable granules up to the fill line in the bowl, insert the SaniSolution cartridge firmly and choose one of the three settings we discussed above.


Best Practices & Helpful Tips & Review for The Cat Genie Cat litter box

Remember to be patient and realize that it may take some time for your cat to get used to the CatGenie litter box.  This is perfectly natural as it’s a lot different than a typical litter box we have written reviews for.  Some cats take to it right away and others need days or even weeks to get comfortable with it.

To that end the Cat Genie company recommends that you set it up in its location and run a cycle so you and your cat can see how it operates.  You should continue to use the manual start option until they are used to the machine.

Let your cat explore and review the unit and give them treats and praise in the area to make them more comfortable.  If the CatGenie is in a new location, move the old litter box there for familiarity.  However, don’t clean the old one so it becomes less appealing.  This should help with the transition.

Also make sure you don’t mix in cat litter with the washable granules as that will cause the machine to malfunction, and adversely affect the acclimation process.

During this review period you should run at least two cleaning cycles per cat per day, even if you don’t see any waste in the litter box.  That’s because urine will not show on the washable granules.  You want to make sure that the CatGenie is always clean and inviting.

Once your cat is comfortable with the sound and operation of the unit you can switch to Cat Activation mode, which as we mentioned is the most efficient way to use the CatGenie.

Although the CatGenie is self-cleaning it’s a good idea to perform maintenance a few times a year.  Thankfully, that’s automated as well.  The Machine Maintenance cartridge gives the unit a deep clean, eliminating lime buildup and dirt from areas that are difficult to reach with a manual cleaning.

You should also check and review the hopper periodically as fur, string, fabric and other materials can get stuck in there and cause clogs.  This will help you avoid any damage to the automatic litter box.

Take off the cover and if you see anything that shouldn’t be in there, remove the processing unit and move the GenieHand down.  Do the necessary cleaning, then put everything back together.  Then run a cycle to ensure that you did it properly.

Accessories & Add-Ons Reviews for this cat litter box

Besides the attachable GenieDome that comes with the Tuxedo Package, there are several other accessories and supplies that you can order with your CatGenie litter box.

There are several SaniSolution and granule replacement packages, the BlanCat cat bed, maintenance cartridges, inlet hoses, the GeniePaws mat, GenieSidewalls, replacement GenieHand and a GenieDoor for even more privacy.

You can order all of these items on the company website or online retailers like Amazon.

Pros And Cons: Review of the cat genie Self-Cleaning cat Litter box

  • This litter box does all of the work for you.  It sifts, eliminates waste and self-cleans automatically
  • Setup of this litter box is relatively easy and doesn’t take much time
  • Washable granules are 100% dust free and septic safe
  • It eliminates the need for disposable, non-biodegradable litter
  • It is a green, environmentally-friendly product in our review
  • It offers three different modes of operation to suit your needs
  • You get a generous two-year warranty and 90 day return policy for this litter box
  • There are attachments to make it more private for your cat or cats
  • You always get free shipping for your purchase from this review
  • The CatGenie can be a little noisy so it may take some getting used to
  • With the hoses and draining it’s a bit more involved than some of its competitors we've reviewed and can’t be relocated as easily
  • It may be a bit expensive for some cat owners compared to other litter boxes

Final Recommendation Of This Cat Genie Rating & Review

The CatGenie litter box  is a great option for those who dread the daily maintenance of a traditional litter box and let’s face it…who doesn’t?

With its sifting, waste removal and subsequent cleaning & flushing it is quite unique, as most other automatic kitty litter boxes don’t offer all of that functionality.

It is also better for the environment, as it doesn’t require hundreds of pounds of cat litter like the others do.  This also lowers the cost, especially if you use it in Cat Activation mode.

So, if you like the idea of a litter box that maintains itself and is also good for the planet, check out the CatGenie today after reading these reviews of Cat Genie.

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