How To Play With Your Cat

Playing with your cat can be fun.

Interactive play ensures your cat gets enough exercise despite its age. It also strengthens the bond between you and your cat, an element essential to your general well-being.

With interactive play, your cat develops hunting skills and develops healthy weight it maintains as it makes play a lifestyle and part of its life.

Through play, your cat relieves negative energy, emotions or even aggression. A nervous or shy cat can gain confidence through play.

If your cat just moved into your household, a hearty play session can help it transition into the new environment and home.

Whether your feline is a kitten or adult cat, it needs toys or interactive games to play. Playing with your cat presents you with an opportunity to learn your friend’s personality, likes and dislikes, and preferences.

child playing with his cat

It’s a sure way to strengthen the bond between you and your feline.

Other benefits of play for kittens include improved coordination and physical development. It hones your cat’s communication and social skills.

Your cat’s boredom, predatory instincts, behavioral problems and exercise for weight loss and prevention of health issues in the future need lots of play. This is more important if your cat spends most of its time indoors.

Kittens change their preference for play as they age. For instance, 14-week kittens direct their plays towards objects they pounce on, stalk, grasp, bat or bite.

With these basic skills, your kitten grows into a hunting master.

Learn To Play With Your Kittens

Kittens are playful and will play with almost anything that comes their way.

Keep it safe from small and sharp objects that it may swallow or cause injury. Soft objects such as cotton chew toys that your kitten can easily sink its teeth into without getting hurt are the best cat toys for your kitty. If she's really young, you can check out the best kitten toys reviewed by our experts.

Although your young kitty can play with other kittens around, don’t let it play with your feet or hands if it’s just the two of you. That’ll help set boundaries once the kitten grows up and develops full-sized claws and teeth that can easily scratch and cause you unintended injuries.

Get your kitten the popular plastic ball with a small jingle bell in it that’s sold as a cat toy. It’ll be able to find and play with it even in the wee hours when you’re dead asleep for play.

The toy engages your kitten even when you’re not available physically to play.

The jingling bell is a fun toy for cats and yours won’t care whether its jingling sound disrupts your sleep. Cats are naturally nocturnal.

Learn To Play With Your Cat Into Adulthood

Adult cats also need to play. Consider straws, wads of paper and plastic rings from juice or milk containers in your house as toys for your adult cat.

If you’ve got none of that, buy good cat toys such as catnip mice, wand toys and crinkly catnip items for your kitty.

After playtime, keep the toys away to make them more interesting and realistic each time you bring them out for play; they’ll be like the mouse that never leaves even with constant chases.

Use a toy bird or mouse to pique your kitty’s curiosity and interest during play. However, let it lead or take charge. That’ll enable it to set its pace.

Try different play approaches to find out what your cat likes. However, note that you can only offer your cat food, but can’t force it to eat.

Dim the lights to mimic hunting in the dark because cats have better eyesight in the dark. Match the cat’s intensity of action during play to its interest in the toy or play. That means the more active or aggressive your cat gets, the higher its interest in the play.

With time, you’ll learn your best friend’s favorite style of playing. And, you’ll always know when it’s trying to tell you, “Hey, let’s play!”

Let your kitty enjoy toy pursuit during play. Don’t make the games you play too easy for your feline. Most importantly, let your kitty score a direct hit when it goes for a big pounce.

Let it enjoy and savor the thrill and excitement that comes with being victorious.

Top 7 Games To Play With Your Cat

Cats have a high drive to pursue prey apart from being playful. That explains why your cat prefers to play with you than do it alone.

The following games are perfect for working out your kitty’s muscles. You don’t want it to lose its good health because it just eats, sleeps and poops.

Even on those days when you have a tight schedule and cannot find time to play with your kitty, these games are viable. Make sure your cat plays daily for at least 20 to minutes.

What’s more, you’ll also be engaging your muscles and working out to burn excess calories and shape your body.

Games to play with your kitty include chasing after:

  • Crumpled paper
  • Fetch
  • Paper bag
  • Feather and string
  • Light
  • Toys

You can also play cat tablet games together.

Whichever type of game you play with your kitten or cat, the both of you are bound to enjoy immense benefits from engaging in the physical activities on a daily basis.

It’s all about finding out what your cat loves and playing at its pace to enjoy endless fun.

What’s more, you’ll strengthen the bond and love between you and your cat.