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Litter Robot 3 Open Air Automatic Litter Box Reviews guide

Litter Robot Self Cleaning Litter Box

Are you looking for reviews of litter robot automatic litter box models? For cat owners who are sick and tired of the scooping, cleaning, odor and other annoying litter box issues, your prayers have been answered with this comprehensive evaluation & exploration of the Litter Robot Open Air.  Introducing, the Litter Robot 3, one of the most advanced and most popular kitty litter solutions on the market today for the price.

You may have read some Litter Robot Open Air reviews or guides from the official site or on Amazon,  but here we present a comprehensive article going over everything you'd need to know! This analysis and guide is based on real people who purchased and bought one, who started to get frustrated about the mess around the house and having to scoop out the cat litter box daily. Many owners of cats who bought the original and newest version for their pets say they love their Litter Robot since they can spend less moments scooping, which makes them very happy!

Along with competitors like the PetSafe Simply Clean automatic self-cleaning litter box and the Cat Genie self cleaning cat litter box, this unit takes most of the human element out of litter box maintenance, automatically sifting, scooping, and removing waste or poop and self-cleaning in just minutes after your cat is finished. It actually takes number 1 on our list of the best self cleaning litter boxes available today!

These litter boxes have revolutionized the industry and are growing in popularity as pet owners recognize the significant advantages they provide over traditional litter boxes, which is why we wrote this litter robot 3 review and guide.

The business claims that it is the “last litter box you will ever buy” and from the looks of it, they just might be right.

Let’s take a closer look at the most in-depth Litter Robot III review & guide  to see what this self cleaning litter box for cats is all about…


What is the litter robot and what Accessories Does The Unit Come With?


The Litter Robot 3 is a modern looking self cleaning litter receptacle that replaces the common litter box found in millions of homes, considered by many to be the perfect solution and worth the money according to other cat owners who've used this automatic litter box, which helped us write a more comprehensive version of this Litter Robot 3 Connect critique and review. It has a large chamber that can accommodate multiple cats, and it automatically sifts and self cleans after each use at a time interval that you can specify. The features and design of this electric litter box, along with the fact that it doesn't take up a lot of space, make it very appealing to people who simply hate cleaning out the litter tray.

The waste is disposed of in a drawer tray underneath the chamber of this litter machine smart litter box, and there’s an indicator light that takes the guesswork out by letting you know when it needs to be emptied for your cats.

So besides removing the waste drawer liner when it’s full, there’s nothing else you have to do.  The Open Air Litter Robot III takes care of the rest of the cat waste. It really is a litter box device from the future.

In addition to the unit, which conveniently comes pre-assembled, you also get a carbon filter, waste drawer liners, power supply, Quick Start and Reference Guides, Instruction Manual, Return and Repack Instructions and other user materials. It comes in black or white in case you prefer one color options over another.

This litter box for cats offers replacement bags and replacement parts as well, and a wide range of accessories, including ramps, washable rugs and cabinets for your cats.


Dimensions of this automatic cat toilet

  • Fully Assembled: 29.5” H x 24.25” W x 27” D
  • Internal Globe: 15-17” H x 20” W x 20” D
  • Litter Bed: 14” W at maximum
  • Oval Entryway: 15.5” H x 10.25” W
  • Waste Drawer: 5” H x 12.5” W x 16” D
  • Color: Bisque or Black
  • Weight:  24 lbs.
  • Shipped: 32” H x  24” W x 24” D; 32 lbs.

Litter Robot 3 Open Air Features

This litter box is just loaded with great features.  Here are the most important ones in our Litter Robot iii guide:

  • Spacious Litter Chamber Globe for your cats
  • Upward Facing Entryway for Open Air Feel
  • Completely Automatic Operation
  • Adjustable Cycle Timer  –  3, 7 or 15 Minute Delay
  • Comes Fully Assembled and Ready to Use for your cats
  • Easy To Clean/Maintain/Empty and Adjust When They Enter
  • 8 Hour Sleep Mode
  • Carbon Filtered Waste Drawer To Eliminate & prevent OdorsNight Light For Older Cats
  • Control Panel Lockout Feature
  • Blinking Blue Waste Drawer Full Indicator
  • Payment Plan Option
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, 18-Month Full Warranty

Video of How to Set Up The Litter Robot III & How it works


One of the best parts about this automatic self cleaning litter box for cats is that it is ready to use right out of the box, which was a pleasant surprise when we were starting our research phase of our Litter Robot iii open air review, including watching the video of the Litter Robot above.  You just need to follow a few simple steps and you and your feline good to go.

