Okocat Litter Reviews

Okocat has been around for a few years now. The company produces litter made from reclaimed wood or paper that contains no harsh chemicals and so is better for your cat and the environment.

It also claims to be better for cats with sensitive paws, or those who have been declawed. Is it the right litter for your cat? Let’s examine that issue so that you can decide for yourself.

more about this company

Okocat is a German company that focuses on creating a more sustainable future for all of us. The brand is popular in Europe and is gaining popularity in the United States as well.

Oko means eco in German. It’s used to designate something as organic or green. The company is committed to producing more ecologically sound products. They also innovate to ensure that your kitty gets the best possible products.

Okocat Wood Clumping Litter

Okocat Wood Long Hair Breeds Litter

Okocat Natural wood pine litter

Okocat paper dust free litter

what is okocat made of?

Okocat is made from reclaimed wood. The wood is stripped of any varnishes before being broken down into pellets. The company uses fir, pine, and spruce. Anyone supplying fiber to them has to comply with the Forest Stewardship Council policies.

The dust-free range is made from responsibly-sourced paper. It's a lighter option and also more natural than clay products.

The company adds no harsh chemicals to the mix. The litter does contain some food-safe chemicals to ensure that it clumps well, but there’s nothing dangerous in the mix.

The litter is biodegradable, sustainably sourced, and contains odors naturally.

is it safe for my cat?

Yes, it’s completely safe. The chemical additives are similar to what you’d find in tissue paper. All chemicals are FDA-approved. They are classified as GRAS by the FDA. That means that they’re generally accepted as safe. It also made our list of the best litter for kittens.

The company uses only human-grade ingredients. 

why consider okocat?

Traditional clay litter is effective to a point. It's also one of the least ecologically sound options. It's not biodegradable, and so it has to be disposed of in the garbage. That, in turn, means that it's going to hang around the landfill for several years to come.

Silicon litter offers excellent absorptive properties and great odor-control, but the dust it kicks up is not good for you or your cat. It’s also not biodegradable.

With both silicon and clay, the dust is a cause for concern. Neither is a good option for asthmatics, but it's not that great for healthy people, or cats either. Neither product is healthy for your cat or the environment.

Because Okocat is made from reclaimed wood or paper, it degrades quickly. You can dispose of small clumps by flushing them down the toilet if you like. The litter can be added to the compost heap to enrich it. 

Just a word of warning here – that's not the best idea if you're creating compost for anything edible. There might be pathogens in the cat's waste. We'd advise digging it directly into a piece of ground that you'll use to plant ornamental plants.

Even if you decide to send it out with your garbage, it will degrade quickly at the landfill. You can feel good about reducing your kitty’s carbon footprint.

You won’t find any artificial colorants or fragrances in this product. From a human standpoint, these chemicals can assist in reducing the smells from cat litter. That doesn't mean that they're harmless, though. They can irritate your respiratory tract and even potentially trigger an asthma attack.

From your cat’s standpoint, artificial fragrances are more of a turn-off. They might make the cat decide not to use the box.

The litter is highly absorbent and provides up to seven days of odor control naturally. The pellets are also softer to accommodate cats that have been declawed. Now, while we feel that the practice of declawing a cat is barbaric, it still happens.

This litter is designed for pampered kitties with more sensitive paws.

The pine is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It also helps to trap the ammonia smell in cat urine.  It's simple to scoop out because it clumps. The softer pellets make it easier for cats to accept the switchover.

extremely absorbent

This litter is highly absorbent. It will absorb up to 500 percent of its weight in liquids. The clumping agents within mean that any urine is immediately trapped within the fibers. That means that it’s not going to settle on the bottom and stink.

At the end of each day, all you need to do is scoop out the clumps and solid matter. You waste less this way, and your litter lasts longer. It’s not quite as much of a solid mass as you would find with clay products, but it does make cleanup a lot easier.

better for the environment

The advantage of using wood is that it’s biodegradable. As the wood is obtained from reclaimed materials, you get a double dose of eco-friendliness here. You’re helping prevent trees being cut down and reducing the amount of waste clogging up the landfills.

You and your kitty earn some serious brownie points.


Okocat's Natural Dust Free Paper litter made our list of the best cat litter for allergies.


If you’re tired of lugging around a heavy tray of litter, you’ll love how lightweight this is. It’s great for adults who have mobility or strength issues. Seniors should be able to easily handle this product from purchasing through to the disposal of it later.


You’ll notice the difference in the hardness of the pellets straight away. The wood and paper pellets are solid, but not nearly as harsh on kitty paws as more traditional options, which makes this litter great for declawed cats.

how well does it work?

Okay, so that’s all good and well. How does this actually perform in a real-life situation? Let’s see how it measures up. 

odor control

One concern with natural products of this nature is that they are not as good at trapping odors. You do have to watch out for this here. If you’re scrupulous about cleaning out solids and clumps every day, you won’t have an odor issue.

The plant fibers do help to trap the liquid. The scent of the wood does also help to cancel out other odors.


This product is lightweight, but tracking is not an issue here. The pellets are quite dense and large enough not to get caught between kitty's toes. They also can't fling it quite as far as they usually would.

If you have a cat that has long hair, the company has a product designed specifically for them. The Natural Wood Long Hair variation is designed not to stick in the cat’s fur.


It seems crazy to expect our cats to use a product when we feel it may be necessary to wear a facemask when dealing with them. With clay or silicone, however, that’s exactly what we do. Their paper litter made our list of the top rated dust free cat litter.

The wood pellet litter do release some dust, but there are no fine particles to write home about. If this something that concerns you, do consider getting the dust-free option. It’s made of paper and has no fine matter at all. 

It's specially formulated for cats with respiratory issues. It has no dyes, harsh chemicals, or ink in it.

how long it lasts

Budget is something that we all have to keep an eye on. This product is pretty cost-effective. One small box lasts up to two months if you have one cat.

Naturally, as we mentioned before, you’ll need to scoop the litter out daily, but you should do that with any of these products.

The clumping agents here are designed to make it even more cost-effective. As you’re only removing a bit when you scoop, your levels don’t need to be replenished as often.

what the experts have to say

 If your cat is used to clay, it could take some time to get them used to the idea. Cats tend to dislike change. That said, this product is easier on their paws, and that counts in its favor. We’d recommend starting with a smaller box and gradually replacing the clay with it if your cat is fussy.

Overall, though the kitties tend to like the pellets, they smell natural and have the right texture for fussy cats.


A small box comes in under $15. That should last you for around two months if you only have one kitty. If you have two, each should have their own box. You can save money by subscribing.


  • Can be flushed in small quantities
  • Helps control odor for up to 7 days
  • Will absorb 500 percent of its weight in liquid
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Can be composted and is fully biodegradable
  • Has no harmful chemicals
  • Pellets are soft
  • Affordable


  • Cats may take time to adjust to it
  • Does have some chemical additives to help it clump

our final vertict

We’re all for going a more natural route. This option makes sense for our cat and the environment. As a result, we’re going to give this option 8 out of 10. We do think it's a great product but had to mark it down because it's not entirely free of chemicals.