CatGenie Self Flushing Self Washing Cat Litter Box Review

Updated: April 17th, 2020

Let's face it – no one wants to deal with a messy litter box. It doesn't matter how much you love your cat; dirty litter boxes can't be ignored.

There is a solution that eliminates one of the few unexciting parts of cat ownership – Cat Genie. Thanks to the CatGenie self-flushing self-washing cat litter box, you can forget about cleaning and scooping smelly cat feces as part of your weekly chores.

Sit back and relax while your new self-cleaning machine does all of the work for you.


CatGenie Overview: Self-Cleaning Cat Box

The Cat Genie is a self-washing, self-flushing cat box similar to a cat toilet. It can easily clean the litter, wash the waste, and dry it so that the unit is ready for the next use.

Three different settings make the cleaning process even simpler.

  • "Cat Start" cleans the box 10 minutes after the Cat Genie detects that a cat has used the toilet.
  • "Auto Start" cleans the cat waste up to four times a day.
  • "Push Start" option allows the litter box to be manually flushed with a push of a button.

There is also a child lock that prevents children from washing the unit or accidentally hurting themselves.


CatGenie Features

Cat Genie 120 is one of the most efficient self-cleaning solutions for cats, capable of working on autopilot without your intervention. From disposing cat poop to cleaning and disinfecting the litter area, the device will undoubtedly make your life easier. It even has a child lock mode option, so it’s safe for your kids.

The box has two water hoses (similar to tubes used in a washing machine). One hose is connected to the water for automatic flushing while the other is for discharging cat waste.

One of the most impressive things about this litter box is its ability to dispose of waste and clean the plastic box using a disinfectant solution. The biodegradable sanitizing solution successfully kills germs and prevents any possibilities of smelling cat poop.

Here's the full list:

  • Three products in one: litter box, appliance and toilet
  • 100% dust free, biodegradable permanent Washable Granules ™
  • SaniSolution cleaning cartridge lasts 4-6 months
  • Connects to cold water line for washing
  • Control panel for setting three different modes of operation
  • Includes water hose for automated draining
  • GenieEyes sense when cat is in the unit
  • GenieHand scoops, scrubs, scours and sifts
  • Attachments available for added privacy for cats
  • Fresh water and dryer spout to clean and dry granules

Design & Dimensions

As far as the design of the Cat Genie litter box goes, it is a bigger and more open toilet bowl than competitors, such as the Litter Robot self cleaning litter box.

Cat Genie features a large chamber and bowl and that holds the soft litter granules. A sturdy base supports the litter box so that it stays in place even when jumped on or used as a feline rubbing post. Above the pot, by the toil bowl rim, a waterspout brings in cold water for cleaning, and a dryer blows hot air to dry the granules in the Catgenie dome.

A hopper contains a water sensor for cats. You will also notice a hair cutter ring, as well as an impeller that softens the cat's waste during the wash cycle.

The control is on top of the box for easy access.

The CatGenie weighs 26 pounds. The overall dimensions of this automatic litter solution are 19.25” wide in front, 17.5” wide in the back, 21” high and 24.5” deep.

What Comes With the Unit?

There are a few options when it comes to ordering the CatGenie self-flushing litter box for your cats.  There’s the basic Tabby Package as well as two Tuxedo Packages.

The Tabby Package comes with the following items:

  • Cat Acclimation Guide
  • Owners Manual & Guide
  • Simple Setup Sheet
  • Processing unit, water supply hose, power cord
  • Cat Genie base, brim, bowl, hopper and drain hose
  • Hook for toilet
  • GenieHand
  • Laundry room and bathroom T-Adapter
  • Hopper cover
  • SaniSolution Cartridge
  • Washable granules for automated replenishment
  • Washable granules for your first fill
  • One SaniSolution 120 cartridge
  • One maintenance cartridge
  • 90-day money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty, free shipping and rewards points.
  • Processing Unit, Power Cord, and Water Supply Hose
  • Wastewater drain
  • Rubber ball

The Tuxedo Package is perfect for multiple cats. It comes with everything listed in the Basic Package plus 1 Genie Dome with sidewalls for more privacy and two Fresh Scent SaniSolution Cartridges.

