Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter Reviews

On the hunt for Dr. Elsey's cat litter reviews? Dr. Elsey’s is probably a brand that you have heard of at some point.

 They have established themselves as a quality manufacturer of cat litter that won’t sacrifice on quality. 

Unfortunately, that does also translate into their pricing for cat litter.

Is the extra cost of Dr. Elsey's cat litter worth it?

Would this be a good fit for you and your cat?

Let’s take a closer look at this brand to find out in this review.


more about The Dr. Elsey Cat Litter Brand

Founded by a veterinarian who specializes in felines, Dr. Elsey's cat litter brand had a great start in the market. Dr. Elsey has over thirty-five years of experience—so he knows his stuff. He started the company as a way to provide quality products to extend the life of cats.

What makes this brand different is that each of the litters on offer targets a particular issue. There are low-dust products for cats with respiratory tract issues. There are also Dr. Elsey's cat litter products designed to get your cat interested in the new litter.

what is Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter Made Of?

The Dr. Elsey's company uses clay litter as its base for most products, and sources high-quality clay that has excellent clumping abilities. This aspect makes it simple to scoop out solids and keep the box smelling fresher. Dr. Elsey’s does also offer silica litter. That's why it's one of the best cat litters for multiple cats.

None of the cat litters contain harsh chemicals or artificial colorants. Let’s look at some of their most popular products we review: 

precious cat ultra clumping litter

This cat litter from Dr. Elsey is a favorite among many users.

It's a clay-based litter with medium-sized particles. This cat litter is designed to clump well.

Dr. Elsey's precious ultra cat litter is heavier so it will have low tracking properties compared to others, and mostly dust-free, so you have few of the issues you have with standard cat litter.

cat attract litter

It can be hard to train a cat to use a litter box.

It's especially hard if they have a favorite spot elsewhere in the house already. This litter is infused with herbal scents. 

The concentrations in Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter are low enough that humans won’t smell them.

Cats, however, go nuts for it.

If this doesn’t entice them to use the cat litter box, nothing will. This litter can be used in an automatic litter box.

Respiratory relief clumping litter

If your cat has a really sensitive respiratory tract, even the smallest amount of dust can affect them.

With that in mind, Dr. Elsey's Respiratory Relief cat litter was designed to be dust-free. It’s even rated hypoallergenic.

In addition, it is scented with herbal essences. These have been chosen to keep your kitty relaxed.

Overall, this Dr. Elsey's cat litter designed especially for cats with Feline Respiratory Disease.

precious cat long hair cat litter

Long-haired cats are beautiful, but they’re also a lot of work. Grooming them every day can be relaxing. Cleaning up the litter that’s been tracked through the house is not. It’s inevitable that most standard litters will get caught in the cat’s hair.

This cat litter is different. As they are made from silica, the granules are larger to minimize tracking. There's nothing that can stop it completely, so you'll still get some mess. That said, not nearly as much as you would with standard products.

Interestingly enough, this cat litter also biodegradable. It too has been infused with herbs to encourage cats to use it.  

precious cat kitten training litter

You're going to pay a bit more, but that's worth it to speed up the potty-training process for your kitten.

The litter is infused with herbs that will attract your little kitten. It's also a lot easier on little paws.

It has finer grains that aren't as hard as typical cat litter.

This kitten litter might be a little more expensive than standard cat litter, but for the amount of hassle it saves you – it’s worth every cent in our review.

is Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter safe for my cat?

None of the products we review for Dr. Elsey contain harmful chemicals or artificial colors. The clay used is high-quality. That means it clumps easily and is less dusty overall. All the cat litter products have been designed to be safe for your cat.

Even if they do ingest some, it’ll pass through their systems. If you have a cat that eats a lot of litter, we'd suggest looking for a more natural product like these CatSpot litter reviews . The clay won't be digested. We worry that if the cat eats too much, it could cause a blockage.

why consider dr. elsey's kitty litter?

It’s a premium brand we reviewed with an excellent reputation. The cat litter products that we review for them are well thought out, and it’s easy to find specialist products. Everything has been designed from the perspective of a veterinarian first.

