Litter Purrfect Review

Litter Purrfect is a brand that will be familiar to a lot of people. It’s an all-natural, clay-based litter.

The company claims that it’s 99-percent dust-free and that provides excellent odor control.

Does it live up to those claims? Is it a good option for you furball?

Let’s go through all the details of this Litter Purrfect review so that you can see for yourself.


Litter purrfect review: More About The Company

Litter Purrfect is a smaller family-owned company. It was initially started with a simple goal – to provide a safe and ethically-sourced litter. That was twenty-eight years ago, and the company has since built something of a cult following. It’s now distributed globally and can be easily found at most stores.

The company’s logo is “back to nature." They have just one product to keep things clean and simple. They pride themselves in offering a product that's better for the environment and your cat.  It is quite easy to find if you need more.  


Litter Purrfect Alternatives

Although Litter Purrfect does come highly rated from many customers, there are great competing brands that are also worth taking a look at, just to make sure you're making an informed decision by reading these reviews.

what is litter purrfect made of?

Litter Purrfect is made from all-natural ingredients. It is a clay-based litter that relies on zeolite and probiotics to kill off the nasty, odor-causing bacteria. The probiotics in the formula feed good bacteria so that they overtake the bad ones.

The clay helps to sop up the moisture and clump strongly. The zeolite traps the bad bacteria. The formula also contains baking soda to help neutralize bad bacteria.

The final ingredient is lemongrass extract. This is also an all-natural extract with a pleasant scent. Lemongrass has a little bit of a citrus scent but not so much that cats dislike it.

Most cats don’t like citrus smells. Lemongrass has a slight citrus accent, but it’s nothing like lemon or limes (in spite of the name). It’s tolerated well by most cats because it has an herb scent to it.

The lemongrass helps to kill off bad bacteria and is also good at masking odors. The grass has been used for centuries as a digestive tonic and its antibacterial properties.

is litter purrfect safe for my cat?

Yes. There are no harmful ingredients in this litter. The baking soda is inert, so won’t do the cat any harm if it’s swallowed. If your cat tastes her litter every once in a while, this is fine.

If she tends to eat it when she’s bored, it would be better to try something like grass seed or coconut litter. The same is true for any clay-based products. If too much is ingested, it can form a hard obstruction in the cat’s stomach.

why consider litter purrfect cat litter?

The company has a good reputation. The fact that they only have one product means that they can focus on what they do best. The company is well-established and has built up a strong fan-base. The litter offers excellent value for the money.

Overall, the product is also all-natural, and in that respect, it scores big points.

it's absorbs extremely well

They use bentonite clay to assist with absorption and create a strong clumping action. That makes it especially easy to scoop out the smelly bits. The litter clumps well and is highly absorbent.

Scooping goes quickly and, because the particles are a standard size, any scoop will do.

is it better for the environment?

In the respect that there are no harsh chemicals, yes. Clay is not ideal, but you’ll use less of this product than a standard clay option, and that means that less clay ends up in the landfill. The litter is not flushable or compostable, so that’s a bit of a disadvantage.

is it hypoallergenic?

No, it can't be classified as hypoallergenic. It's 99-percent dust-free, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no dust. The scent might also cause a reaction in cats with more sensitive skin.

Lemongrass essential oil is a known skin irritant when used in higher quantities. The concentrations are low, but if you’ve got a kitty with eczema, look elsewhere.  

is it lightweight?

No, unfortunately not. The product comes in tubs to make it easier to store and pour. Those tubs are 20-pounds and 35-pounds, though. If you have arm strength issues, you might need some help carrying it, especially when full.

On the plus side, the litter does weigh down the box. With some extremely lightweight options, we’ve seen boxes getting tipped quite easily. Needless to say, that spooks the cat and is likely to put them off. That won’t be a problem here.

is it comfortable?

Cats do seem to like this product. The clay particles are a good option if your cat is sensitive to noise. Some of the silica crystal products on the market make a cracking sound when exposed to liquids.

From the perspective of sensitive paws, clay particles are a bit tougher. If you have a declawed kitty that needs special litter for declawed cats, it might be better to consider silica microcrystals or a natural litter like grass, in which case you should check out this Oko Cat litter review.


how well does it work?

Now let’s look at how it performs in terms of smell and tracking. After all, our comfort is also important when we’re living with kitty.


odor control

The odor control is above average. If you scoop the litter every day, you shouldn't have any significant odor issues. The lemongrass does disguise the scent when the litter is starting to get saturated.

The probiotic content of this litter can help it stay hygienic for up to twenty days. Personally, we prefer to change out clay-based litters more often. If you have a one-cat household, you can stretch the changeouts to once every two or maybe three weeks.

The scent is buried within the litter and so activated when your cat does their business. That’s why it lasts a bit longer.


Tracking can be an issue here. The clay is heavier, so it's not dreadful. That said, there will be some litter tracking. If you have a long-haired cat, you might want to consider a different product since this isn't the best non tracking litter for cats

On the plus side, the particles aren’t all that hard. It’s not like doing the Lego challenge every time you cross the floor barefoot. A good litter mat will contain most of the items tracked out.


The company uses a higher quality of clay to reduce the overall number of dust particles. It’s 99.4 percent dust-free, making it one of the best dust-less cat litters. The dust is most concentrated when you pour out the litter. There’s not too much of it, and it settles quickly, so that’s good.

If your cat has a respiratory problem, the dust will get kicked up when they do their business. If they’re really sensitive, it may irritate them. 

how long it lasts

A 25-pound bag is more than enough for one cat for one month. It might even last longer than that. It all depends on how often your cat uses the bathroom. The antibacterial properties of this product do make us more confident at leaving the litter for longer.

You could even leave a couple of days between scooping the solids.

what the experts have to say

Cats do like the feel of the clay under their feet. It’s the best tolerated of all the litters. Most cats won’t mind the smell of the lemongrass. Overall, cats do seem to take to this product.

We think that part of the appeal is that there are no strong, overbearing scents here. Some litters smell distinctly chemical. Some scented litters put cats right off. The smell here is mild enough that it doesn't stink to high heaven. Even fussy little kitties should tolerate it.


The tubs are quite large and so will last well. You’re getting good value for money here. Pricewise compared to standard clay-based products you are paying more. That said, the odor-control abilities are pretty impressive, so it’s worth paying the extra. 

The company seems to focus more on wholesale sales rather than marketing directly to the consumer. As a result, they don’t offer a subscription option. Some stores on Amazon do, though.

The 35-pound tub offers slightly better value for money. The downside is that it is heavier to carry.


  • Excellent odor control
  • Good value for money
  • Most cats will take to it
  • Lasts well
  • Simple enough to manage
  • Tub shape cuts out spills


  • Tracking is good
  • It must be scooped every few days at the least
  • The tubs can be heavy to lift

our verdict of litter purrfect

Overall, it's a reliable product that does seem to have good staying power. The fact that the company focuses solely on one product does appeal to us. That said, we do wonder how much extra time they now spend on research and development.

Still, it’s a lot easier for a company to manage a smaller range. We’d rather that they stick to that and do it well then mess up with a bunch of new formulations.

Litter Purrfect is one of the better clay-based products out there. We like that it's not packed full of artificial fragrances and dies. We’ll give it a 4 out of 5. We marked it down primarily because the tubs can be difficult to lift when full.

 Other then that, the product offers a positive user experience for you and your furball.