Optional Accessories

The Catgenie comes with some additional accessories which are completely optional. They are the sidewalls, which keeps the litter from falling, and the Cat Dome, which contains the cat litter and the urine. 

How Do You Hook Up the System? (Demonstration Video & Catgenie Youtube Review Included)

Hooking up the CatGenie self-washing litter box is not difficult. There are a few essential steps involved, but everything can be set up in under 30 minutes.

The first step is to find a suitable location for your cleaning litter box. You may put it in your laundry room, utility room, or bathroom, as long as it has access to cold water.

The majority of cat owners add the litter box into the laundry room. Start by turning off the supply of cold water, and unscrew the supply hose, attaching the Toilet T-Adapter. Screw the water line into the adapter and then turn on the water supply.


Next, use the drain hook to place the hose into the machine's waste pipe. Ensure it is less than five inches inside to avoid overflow. Then, plug it into a GFCI outlet.

The bathroom setup is similar. After you are done with the installation of your new litter box, you are good to go. Place the washable granules to fill the bowl, add the SaniSolution cartridge, and select one of the three settings we mentioned above ("Cat Start," "Auto Start," or "Push Start").

The cat poop is recyclable, so you can throw out the waste in the nearest disposal area.

Unpacking and Installing the CatGenie

You've ordered your new CatGenie and it has arrived. You've opened the product box and read the instructions. Now, you are ready to unpack it and install your cat litter.

We've already established that the CatGenie is easy to set up, but to be sure you get it right, here are a few extra tips that will help you with unpacking and installing the CatGenie 120.

Use the Hook (but only for a bathroom setup)

If you are using the bathroom setup, make sure to secure the hook to the end of the drain hose and over the toilet seat. Never use the hook if you are using a laundry room drain setup.

Place the scrubber right

When placed under the bowl, the scrubber should move quickly. You shouldn't hook the scrubber around the box.

Don't forget the Genie Ball

The primary role of the Genie Ball is to break up waste. After you've unpacked and installed your CatGenie, drop the Genie Ball at the top of the hopper. Sometimes, your cat may use the ball as a toy, but don't worry, you can always order a new one.

Don't cut the drain hose

The drain hose is secured to the base, so it is not recommended to cut it or make it shorter. It may cause problems and you won't be able to move the CatGenie to another location.

Add a bump in the drain hose

When installing your Cat Genie, make sure to add a small crack in the drain hose. The extra bump can help with slow filling times.

Don't make the Cat Genie tough to reach

When installing your Cat Genie, your cat should be able to reach the unit easily. Place the Genie somewhere where both you and your cat can access it. The box is designed to be installed without a plumber.

Check the water is on

Although it sounds silly, it is easy to turn the knob and realize that the water is not on. Always double-check—the water may still run a little, but you could have a problem when the water can't fill the bowl.


How the CatGenie 120 Works

The CatGenie 120 works. Once your cat enters the litter box, and completes its business, a genie hand cleans up the waste and transforms it into washable granules.

The cleaning cycle is automatically activated, and the SaniSolution cartridge is released into the washable granules. Thanks to the SaniSolution veterinarian-recommended formula, the granules are mixed with cold water and thoroughly scrubbed of any cat urine or feces.

After SaniSolution disinfects the litter box, a hot-air blower dries the granules resulting in a beautifully clean litter box.

During the cleaning cycles, the waste is transformed into liquefied excrement, which is flushed out with the water flow.

At the end of the drain hose attachment, there is a fine mesh that prevents any liquid from escaping. It prevents the washable granules from being flushed along with the waste disposal.

Each Cat Genie cleaning cycle lasts around 30 minutes. The unit is extremely quiet when working; the only noise you might hear is when the water is flushed down, after the cleaning cycle is complete.