Not all companies do that. While a lot of companies do, in fact, hire some sort of veterinary consultant, they don't always have the necessary experience. With this brand, that is certainly not the case.

Let’s see how well it measures up in terms of performance.

extremely absorbent litter

Both the clay and silica options have excellent absorbency properties. The silica does win out in terms of how much it can absorb. That said, you'll find the clay in here is not a bad alternative. It’s not a low-grade product that has more dust than substance.

better for the environment?

We've mentioned before that we're not the biggest fans of clay litter. The problem is that it doesn't degrade quickly. This litter is better in that you won't need to use as much. It's also not as dusty as others, so that's better for air quality. Some of the silica-based products are biodegradable.

hypoallergenic cat litter?

Some of the litters within the range can be rated as hypoallergenic; it's made our list of the best for allergies. If allergies are an issue for you, look at the Respiratory Relief Clumping Litter. It really doesn’t give off dust at all.

Is Dr. Elseys litter lightweight?

Clay litters are by nature amongst the heaviest on the market. So, get ready to do some heavy lifting here.

The silica products in this range, are by contrast, very lightweight. 

Is Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter Comfortable?

If you’re looking for the finest, softest granules, the Precious Cat Kitten Training Litter might be the way to go. It can also be used for adult cats who have very sensitive paws or who’ve been declawed.

Most cats accept clay or silica quite easily. You shouldn’t have problems switching them over.

how well does Dr. Elsey's Cat Litter work

Okay, all that’s great, but does the product work well in the areas that count?

Reviews: odor control of Dr. Elsey's Cat litter

All the products in these ranges offer excellent odor control. You will naturally have to scoop out the solids daily or on alternate days. If you do, though, you’ll find the box stays fresh for longer. Overall, the brand scores highly in this area.

tracking review

Tracking is almost impossible to prevent. You can, however, minimize it. The larger particles of the Precious Cat Long Hair Litter are best if you want the least amount of tracking.

Is Dr. Elsey's cat litter dustless?

If your cat is really sensitive to irritants, the Respiratory Relief Clumping Litter is considered one of the best dust free cat litters on the market. Most of the other products the company uses are low dust-producers because the clay or silica used is of good quality.

reviews: how long dr. elseys cat litter lasts

One 20-pound bag is more than enough for a single cat household for a month. You should ideally replace the litter once a week and then clean the box. If you want to stretch it to two weeks, that should be fine as long as you scoop it daily.

You can buy it in 20-pound boxes or 40-pound bags. The clay won’t go off so you can take advantage of specials to stock up.

what do the experts say

Most cats like the texture of the granules, so they take to clay litter straight away, especially in a self-cleaning litter box. The products we review in this range take things up a notch, though. As they have various herbal scents, cats are quickly interested in them—and that’s one step closer to litter-trained.

Don’t be surprised if your kitty wants to take a nap in his box now. 

pricing of Dr. Elsey's cat litter

The cost is in the higher range for its type compared to others. It’s not exorbitant, though, as per this Dr. Elsey's cat litter review. You can get cheaper, for sure, but there’s nothing on the market that’s quite like this litter. Plan to budget to spend a little more.

For our money, we're quite okay with the extra cost when it comes to a kitty who's been challenging to potty train, or, for that matter, a kitty that has feline respiratory disease.

You can save a little by signing up for a subscription.

Pros & Cons

  • Good brand
  • Clumps really strongly
  • Most cats will use it
  • Excellent odor control
  • No to low dust in all products

  • The price

our final verdict On these Dr. Elseys Cat litter reviews

Overall, there are a few different products here we review. We do have to give the brand 10 out of 10 for specialist products. It’s nice to have products tailored to your cat’s need. It’s also one of the few cat litters we know of that offers a post-surgery product.

Overall, we’d have to settle for a final score of 8 ½ out of 10. We marked the brand down because their products are pricier. We also felt that they could use a broader range of materials. Some sort of natural material with be nice to see.

It's a good brand, and they produce quality products. Overall, it's a win, ending this Dr. Elsey's cat litter reviews.