Pet Zone Smartscoop Litter Box Review

If you’re a cat owner looking for a break from the monotonous chore of litter box scooping the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box might just be the perfect solution for you.

It operates similarly to other automatic self cleaning litter boxes on the market, automatically raking through the litter after your cat uses it to remove waste and clumps and deposit them in a receptacle for easy disposal.

The Smart Scoop does have some distinguishing features that help it stand out from the pack, including high side walls to better contain the litter and quieter operation than most of its competitors reviews.  As such it is definitely a self-cleaning litter box worth considering.

Let’s take a closer look at this Pet Zone Smartscoop litter box review to see what it’s all about…

Review: How the smartscoop automatic litter box works

After reading our Smart Scoop litter box review, you'll find that the Smart Scoop’s mode of operation is quite simple, yet effective.   There is a sensor inside the unit that detects your cat’s presence.  When your cat leaves, the machine starts a cleaning cycle 15 minutes later.

The cleaning process according to our Pet Zone Smartscoop litter box reviews involves a rake that works its way through the litter box, removing waste as well as clumps that have formed.  They are scooped up and deposited into a waste bin that contains plastic bags that can be thrown away and replaced on a weekly basis.

When the cycle is completed, the motor unit returns to the ready position and the litter box can now be used again.

The Smart Scoop has a helpful mode indicator light that shows you the status of the unit. 


A green solid light means the self cleaning litter box is on and ready to be used.  A green blinking light means that your cat has been detected by the sensor and a cleaning cycle will begin in 15 minutes.

A red solid light means that something is stuck in the Pet Zone Smart Scoop.  You need to turn the Smart Scoop off and follow a few steps to remove whatever is there and reengage the machine.  A red blinking light means that the last cleaning cycle was not completely properly.

That’s all there is to it for this automatic litter box.  It’s not very complicated like some of its competitors on the market we have reviews for.  You just have to plug it in, press the power button and the Pet Zone Smartscoop automatic litter box is ready to go. 

Smartscoop Automatic Litter

Reviews: Pet Zone Smartscoop Self Cleaning Litter Box Features

  • Large automatic litter box with high side walls
  • Works with any high quality clumping litter
  • Sensor detects when your cat is using the box
  • Powerful motor facilitates rake action
  • Can accommodate more than one cat
  • Quiet operation compared to competition
  • Breakaway power cord for safety
  • Large rake eliminates waste and clumps only
  • Waste tray for collection
  • 6 no-touch plastic waste bags included with purchase
  • Activated carbon filter to contain odors
  • Litter rake comb and waste deflector included

Design Of Pet Zone's Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop automatic litter box is 25.5” long, 18.25” wide and 7.6” high, with a 16” x 14” litter area.  It weighs in at slightly over 9 lbs.

It features a large, shallow litter pan with a motor unit on one side.  On top of the motor unit is the waste unit with a plastic latch cover.

The litter rake is placed into the motor unit and the plastic latch cover is closed over it.

There is a waste deflector at the other end of the litter box that keeps everything contained inside the box, eliminating spillage.

The waste tray lid contains a square that the activated carbon filter can be snapped into to control odors.

The design also includes a power button and a mode indicator light that shows you the status of operation.

Everything is set up in a way that is easy for you to put together and take apart, facilitating the maintenance and cleaning process.


 There are a number of pros when it comes to the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box.  Let’s take a look at them here…

  • The raised side walls and waste deflector help keep litter, clumps and waste inside the unit, reducing spillage
  • The motor is powerful yet much quieter than many of the other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market.
  • It works with any good clumping litter so you don’t need to purchase any special litter for it
  • It’s very easy to put together and disassemble for cleaning purposes
  • Waste is deposited in plastic bags so there’s no need to come in contact with clumps
  • The rake does a good job of only eliminating waste and clumps, not litter like some of its competitors
  • It’s very inexpensive to operate comparatively
  • Indicator lights show you when the machine is in use or ready to be used
  • The Smart Scoop comes with a one-year warranty


As with most products, there are some cons as well.  Let’s look at some of the negatives…

