How To Stop Cat Litter Tracking In Your Home

When a cat adopts you, it can be the best experience in the world. These independent, persnickety balls of fur have decided to let you pet them until they purr.

Nothing quite beats the feeling of curling up with a good book and a cat on a rainy day, or gets you to laugh as quickly as a pouncing, playful snuggle puff hopped up on catnip.

That’s why it is so easy to let your cat take over your entire home. Rather than keeping your baby cooped in one area of the house, most days it feels more like the cat owns the place and just lets you live there to feed and pet them.

Whether it’s cat towers and scratching posts in the corner, or kitty toys strewn about the floor, there is no doubt that your home belongs to your cats.

cat with litter on paws

Unfortunately, owning a cat also means concealing a litter box in the house. You have managed to find a great box and litter that doesn't track. The odor is eliminated, and if the toys and posts were gone, your visitors would never know by smell that a cat lived in your home, which is absolutely perfect. 

The problem is that their feet would still know because the blasted sand and dust gets all over your home. Cats may be obsessive about cleaning themselves, but they don’t care much about he surrounding area. That’s your job.

So what can you do? How do you keep them from tracking litter all over your home? Happily, there are some options available; check out these Dr. Elsey litter reviews for a popular option. If you’re struggling, here are a few tips to help you keep the sand where it belongs, and not all over your bed, your counters, and everywhere in between.

change your litter

Litter can have a huge impact on tracking; so switching formulas to one less likely to get tracked can make a big difference, especially with wood litter from Okocat. Cats can be picky, so you have to be careful when you implement this change.

Clay based formulas tend to break down quickly, which releases a lot of dust into the environment. Not only can this get into your lungs, but it can also affect your environment. That dust poofs outward, then settles all over whatever it lands on, whether that’s carpets or countertops. Finding a dust free formula can eliminate a lot of mess right away.

Another thing to keep in mind is that super lightweight formulas will also get thrown around a lot easier when your cat covers their feces. Buying a formula that has a little more weight to it will keep it from being thrown out of the litter box and tracked through the house [1].

buy a litter mat

One of the great modern concepts in cat products is a litter mat. These come in various shapes and sizes, and implement different methods to reduce tracking. Find one that you love and see if your cat agrees.

The dual layered mats will trap litter between their layers, preventing it from reaching the rest of your house. Other mats are designed to contain litter by pulling it off your cat’s paws as they walk.

Remember that you need a mat that is significantly bigger than your litter box. If the mat is too small, your cat will just jump right over it when they exit the box, rendering it completely useless. For extra assistance, you can also put a carpet or throw rug a few feet away from the box that the cat will have to walk across before getting anywhere else in the house.

change your litter box

I will preface this recommendation by reminding you again that your cat is very stubborn when it comes to changes. Make sure that you take precautions to help your cat adjust, or you will have a mess of an entirely different kind on your hands when your cat rejects his new litter box… especially if you try changing the litter and box at the same time. I recommend against that abrupt of a change, especially if you're transitioning your cat to a self cleaning litter box. You can check out our Litter Robot reviews to read about the most advanced automatic litter box on the market.

That being said, litter boxes that have high walls are going to be very helpful when it comes to keeping the place clean. The sand that gets flung when your cat buries will hit the walls and slide back into the box instead of getting tossed over the box and onto the floor.

Boxes that have built in litter trappers are also great. These tracker traps are built into the entrance to the box, so as long as your cat walks across it, some of the litter will get pulled from their paws.

keep your cat well groomed

Your cat is obsessive about cleanliness. That’s why they’re so picky when it comes to litter and litter boxes. It’s also why they spend a lot of time each day running their tongue through their fur cleaning themselves. When the litter gets trapped into their fur, this cleaning process can send it through the house. It can also come loose ad fall off at any point.

If you have a grooming professional help you, then you can regularly get the fur between your cat’s paws trimmed. Shorter hair is less likely to end up with kitty litter stuck in it. Your cat may not like the process, which is why we recommend a professional, but they will appreciate the extra help staying clean when they realize that litter sticking has been reduced.


These are the most common ways to reduce litter tracking in your house. The final thing that you can do is to keep a vacuum near the litter box and regularly use it to collect the stray pieces of litter. While it isn’t ideal to constantly be cleaning up after the cat, and therefore wasn’t listed as a suggestion, it is a last fallback you can use in combination with these suggestions to keep your house clean. After all, it’s much better to vacuum one contained are than constantly have to brush sand out of the bed sheets before going to sleep!

Observing these tips will help you have a much cleaner home. Both you and your cat can happily and peacefully live together without either one having to make too many sacrifices along the way by using this list to stay clean.