First,  place the unit on a flat surface, preferably in the same location as your regular litter box tray.

Fill the globe up with litter a few inches  to the indicated full line.  The business sells their own clay-based type of litter for your feline but you can definitely use other brands as well.  You can read  more about the type of litter you should use below.

Note: Make sure you keep the litter level at the full line of the globe, as it may not function optimally with too much or too little.

Next, plug the small end of the AC/DC  adapter cord into the unit and the other end into a wall outlet.  Press the Power button on the litter machine.

After a brief initialization cycle of the Litter Robot electric litter box for cats, about 2 ½ minutes long, the rotating Globe will be in the Home position with the blue LED light on.  That means that it is now ready to use. You may hear some noise when Litter Robot rake starts cleaning, but it's not as bad as some complaints make it seem. Buying this automatic self-cleaning litter box is also great for when you have to travel or when you're leaving your home for a few days. If you have a question about anything, you can contact them via their email address that you can find on their website.

Buttons & Functionality Of The Open Air Cat Litter Box

Besides the power button,  you will find the cycle, empty and reset buttons on the control panel.  These allow you to set the night light, 8 hour sleep mode, wait time setting and control panel lockout.

There are also several indicator lights that tell you the current status.   As you’ve read, a solid blue LED light means the  unit is in ready mode for scooping.  A flashing blue light means that the waste drawer is full.

The solid yellow light means the machine is either cycling and scooping or emptying and a flashing yellow light means the cycle was interrupted by the cat sensor, bonnet removal or anti-pinch safety feature. Any one of these three things will stop it from operating.

The solid red light means that the Cat Sensor is activated, and the Litter Robot unit will show the solid yellow light after three, seven or fifteen minutes, depending on what you have it set to for your cats.

If you see a flashing red light that means the Cat Sensor has been activated for two or more minutes due to the fact that the cat or cats are not exiting or the unit is overfilled.


Setting the timer & understanding the cat sensor

As far as how to set the timer on the Litter Robot for your cats, one of the most common questions we get week after week  when coming up with this evaluation, it’s a very easy process.  All you have to do is just press and hold the Empty button on it until you get to the Wait Time Setting mode.  Then press the Reset button a couple times to change the setting to the desired time.  Press and hold the Empty button once again to save your setting, and the process is complete.

The default time is 7 minutes doe your feline, but you can change it to 3 or 15, whichever you prefer.  Just note that reducing the time to 3 minutes may not be ample enough time for clumps of the cats litter to full form, which is why they recommend at least the 7 minute cycle. You can watch it and see what you prefer. It's a good thing you don't have to wait a couple hours! You can easily program the Litter Robot timer to whatever time you are required to have it.

It senses when your cat or cats enter the globe and when he leaves his waste.  The chamber then rotates and a screen separates the clumps from the clean litter, which are then deposited in a drawer below.   It’s then ready for your cat’s next visit, and only needs to be emptied when you see the indicator light. It is able to scoop the waste very easily.  It’s that simple.


Best Cat Litter For The Litter Robot III Open Air


In order for your Litter Robot automtaic litter box to function properly, you need to use a clumping type of litter for cats. 

 You can use litter beads and crystal cat litter as long as they are small enough that they can pass through the screen. An interesting choice lately has been a color changing litter that detects health concerns for your kitty; you can check out our review for Pretty Litter here.

Strictly absorbent, non-clumping, loose clumping, newspaper based litters for cats and absorbent wood-based pellets will not work.

