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The History Of Cat Litter Boxes

Cat Litter Box HistoryLitter boxes are one of the smellier and less glamorous aspects to pet ownership, but they offer a safe and clean alternative to allowing your cat to roam free and do their business in someone else’s backyard. They have become an accepted part of owning a pet cat, as much so as flea […]

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Open vs. Closed Litter Boxes – What’s Better?

Open Vs. Closed Litter Boxes – Which Should You Choose?A litter box is as important as food to your cat. Although some cats are more tolerate, you need to strike a balance between what you want and what your cat likes. Your cat is an important part of your family. And, just like with other family […]

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How To Hide The Smell Of Cat Litter

How To Hide The Smell Of Cat LitterNobody likes the smell from cat litter. Not even your kitty. And, that’s understandable. According to various studies, about 10% of cats cease using their litter boxes at one point or another as they should. Whether the reason for that is behavioral or medical, cats failing to use the […]

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How To Hide The Litter Box

How To Hide The Litter BoxThere’s no shame in your cat defecating. It’s just natural. However, you might not want your guests to recognize your feline’s natural behavior when they come visiting and associate it with you or your home. Litter boxes can be unsightly and have bad odor, making them a general nuisance. Yet there’s […]

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