How To Hide The Litter Box in your home

There’s no shame in your cat defecating. It’s just natural. However, you might not want your guests to recognize your feline’s natural behavior when they come visiting and associate it with you or your home.

Litter boxes can be unsightly and have bad odor, making them a general nuisance. Yet there’s need for you to keep your pride both as a pet owner and homeowner.

But, if you keep cats, a litter box is a must-have. Pet owners try out different litter boxes to find the most ideal for their feline.

Unless you have an automatic litter box like the Litter Robot III cat box (which took the number one spot on our list for the top automatic cat litter boxes for this year), it's hard to find an aesthetic litter box that doesn't smell.

hidden cat litter box

With the right litter box at hand, it becomes necessary to find the right hide-away place for your cat’s toilet. Hide the litter box to stop grimacing at it each time your eyes land on it. Keep in mind, though, that you need great litter to really not notice the litter box, which is why you may want to check out this So Phresh litter review to see this reputable company's options.

Here are creative ways to hide your feline’s little box and keep it out of sight yet accessible for use and cleaning.

12 creative ways to hide your Cat's Litter Box

1) Mask it in a Potted Plant

potted plant litter box

Be creative! Consider adding a litter box in your space in the form of a potted plant. As in the image to the right from Amazon, the Good Pet Stuff Company potted plant doubles as a litter box.

Who’d know it’s a litter box unless they actually see your cat defecating in it?

2) Mahogany Cabinet aka TV Stand

The Mahogany cabinet is versatile and stylish. It can act as a TV stand to support your television set while camouflaging your feline’s messy business with strong odor.

You can also use the cabinet top as a display unit for interior décor accessories such as a framed artwork or a vase of flowers.

The Meow Town Cabinet Litter Box comes with a side entrance for easy access whenever your cat needs to poop.

3) Share A Large, Well-Ventilated Bathroom

If your bathroom is large, spacious and well-ventilated, why not do your business in the same place.

The Cat Washroom-Nightstand Pet House is what you need to share your bathing space with your best friend. Organize your toiletry on the stand and hang your towels on the hanging rods on the sides.

4) Build a Cat Hole For Your Kitty

Cat holes are chic and stylish. It allows your cat do defecate behind any closed door. It’s easy to install (in less than 60 minutes) and gives your pet the privacy it needs to do her natural business.

The removable brush it comes with grooms your feline as it moves in and out the hole. Use it with the junk or extra closet in the house that you barely use.

5) Opt For A scratcher potty

cat scratcher potty

The Scratcher comes with a hidden litter box for your cat. There’s no better way to show your friend lots of affection and love than letting it have this potty.

Let your best friend know that you care and want it to enjoy lots of comfort and fun while using the scratcher.

6) elegant style for a modern cat

Just like your unique style, your modern cat has personal tastes, preferences and style. Get it an elegant and stylish litter box that’s designed for functional use.

The Mini Cabinet is sleek, attractive and cozy to fill your space with natural beauty of wood. Even your friends or visitors without felines are bound to like your versatile mini cabinet.

7) let everyone else think it's a trash can

Designed to resemble a trash can, this litter box is a perfect way to hide your kitty’s litter box. The Mox Litter Box is dog-proof and its modern design is bound to give your home a clean, sleek, minimalist look.

Well, and, nobody will ever know it’s a litter box unless they’ve seen it before or you tell them what it is.

8) come up witha dIY cat litter box hideaway


diy litter box hideaway

Do you like doing or making things with your own hands?

Build a hidden litter box storage for your feline. Find a hideaway for litter boxes such as the one above from Apartment Therapy.

9) iKEA hack hidden litter box

Hide your litter boxes in plain sight. IKEA litter boxes are wall cabinets hidden in plain sight.

Place a textured mat between the exit and the litter box to catch errand particles prior to hitting the carpet and thus minimizing the need for cleanup. See more at IKEA Hackers.

10) litter box covered with a wine crate

Do you have some wine crates lying idle in your garage? Use a hinge to attach two identical crates. Make sure the wine case has a large opening to allow your cat in and out with ease.

Make it waterproof; attach a plastic lining to the case using a staple gun. Make sure the lining is made from a strong and sturdy material to withstand your cat’s endless digging.

Paint the crates with a stain or sealant of choice to enhance the look and feel in your interior space. It’ll also heighten the crate’s leak protection. See more at Apartment Therapy.

11) wicker chest enclosure for the litter box

The Wicker Chest Enclosure for your cat’s litter box would look best in the bedroom or bathroom. It’s ideal for pet owners looking for DIY solution to hiding litter boxes.

Just like artificial turf, the wicker wouldn’t be ideal for cats that scratch wicker. Ingesting the material can obstruct your kitty’s intestinal system despite helping clean their paws when they scratch it.

A sturdy bin, trunk or box can make perfect alternatives to using the wicker chest. Simply install a cat flap in the basket to make it functional as your feline’s litter box enclosure.

It’s also a good way to add natural-looking accents into your existing décor.

12) pallet enclosure for the litter box

This DIY litter box from the 99 Pallets blog won’t just hide your cat’s litter box, but also add a rustic touch to your interior space. You can also customize its finishing to match your existing interior décor.

It’s customizable, simple and attractive. The wooden pallets are cost-effective and easy to put together to create an enclosure for your cat’s litter box.

The built-in scoop holder keeps your scooper within reach and allows for its storage.

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