If you’re unsure of what type to use you can opt check out the most recommended one here.

We're always asking our cat community network what works best for them, and this clumping litter brand is always brought up. You can read the full review of World's Best Cat Litter for more information.

Pros & Cons

  • It automatically self cleans after each use so no need to scoop or sift
  • New design minimizes possibility of feces remaining in globe
  • Larger size accommodates big and small cats
  • Bigger opening makes cleaning a bit easier
  • You can use any bags you like to collect waste
  • There is optional Wi-Fi capability for convenience
  • Can accommodate multiple cats so no need for additional units
  • Reduces litter usage up to 50%, a significant reduction
  • Notifies you when it’s ready to empty the waste drawer
  • Automatic night light is very helpful for older cats
  • Lock out capability disables control panel buttons while unit still functions
  • Comes with a money back guarantee and 18 month warranty
  • It is a bit expensive, although they do offer a very affordable payment plan
  • It doesn’t work for kittens or cats under 5 lbs., but you can use it in semi-automatic mode until he reaches that weight threshold
  • It can be a little noisy, but is far quieter than some competitors like the CatGenie.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Although the Litter Robot 3 is an automatic litter box and is very low maintenance according to our analysis & rating, there is some necessary care to keep it in tip top shape.

Besides emptying the drawer liners periodically, you should replace the carbon filter every few months.  They come in packs of three and typically cost under $20.

The globe itself can be removed and cleaned with water and mild soap, or cleaned with a hose or power washer if it is very dirty.  The waste drawer of the Litter Robot can be cleaned in a similar fashion and you should rinse the carbon filter at the same time.  The base can be wiped with a damp cloth but we recommend to not use bleach as it may harm the unit.

As you can see, it’s very easy to clean and maintain.  Keeping on top of this will ensure a long life span for the unit.

Can Kittens Use The Litter Robot III?

group of kittens

If your cat  or kitten weighs less than five pounds the sensor on the Litter Robot III may not be able to detect when the cats enter and exit, and therefore the cleaning cycle for the kitty poop may not be triggered for your small cats.

As such for lighter cats the company recommends that you use the machine in semi-automatic mode. 

You should leave it unplugged or turned off, wait seven minutes or so after your cat is finished and then plug it back in.  The Litter Robot self cleaning litter box will then do a clean cycle and you can unplug it or switch it off again until the next time your cat uses it.

Once your cat has exceeded the five pound threshold you can then use the machine in fully automatic mode.  At that point it will be able to & recognize when he comes and goes and initiate the subsequent sifting and cleaning process.

How Often Does The Waste Drawer Fill?

How long it takes for the drawer bag to fill with waste will depend on how often your cats use it. 

There are infrared emitters and sensors that detect when the waste drawer is full, at which point you will see a blue flashing LED light to alert you.

Please note that once the Drawer Fill Indicator is activated, the Litter Robot III machine will only self clean the waste two more times and then the sensor becomes inactive.  At that point you will need to empty the waste drawer for the machine to be operational again.

According to our analysis, this is a great feature of these products that prevents excessive waste buildup and avoids potential clogging that can affect performance.

How Does The Litter Robot III Open Air Compare to The Previous Models?

There are several improvements on the Litter Robot 3 based on the company’s research and feedback from customers.

It has a larger chamber to accommodate multiple sizes of cats, and creates a more open air feel with its upward-facing entryway.

The previous models didn’t have the Drawer Full Indicator light, one of the most appreciated upgrades.

It also now has the night light to help older cats,  the adjustable cycle timer for customization and the 8 hour sleep mode for quiet.

The plastic shield of the product included on the new model helps ensure that the globe stays cleaner and your cat doesn’t come into contact with feces.

So you can definitely say the Litter Robot 3 is bigger and better than before in our experience when we make the purchase, with a number of significant upgrades that make it even more effective. 

What Is The Litter Robot 3 Open Air Connect?


Now for our litter-robot iii open air with connect reviews: The Litter Robot 3 Connect is a Wi-Fi enabled version for your phone or device that allows you to monitor and control one or multiple units remotely.