Mode Settings

As a premier product in its category, the Cat Genie has three different options: "Cat Start" or "Cat Activation," "Auto Start," and "Push Start." Each function is crucial to a clean, efficient waste-disposal process.

Cat Start (Cat Activation) Mode

By activating the "Cat Start" option, the litter box will automatically clean everything just 10 minutes after your cat has used the facilities. The unit has eye sensors built-in, which detect the cat when it enters and leaving the litter box.

The "Cat Start" or "Cat Activation" feature works only when the cat leaves the litter box. As long as the cat is inside, the Cat Genie rests.

There are two mode settings you can use: "Active" and "Sleep" mode. When in "Active" mode, the Cat Genie lasts 14 hours. During this time, the unit cleans the cat's waste thoroughly.

For the other 10 hours, the Cat Genie is in "Sleep" mode. During this time, the unit rests and won't clean any poop even if your cat enters the box.

The idea behind the "Sleep" mode is to eliminate any noises at night. If necessary, you can push manual cleaning during "Sleep" mode. After 10 hours, the unit automatically switches to "Active" mode and cleans the cat's waste (if there is any in the box).

Another essential aspect is the SaniSolution cleaning cartridge. When Cat Genie is set in the "Cat Start" mode, the cartridge switches from 120 washes to 240 washes. During this mode, the unit cleans the waste immediately, which means that it requires less of the cleaning formula per wash.

The "Cat Start" mode is suitable for one cat or two at the most. If you have more cats in the house, it is highly recommended that you purchase another Cat Genie unit. Multiple cats mean more cleaning cycles and one unit may not be enough.

Auto Start Mode

The next mode is "Auto Start." When set in this mode, the unit runs from one to four times per day. The idea is to keep a balance between sanitation and efficiency.

The "Auto Start" mode is suitable for those who have multiple cats. The mode setting means the cleaning cycle won't start after your cat uses the litter box. The Cat Genie may run every 6, 8, 12, or 24 hours a day; depending on the cleaning cycle that you program into the unit. There are different options, but the unit can run one, two, three, or four cleaning cycles.

The unit doesn't have a digital timer built-in. Once you select the number of cleaning cycles, it will start automatically at pre-set cleaning time, so you will have to program the device at specific times that you want the Cat genie to clean.

If you wish the Cat Genie to start the cleaning cycle at 8 am, and then at 8 pm (twice a day), you have to set up the "Auto Start" option at either 8 pm, or 8 am. Cat owners usually know when their cats need to go, so it won't be a problem for you to program your Cat Genie manually. If you can't decide on a suitable time, observe your cat's habits for a few days to check.

Another difference between "Auto Start" and "Cat Start" is in the duration of the SaniSolution formula. When the Cat Genie is set up in the "Auto Start" mode, the SaniSolution veterinarian formula lasts for 120 washes.

Push Start Mode

The "Push Start" Mode is one of the simplest mode options to use. When the Cat Genie is set, you can start a cleaning cycle every time you think it is necessary. All you need to do is push one button, and the cat litter will begin the cleaning process within the machine.

Cat owners find the "Push Start" mode useful during a "Sleep" mode or between "Auto Start" cycles. It is also a good option if your cat is sick, and you want to inspect its feces. Like on "Auto Start" mode, the SaniSolution cartridge in the "Push Start" mode lasts for 120 washes.

Is The CatGenie 120 Adopted Easily By Cats?

A lot of customer reviews from cat owners suggest that cats adjust to the CatGenie 120 box almost immediately. Shy cats may need more time to get used to their new litter box, but overall, the unit is adopted quickly. With any Cat Genie purchase, you get a guide "Cat Acclimation Guide" to help you adjust your cat to their litter box.

When we've compared Cat Genie vs. Litter Robot, we've discovered that both solutions are useful for pet owners who are sick of cleaning cat feces manually. We've also found that the majority of cats prefer CatGenie over Litter Robot, though.

