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declawed cat paw

Best Litter For Declawed Cats

best litter for declawed catsIf you have a declawed kitty at home, you may have noticed it sometimes exhibits some odd behavior that is different from other cats with regular paws. That’s because declawing a feline is not a natural process for them or their paws by any means. It can lead to such things as […]

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cat getting out of his litter box

Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter ReviewsCat owners realize how useful cat litters are. They keep the home tidy and free of cat smells and wastes. However, despite how good they are, cat owners get tired of always cleaning up cat litter tracked out of the box by their feline companions.  Thus they wonder “is it possible to have […]

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pretty litter

Pretty Litter Reviews

Pretty Litter Review – Color Changing Subscription Cat LitterPretty Litter is an interesting litter product to review for cat owners and their family. Pretty Litter has got built-in indicators to check for abnormal alkalinity and acidity levels in your cat’s urine.  Pretty Litter kitty litter will change colors if there is an issue of concern for […]

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natural cat litter in the litter box

Best Natural Cat Litter

Best natural cat litterYou care about your cats and want what’s best for them, which is why you’re looking for the best natural cat litter for your feline. Whether that’s finding the softest brush for their fur, interviewing multiple vets to find not just the right talent fit but the one your cat likes enough not […]

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