Fresh Step Cat Litter Reviews In 2019

Fresh Step is one of the best-known cat litter brands in America. The company specializes in clay and crystal litters, and have products at various points on the price scale. Everyone should be able to find something that suits their pockets.

Is this the best range for you? Should you consider trying one of the products out? Let’s take an in-depth look at what Fresh Step has to offer and find out in these Fresh Step cat litter reviews.

Reviews: more information about Fresh Step Cat Litter

Fresh Step is a subsidiary of Clorox. The company in this review has established itself as an innovator in the industry. They’re not scared to mix things up. A lot of their products are clay-based, but even there they’ve opted for unique features.

Some have plant extracts, while others have carbon in these reviews. Some even mix clay and crystal litters. The company does also have a product specifically designed for automatic litter machines. Their scoop-free product can be used in an automatic litter box.

Fresh Step Extreme

Fresh Step Crystal Litter

Fresh Step Unscented Litter

Fresh Step Multi Cat Litter

What Is Fresh Step Litter Made Of?

That’s going to depend on the type you get. The company uses no harsh or harmful chemicals. It does add artificial fragrances, though. Here’s a run-down for the different ranges:

  • Regular Clay: This litter is made out of clay that doesn't clump, borates, and fragrances. This litter should be changed out around about once every week and a half.
  • Scoopable: This consists primarily of clumping clay with bentonite in it. It also has activated charcoal, limestone, fragrances, and borate. The borates are responsible for killing off microbes. The odor neutralizer keeps it fresh for ten days.
  • Crystals: These are exceptional at odor control and made of silica. As long as you scoop every other day, this should go a month without needing a change.

Review: is Fresh Step Cat Litter safe for my cat?

Borates sound scary in this review, but they're really just antimicrobial agents. Killing off the bacteria not only keeps the litter smelling fresher, but it also makes it healthier for your cat. you can just our reviews to see why its considered one of the top rated multi cat litters.

We’re not big fans of artificial scents, but the company has opted not to use dangerous chemicals. They add in a range of natural odor-neutralizing agents like limestone and activated charcoal to improve the scent-busting capabilities.

That said, if your cat has a habit of eating a fair amount of litter, it’s best to look for something else.

Cats with respiratory problems should steer clear of the clay products in this brand. They tend to be quite dusty. 

why consider fresh step?

If you're looking for excellent odor control in reviews, their crystal range is pretty good. The Febreeze function in their clay litter is also effective at keeping it free of odors. The company guarantees an odor-locking period of ten to fourteen days.

extremely absorbent

All of the products in these reviews in the range are nice and absorbent. The clay litter has been popular for years in reviews thanks to its ability to absorb and neutralize odors. The silica crystals are even more absorbent.  

is it good for the environment?

We have to be honest here. Clay litter, in general, is not great for the environment. Clay must be mined and won’t degrade quickly. The silica products are similarly problematic. That said, as the litter smells fresher for longer, you’ll use less.

That’s a bit of a point for the environmental warrior. 

what if you have allergies?

No. In fact, if you have allergies, we’d recommend staying away from the clay products in this line. It’s not that there are allergens in particular, but rather that there is so much dust produced. 

is it lightweight?

Clay is heavier, so get ready for something of a workout. In the litter tray, this is not a bad thing, because it reduces tracking.

If you need a lighter product, though, the company does produce a product that is much more lightweight. 

is it comfortable?

One of the significant advantages when it comes to clay is that most cats will take to it. With natural products, there's always a chance that the texture won't appeal to the cat. Clay is closer in texture to real soil. So, most cats do find it comfortable.

If you have a cat with very sensitive paws, the silica-based products are a better bet.

Reviews: how well does Fresh Step Cat Litter work?

Now let's get down to brass tacks. Is this range any good? How does it measure up in the crucial areas? 

odor control

For odor control, choose one of the products that use their touch-activation formula. As soon as kitty’s paws hit the granules, the warmth activates the carbon contained within. That means that it gets to work straight away, controlling odors. It's already rated one of the top unscented litters in our list.

When your kitty steps away, the odor controlling carbon is once again locked in the particles. This litter is designed this way to give you the maximum protection against smells when you need it most.

For the rest of the time, the clay particles will help to neutralize the odors.

The company also often advertises a ten-day freshness guarantee. This is useful because it means that the litter can go a little further. The reason that the company can boast a longer odor-control time is because of the antimicrobial agents in its formulation.

tracking capabilities

The tracking with their ultra-lightweight product is the worst of the lot. If you're using this product, be sure to use a good litter mat as well. Overall, the level of tracking is manageable. Some of the range is designed to be low-track. The Fresh Step Extreme is considered to be one of the better non tracking litters.


If we were to choose one thing that we hate here, it’s the dust. There are copious amounts of the stuff from most of the clay products. If you have allergies or asthma, steer clear of this range. 

how long does it last?

That’s going to depend on the range that you get. The non-clumping products need to be changed out the most frequently. You’re looking at around about every ten days or so.

Clumping products can go further. By scooping out the solids and the balls, you're keeping the box pretty fresh. From there, you can do top ups. We'd still recommend a full exchange and scrubbing out the box at least once a month.

The advantage of this range is that bacteria are killed off by the litter. That means that you can safely extend the time between scrubbing out the box.

The scoopable range should be poured to a depth of about four inches. A twenty-pound bag should be more than enough for a one-cat household for a month.

what the experts say

No product is going to be any good if our furry friends don’t like it. We were concerned that the odor-activation formula would put cats off. It doesn’t seem all that noticeable to them, though.

As mentioned earlier, most cats will take to clay particles quite easily. Convincing them to use the silica crystals may take a little more work. That said, the textures are similar so it shouldn’t be that bad.

Some of the products have herbal essences added to them. These might entice a more reluctant kitty to explore.

One thing that we have to mention is that the litter does have an artificial smell to it. It’s not overpowering, but it’s definitely there. If you have a very sensitive cat, try a small bag first.


This range offers goods at all the price points. We feel that some of the premier products are a little on the pricey side. However, buying in bulk can help to save some money. One of theirs made our list of the best cheap cat litters on the market.

The budget ranges are priced quite competitively. Naturally, they don’t match the performance you get out of the premier ranges, but they’re not bad.

Are the extras worth it? To be fair, we’d be willing to pay more to head off that dreaded urine smell. It’s just so overpowering, and it lingers. So, we do budget a bit more to get better odor-control.

The company also offers the Paw Point Rewards Program. You earn points for different purchases. These can be applied against discounts for future purchases, or to fund future purchases. You can also opt to donate your rewards to a charity for animals. 


  • An extensive range of products
  • Good odor control
  • Up to ten days guaranteed odor control
  • Tracking is not too bad in some of the products
  • Antimicrobial agents added to keep bacteria at bay
  • Client reward program available
  • A range of different price points for different budgets
  • The budget ranges are reasonably priced


  • Mostly clay-based products
  • Most products are dusty
  • The premier lines are pricy

our final verdict

What we like about this company is that they’re not scared to try something new. We’ve yet to find another brand who does mix clay and crystals in some products. The odor-controlling ability here is a big plus for the brand.

Overall, we’d give it a 7 ½ out of 10. We marked it down for two main reasons. First off, there are no organic or all-natural products in the range. Second, many of the products produce a lot of dust.

Now, that’s always something of an issue with clay-based products. That said, we’d have thought that a company this size could have found a solution for that. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s an annoyance.

Besides which, this brand is generally popular, so they’re clearly doing something right.