The Cat Genie is a fully automated solution and is easy to set up. The Litter Robot is large and cumbersome, and it is not suitable for cats over 15 pounds. It also has trouble separating the kittens from the waste (it must be cleaned by hand until the kittens are grown).

Make sure to find the best way to present the CatGenie with your cats so that you can avoid any problems adjusting to the new processes. You know your cats best, so find ways to properly introduce the new litter box and teach them to use it daily.

Some cats might not like the unit, but don't lose hope. Eventually, any cat adjusts well to CatGenie. Some cats need more time than others.

 There are great tutorials and guides online that teach you how to get your cat to use a self-washing litter box.

CatGenie 120 vs. The Original 60 Version

The Cat Genie is one of the best investments you will make for both yourself and your cat. Before buying your Cat Genie cleaning solution, there are two different models to choose from: Cat Genie120 and the original 60 version.

The two models are quite similar. The older model, Cat Genie 60, is cheaper than Cat Genie 120 (about $50).

Another difference is in the design. The updated CatGenie 120 model has an improved design and is made of better-quality materials that can prevent breakage.

Both models are easy to maintain thanks to the Machine Maintenance Cartridge. With a push of a button, the cleaning cycle begins, and the cat litter cleans and disinfects itself. Your home will be spotless thanks to the incredible Cat Genie.

The Cat Genie 120 comes with biodegradable 120 Sani-solution that can double the washes to 240 (the option is only possible when the unit is set in "Cat Start" mode).

Easy Cleaning Using the SaniSolution

The Cat Genie is one of the best self-washing self-flushing litter boxes for a reason–it uses the SaniSolution veterinarian recommended formula that cleans and disinfects the unit. Thanks to SaniSolution cleaning cartridges, when the cat box fills with water, the machine adds some cleaning solution. Both the bowl and granules are sanitized, dried, and ready for the next use.

The SaniSolution cartridge usually lasts for 120-240 washes, depending on the mode set (when Cat Genie is set in "Cat Start," the cartridge switches from 120 washes to 240). During that mode, the unit cleans the waste immediately, which needs less cleaning formula per wash.

The SaniSolution is a safe and effective formula that will destroy germs from the cat litter box. It eliminates odor and keeps your home smelling fresh.

The SaniSolution has been adequately tested, and it is 100% safe for cats. The cleaning solution (both fresh scent and scent-free) is made with the ingredients used for sterilizing veterinarian operating areas.

The SaniSolution cartridges are biodegradable and recyclable. When compared to other cleaning solutions, the SaniSolution cartridges feature an additive that allows the material to degrade in less than ten years. The plastic (from the cartridges) is also recyclable.

How Long Will the SaniSolution Cartridge Last?

It depends on the mode settings. When the Cat Genie is set in "Auto Start" mode, the SaniSolution 120 will last 120 cleaning cycles. When the unit is set to "Cat Activation," the SaniSolution will last 240 cleaning cycles.

A benefit is that the Cat Genie cat litter has LED lights built into the framework to notify you when the cartridge has ten washes left. The LED lights will flash again when you have only three washes left. The system will also start beeping when the cartridge level is low.

Ensure that you always have a spare cartridge in your home. You can purchase additional cartridges online. The Cat Genie will not run without a cartridge in the system.

Can I Refill the Cartridge?

The CatGenie's SaniSolution cartridge is not refillable. The SaniSolution 120 cleaning formula is designed with the help of professional veterinarians and works only with the Cat Genie 120 and CatGenie granules.

Other cleaning solutions can't substitute SaniSolution and may damage the granules, as well as the unit.

How Long Does the CatGenie Take to Clean?

The complete cleaning and drying cycles take around 30 minutes. Over most of the cleaning cycle (about 26 minutes), the unit is quiet. You will only be able to hear the water draining. For a short amount of time (4-5 minutes), you might also hear a louder mechanical noise, similar to the noise of a washing machine.

The cleaning cycle will not start until all cats leave the box, as the unit comes with built-in sensors that detect when your cat is in the box.

