CatSpot Litter Review - The Facts About Coconut cat litter

 Have you been looking for CatSpot litter reviews to determine whether or not thing new type of litter will do what it says they do? The story of how CatSpot coconut cat litter first came about is actually quite interesting.

A cat had somehow made its way into a store owned by Midwest Organic. It turns out, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. The kitty cat left poop for the workers to clean up.

Interestingly enough, the cat chose coconut coir above all the other natural cat litter options in the market we've written comparison articles for—and that was where the idea for Catspot coconut litter came from. Midwest Organic started researching the potential of coconut litter and did a lot of ingredient inspections to make sure this organic, natural cat litter was a biodegradable, flushable, not too expensive, ammonia stopping cat litter for your pet containing bits of coconut.

catspot coconut cat litter

While Catspot litter may have seemed like an odd idea at first, CatSpot found that it was a great option. For starters, Cat spot litter is the only one that can claim to be 100-percent organic. Secondly, it seems that the kitties really like this litter as well.

Is it a good choice for you and your cat? Let’s work through all the details in this CatSpot review so that you can decide for yourself.

Catspot Coconut Litter: more about midwest organics as a company

Midwest Organics has become a trusted brand over the years, mainly due to the popularity, of their organic coconut cat litter. Catspot looks for ways to use waste products from the processing of organic materials from nature. You’ll find one of their subsidiaries selling mulch made from coconut husks. Catspot litter pick the brains of many people to learn and create something people care about, and their efforts have brought them a lot of attention in the news, which as creating quite a stir for them.

Overall, Catspot litter is a company that has its eye focused on creating a more sustainable business model. It’ll be interesting to see what Cat Spot comes up with next. 

what is catSpot Coconut Cat litter made of?

Catspot litter is made from the husks of organically grown coconuts. Catspot coconut litter is fragrance-free and contains no chemicals, making it easier for your feline to transition to. The fibers themselves are fluffy in texture and very fine. They have very little smell on their own.

In fact, all you’ll find is the husks of the coconut, which is unlike other litters we've reviewed. These are the leftovers after the meat in the coconut has been stripped out. The husks come mainly from Sri Lanka and India to the United States for processing. It’s a great way to recycle coconut waste. This review for Catspot cat litter deems it one of the softest  options on the market. You can shop and purchase it and their other coconut cat litters on Amazon by clicking on the red links.

CatSpot Coconut Cat litter Reviews: is safe for my kitty?

Safety is always a concern when a newer product has been introduced. That said, Catspot is an entirely organic & natural product with no harmful chemicals. CatSpot coconut cat litter for cats has been on the market for a few years now, and no harmful effects have been noted for these ratings on their litters.

Let’s consider coconut as an alternative to other cat litters.

Did you know that kittens often eat their litter? In the case of this brand, this is not an issue. The fibers will simply pass through their digestive tract. Clumping clay litter is a lot less benign. When it hits your kitten’s stomach, it will solidify, causing a dangerous obstruction.

The dust from clay or silicone-based ones are a big downside. The silica from cat litters can be carcinogenic.

Corn is another natural organic alternative to other cat litters that is safe for kitties to ingest. The downside of corn litter, though, is that it provides the perfect environment for mold when wet. If moisture gets into the bag, there’s always the possibility of mold developing.

Coconut cat fiber, which is what Cat Spot has, is naturally anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal, making this cat litter brand one of the healthiest litters we've written comparisons for.

why consider catSpot organic coconut Cat Litter formula?

A peak at the ingredients of CatSpot organic litter for cats will tell you that straight away. You won’t find any chemicals with mile-long names that are hard to pronounce. Cat Spot is also highly absorbent and, believe it or not, good at masking the smell of urine and feces, especially compared to other natural brands we have critiqued. Let’s evaluate the main benefits of it.

is it extremely absorbent?

Coconut is one of the most absorbent fibers on the market today. It is capable of absorbing five and a half times its weight when it comes to liquids with it's fresh clumping formula with no issues. When your cat does their business, the fibers absorb the urine.

The fibers lock the moisture in, leaving the it clean and dry. We've  written articles on many different natural cat litters, but this one holds it's promise in regard to absorbency. 

is it better for the environment?

CatSpot organic cat litter also an environmentally-safe option. You can flush small amounts of it down the toilet to dispose of it. Alternatively, you can mix this cat litter in with the compost in the garden. We don’t recommend using it on food crops because of the potential pathogens in the feces, but it won’t do flowers any harm.

Is it hypoallergenic?

If you have a kitty with sensitive skin or allergies, this organic cat litter might be the answer to any allergy or respiratory problem your cat may have. There are no masking fragrances or dyes in Cat Spot eco friendly cat litter. The fibers are hypoallergenic. It actually made our list of the best cat litter for allergies.

Is it lightweight?