Using the convenient app, compatible with later versions of Android and iOS devices, you can check the waste drawer level, get push notifications and custom alerts, and monitor your cat’s usage.

You can also manage your settings, including adjusting the cycle time, activating the lock out feature,  turning on the night light or putting the machine in sleep mode.

It’s a great way to keep tabs on everything and ideal for multi cat households with additional units.  You can have them all on one account and all family members can have access to it.

Other than the remote monitoring capability, both units are essentially the same as far as how they operate.

However, unlike the regular model, which is only available in bisque, the Litter Robot 3 Connect comes in beige or grey.  It cost just under $500, so it’s $50 more expensive, but offers much more functionality so you might decide it’s a better option for you.

The Litter Robot Connect 3 gets very good reviews, just like the regular version's ratings, but a few customers reported having some problems with the app, including various connection and support issues.

Rest assured that the company is aware of these concerns and they are working diligently to address the various bugs.  We’re confident they will have it resolved before long.

Does It Reduce Cat Litter Odor?

stop the smell of the litter box

The Litter Robot 3 definitely reduces odors of feline waste or poop and you will notice the difference right away after the cleaning cycle.  It achieves this in two ways. 

First, it sifts away the clumps and waste within minutes after your cat is finished, so the cat waste is not sitting there in the open air.

Second, the waste drawer is fully enclosed and carbon filtered, so the cat poop odor is contained and minimized.

Compare this to a traditional litter box where the clumps are sitting there for an extended period and exposed to the air and you can see how the it can significantly eliminate odors with it's advanced cleaning cycle. You just have to throw it in the garbage with the unit is finished cleaning. 

Recommendations & Tips For Better Use

It offers several recommendations when it comes to getting your cat acclimated to it and using the machine optimally.

For starters, you should place the Litter Robot 3 self cleaning litter box machine  in the same place as your previous litter box for familiarity and give your cat some time to get used to it before turning it on.  You can use catnip or a treat to make it more appealing and encourage your cat to give it a try, which helped us before writing these Litter Robot Three reviews.

We recommend that you add a scoop of litter from the previous litter box tray as well, as your cat will recognize the scent and hopefully be more willing to approach it, at least that's what worked before writing our assessment & write-up.  

If you find that your cat is not using the machine after a few days,  you can try not cleaning the old box tray and see if that dissuades your cat from using it in favor of the new one.   This sometimes does the trick, as cats prefer a clean litter box.

When you reach a point where your cat is consistently using the new Litter Robot self cleaning litter box, you can then turn it on and let it do its magic. 

As far as the unit itself, you should always place the unit on a firm, level surface.  If you place it on a deep carpet the sensitivity can be affected.

As we mentioned, you shouldn’t put anything besides clumping cat litter in the globe.  You shouldn’t sit on it or place anything on it, as that might damage it. If the receptacle or anything else happens to break, they have great customer service and return policy; they don't take months to get back to you.

While the self cleaning litter box is rotating and cleaning, don’t remove the Globe or the Bonnet. 

Also, if you have removed the Globe for cleaning purposes, make sure you don’t turn the power back on before replacing it as you could injure yourself if your hair or fingers get caught.

Lastly, make sure you don’t wet or submerge the Bonnet or the base of the unit as that could cause damage.


The new Litter Robot 3 is a welcome addition to any home according to our inspection and review, and an absolute must for those that are still using the smelly old traditional litter boxes and garbage bags. If you really didn't like it after your purchase, you can contact their customer service online to receive a full refund. The experience of many pet owners that we speak to mainly say that the Litter Robot is definitely worth the price tag. We recommend it to feline owners looking to get rid of their regular litter boxes who don't want to put up with such a mess.

With all of the upgrades from previous models, i.e. larger interior space, cycle timer, night light, sleep mode, drawer full indicator, open air feel, there’s no reason not to buy this one for your home.

Check out the Litter Robot 3 today and discover why so many cat owners are switching to self cleaning litter boxes, ending this Litter Robot Open Air review.


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