While we can't complain about the automation function of the litter cleaning machine, some reviews suggest that it requires a long cleaning cycle, especially when you have more than one cat.

How Does CatGenie Get Rid of Poop?

CatGenie comes with an infrared eye sensor built into the mechanism. The sensor detects motion inside the box.

10 minutes after the motion is detected, the cleaning process starts. The unit also has a revolving inner bowl, as well as a scooping arm for solid waste. It fills with water and a SaniSolution formula to wash the basin and disinfect the box.

The CatGenie also destroys solid waste and throws out the poop into your toilet via an external hose before it blow-dries itself.

Is CatGenie Septic Safe?

The CatGenie is suitable to install in homes that use septic systems. A small amount of water and a few granules are flushed each day. Any granules that end up in your septic system will degrade in 6-9 months.

Cat Genie's Permanent Granules vs. Cat Litter

There is a massive difference between Cat Genie's granules and plain cat litter boxes. A lot of cat owners who use conventional cat litter boxes are unintentionally contributing to the global environmental problem.

Cat litter is non-biodegradable, processed at 2000 degrees, and is piling up at the rate of 8 billion lbs. a year. Even if you have one cat in your home, your contribution is more than 300 lbs. a year.

Cat Genie uses permanent granules as a solution to this conundrum. The washable granules are a combination of synthetic and natural ingredients that are 100% safe for cats, so even if your pet swallows one, it won't cause any problems.

Cat Genie's granules are also biodegradable and septic safe.

The granules are washed along with the bowl during the cleaning process, which means that you have to replace it as it depletes over time. It may flow away when your cat takes the granules out of the box or when Cat Genie flushes solid waste into the toilet.

The granules degrade in six to nine months in septic systems or traditional sewers. Only a small number of these granules will end in your septic system or drain, so there is no way it can damage your septic system or clog your pipes at home.

Can I use other cat litter in the Cat Genie?

No, you should never use other cat litter in the CatGenie.

Other forms of cat litter may clog the pipes, damage the unit, and void your warranty. The granules are designed for 100% safe use with the self-cleaning litter box.

One box of CatGenie granules will last up to six months. How often you will replace the granules depends on the number of cats in your home (we highly recommend keeping a spare box of granules on hand).

The granules don't need to change often, because the unit does the cleaning for you. Over time, the number of granules reduces as some are flicked out of the box. When the granules are below the level line, top it up to maintain optimal performance.

Pros & Cons of the catgenie self-washing litter box

The CatGenie clean box receives mostly positive reviews. Just like any other product, it has its pros and cons, though.


  • Automated Solution–The CatGenie is a 100% automated to make your home cleaner and your life easier. It takes care of what is smelly and dirty, automating the cleaning process.
  • Cost-Effective–When compared to other litter boxes, such as Litter Robot, the CatGenie is affordable, especially considering the features it offers. It is good value for money and most pet owners will agree that litter boxes are not cheap overall. However, when you calculate how much money you spend on average compared to the cost of the Cat Genie litter, most owners realize that it is an excellent investment.
  • Environmentally Friendly–Cat litters are produced using strip-mining methods that can be harmful to our environment. One of the reasons CatGenie is better than Litter Robot (and other cat box solutions) is because it recycles the same litter. It maximizes the use of cat litter and minimizes waste.
  • Self-Washing, Self-Flushing, Self-Cleaning–The Cat Genie self-washes, cleans, and dries the biodegradable granules with every cycle. Each time your cat uses the unit, it has a fresh, clean litter box.
  • Cat-Friendly Design–Cats love the CatGenie litter (much more than Litter Robot). If you are upgrading from Litter Robot or a conventional cat box, your cat will adjust to the new design fast.
  • Clean and Sterile—thanks to the SaniSolution (a cleaning formula created by veterinarians), the cat litter is clean and sterile all the time. SaniSolution removes all traces of bacteria and other germs from the bedding. Once your cat leaves the box, the cleaning process will start (the sensor detects motion inside the box). 10 minutes after the motion is detected, the cleaning process automatically begins.
  • No More Heavy Lifting or Carrying—Cat litter bags are known for being large and heavy. Thanks to the CatGenie's biodegradable granules, you will never have to carry those cumbersome bags again.