The fibers are very lightweight of this coconut litter. So, a bag of Catspot litter that weighs five-pounds is a lot of litter. One five-pound bag of it will usually go as far as twenty pounds of clumping brands. The reduced weight also makes cleanup of this one a lot simpler.

It does also mean, unfortunately, that your cat is going to track some fibers along with it.

Is this litter comfortable?

A lot of cats are happy to use whatever cat litter is at hand to cover up their business, whether it's organic or not; they seem to not mind the change. Clay and silicone versions can be tougher on the paws, though. These fibers are soft, and your cat should take to them more easily.

As a natural and organic material, coconut cat litter instantly appeals to cats. Since CatSpot  feels soft under the paws and is easily diggable, cats see it as a comfortable toilet similar to the kinds they would seek in the outdoors.

how well does CatSpot Coconut Cat Litter work?

Cat Spot formula certainly looks good, and it will work well for your cat or cats and their litter box. Now, let’s consider how convenient CatSpot organic pellet coconut litter is to use, whether on the floor or a cat litter mat. There is nothing quite as piercing and unpleasant as the smell of cat urine. That means that any litter product you buy must also work at masking the smell. 

You also want Catspot litter cost-effective, that has minimal dust, good for the health of your cats, and that won't track as easily. Let's review how CatSpot coconut cat litter measures up here based on our observations.

odor control ratings

CatSpot organic coconut litter for cats relies on the natural odor masking ability of the fibers to mask any odor coming from the litter box. It won’t clump, so you should scoop out the solids every day. You may want to rake  over the organic litter every now and again. It’s not quite as effective as silicone at masking smells.

Catspot coconut litter for cats and their paws should be replaced every two weeks or so if you have one cat and one litter box. If you have two cats, each should have their own. We do recommend cleaning the litter box thoroughly when changing it out.

Does it track?

This is one issue that we do have with CatSpot organic coconut litter. It’s light, and so your cat is bound to track some out of the litter box. It’s best to place a large rug or mat under the box to make cleanup easier.

That said, there are no hard bits here in Catspot litter. So, even if some does get tracked through the house, it won’t be a disaster since it is organic.

Is it dusty?

Dust is not a problem at all here around the litter box. When you pour this organic litter for cats in for the first time, you'll be surprised at how little dust whirls around.

how long Catspot litter lasts

The company recommends laying it to a depth of at least 1.5 inches in the cats litter box. A five-pound bag should last you a full month. It won’t go bad so you can stock up when it goes on sale.

what the experts say About CatSpot coconut cat Litter

Naturally, it doesn’t matter how many cool features it has if your kitty won’t use it. In our experience, cats do love Catspot. It’s soft and lightweight, so it’s easy for them to scratch around in.

If your cat is particularly sensitive to smells, this is a good bet. The natural scent of the organic coconut husks is very slight.

Can you use CatSpot litter with self cleaning litter boxes? 

Yes, you can use CatSpot litter with the best automatic litter box models you can find today. There are a lot of self cleaning litter boxes on the market, but if you want to read about the best one, you can check out our Litter Robot reviews.

CatSpot Coconut Litter pricing

As the time of our writing, you’re looking at under 20 dollars for a 5-pound bag. If you sign up for a subscription, you can save $3 a month. A subscription is convenient because then it’s sent through for you automatically.

All you have to do is decide how often you want them to make deliveries. You don’t pay for shipping and can cancel the subscription whenever you like.

If you feel that it’s not working for you, you can return up to two bags for a refund. You will pay a handling fee of $5 for each bag returned.

Pros Of Catspot Coconut Litter

  • Absorbs 5.5 times its weight in water or other liquids
  • Controls odors naturally
  • No dust
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Completely natural product
  • No chemicals, fragrances, or dyes are used
  • It’s significantly lighter than both clay and silicone products
  • Safe for kitties – even if they eat some
  • Easy to dispose of it by flushing it or composting it
  • You have 60 days to try it – if you don’t like it, return for a full refund

cons Of Catspot Coconut Litter

  • The product is lightweight, so some of it will end up around the box
  • The bags do take up more space than a similarly sized clay product
  • It’s not great at concealing the smell of urine compared to others

our final verdict of Our Catspot Organic Coconut cat spot Litter Reviews 

Overall for our reviews for CatSpot, we give this 4.5 out of 5 in total. If the company could do something about controlling tracking, it would get full marks. In all fairness, though, there’s a downside to any of these products that you buy.

Clay and silicone products give off a lot of dust, and, while tracking can be minimized, it’s not going to be completely eliminated.

There’s a lot to love here. The product is completely natural and safe for your furry feline friend. We love that it doesn’t give off any dust and that it is so absorbent.

We feel confident at listing this as one of the best litters on the market at the moment, which wraps up these Cat Spot litter ratings.