  • Two Cats Maximum–Although the CatGenie is one of the best cat litter boxes on the market, it works well for one or two cats at most. If you have more cats in your home, you won't be able to take advantage of the most beneficial aspects of the CatGenie.
  • Long Cleaning process–When compared to Litter Robot and other clean litter solutions, CatGenie is one of the best self-washing, self-flushing inventions. The cleaning process is 100% automated, meaning you won't have to worry about cleaning cat feces ever. Despite everything, some users complain about the length of the cleaning process (especially users with two or more cats).
  • Messy Repairs–Although the unit is 100% automated, every time the water sensor is defective or the system is clogged, you have to open the box to see what's wrong. The repair process may take a while, and during that time, your cat may return to previous toilet habits.
  • Granules Everywhere–SaniSolution may add a messy coating to the biodegradable granules. You may also be finding granules in your bed, desks, shoes, in the kitchen, living room, and everywhere else cats roam in your home.
  • The Granules Remain Warm–Another disadvantage of the Cat Genie unit is that it blow-dries the litter, so the granules remain warm. Cats prefer cozying up in warm places, meaning your pet friend may spend the whole day rolling around the box.
  • Tight Drainage Hose–The waste hose (the one that goes into the drainpipe) is tight. It is not suitable for bigger cats, like the Maine Coon, or others that produce a huge amount of excrement.
  • Odor in The Toilet–If you dump cat waste in the toilet, it may stink. The CatGenie comes with a 10ft long waste disposal hose, though. You can connect the dose to your drainage system, avoiding any unpleasant smells.

Tips to Use the CatGenie

  • The CatGenie cat litter box is suitable for use in any room in your home that has access to a water supply, electrical source, and drainage pipe. You can place it in your utility, powder, laundry room, or bathroom.
  • Apart from the fact that you need to hook the Cat Genie to a water supply pipe, it also requires a spacious corner. The unit is bulky, so you won't be able to fit in smaller laundry rooms or bathrooms.
  • Although the CatGenie is a self-washing, self-cleaning cat litter solution, just like any other unit, we recommend cleaning the box twice a year to maintain its efficiency.
  • The CatGenie needs to be connected to an electrical power source. (Power requirements: 230VAC, 50 Hz, and Power Consumption: 20W cleaning, 110W drying).
  • You will need enough supplies to ensure that the unit always works. Without the proper amounts, the automatic cat box will not function.
  • Run the CatGenie for two cycles per day. If you want, set the CatGenie to "Cat Start" mode so that it automatically starts the cleaning process after your cat leaves the litter base.
  • The CatGenie is ideal for up to three cats. If you have more furry felines, we recommend installing an extra unit in your home.
  • The majority of cats adjust to their new litter box immediately. Some cats may need more time, though. With your purchase, you will get the owner's manual to help you guide your cat into acceptance of their new CatGenie litter.

For any troubleshooting or questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with CatGenie customer service. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

You can get in touch with the customer service team via phone or email address.


The Cat Genie is an excellent option that gives pet owners excellent value for money. For those who dread the maintenance of a conventional cat litter box, it’s the ideal solution.

With its waste removal, perfect leaning, and self-flushing functions, it is quite impressive. Most other self-washing cat litter boxes (like Litter Robot and other brands) don't offer all those features or functionality.

Most users who purchased the CatGenie said that it was worth the price due to the convenience of not having to clean the unit or litter box by themselves. It is also better for the environment, as it doesn't need hundreds of pounds of litter.

If you like the idea of an automatic cat litter unit that is easy to set up and maintains itself, purchase the Cat Genie today and enjoy the advantages it offers. Give it a try and see how easy maintaining a cat litter box can be with the assistance of automation technology.