  • The Smart Scoop does not use a lot of litter so you do have to fill it more often than some of the other ones on the market
  • It is rather large in size so it may not be ideal for those with smaller spaces
  • You may have to even out the litter manually as the rake passes through it rather than moving it in the box
  • Some owners have mentioned the fact that the carbon filter needs to be replaced often to minimize odors
  • The power cord is on the shorter side so you’ll need to place the litter box close to an outlet
  • If your cat tends to use the same exact spot each time that area can get messy very quickly
  • A few owners complained that the motor gave out after a while and need to be replaced
  • Although the rake is quite effective it can miss some of the clumps at the very bottom of the litter box
  • You may find some clumps getting stuck in the corners of the litter box and not eliminated properly

 Tips And Recomendations For The Smartscoop Litter Box

It’s always a good idea to follow the suggestions that the company and current customers offer to ensure that you get the most out of your Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box.

Here are some tips and recommendations for you…

You may have some difficulty acclimating your cat to the litter box at first.  However, there are some ways to facilitate the process.

For starters, place the Smart Scoop in the same place where your old litter box is.  That way your cat can feel more comfortable and should be more willing to explore the new one.  You might want to add a couple of scoops of litter from the old box to add to its appeal.

Once you see that your cat is getting used to the new litter box, don’t clean the old one any longer.  Since cats prefer a clean environment, they should stop using the old one once it starts getting smelly and dirty.  At that point you can safely remove the old litter box from the area.

You may also want to keep the Smart Scoop unplugged for a few days as your cat is getting used to it, which is also recommended if you have the Litter Robot self cleaning litter box.  Although it is relatively quiet, the noise and raking action may scare your cat initially.

Because the Smart Scoop uses regular clumping cat litter, it should be an easier transition than it would be to a self-cleaning litter box that uses special crystals that are unfamiliar to your cat.

To that end the company recommends that you only use clumping litter and not the non-clumping clay variety, newspaper or pine based.  These types will not clump so the machine will not work properly and waste will not be eliminated as it should be.

Always make sure that you don’t overfill the box with litter.  There is a “Maximum” fill line that you should not exceed, otherwise it will be harder for the Smart Scoop to operate and may cause the motor unit to fail.

Although it should be obvious you shouldn’t place your hand in the unit while the motor unit is moving to avoid injury.  If any care needs to be done make sure you power the unit off first.

If you handle or come into contact with the cat litter always wash your hands afterwards.

The company also recommends that you leave the unit operational at night when cats are most active.  If it is powered off large clumps can form and they might not be able to be eliminated properly.

Although the unit requires minimal maintenance it is a good idea to clean it routinely to keep it in tip top shape.  The Smart Scoop can be taken apart easily, and everything besides the motor unit can be washed in warm soapy water.  Keep the motor unit dry and if it needs to be cleaned just use a damp cloth and dry it immediately after.

Keep the sensor lens clean so it can work properly.  You can wipe the sensor cover with a dry, soft cloth.  Use the litter rake comb to remove anything stuck to the rake.

Before you turn on the unit there are several things that you need to ensure: the clutch should be in the “locked” position, the waste receptacle is snapped in securely, the rake is installed correctly with the safety door closed, and the power cord is securely fastened under the pan.  If any one of these four things is not done the unit will not function properly.

It’s important to install the no-touch waste bags and activated carbon filter properly.  Slide the disposable bag over the waste tray and push it down so it hugs the walls of the tray and there’s room for waste to accumulate.  Peel back the bag and tie it closed to dispose of it.

The carbon filter should be pressed into the square on the waste tray lid.  It should fit firmly into place.  For convenience you should replace the no-touch waste bag and the activated carbon filter at the same time.

The Smart Scoop is not recommended for kittens under six months old or if any kittens under six months old are in your house. 

You should empty the litter and replace it about once per month if you have one cat and more often if there are multiple cats in the household or if it sees very heavy use.  You should replace the no-touch bags at least every week to keep odors in check.  The activated carbon filter should also be changed weekly.

You should only use the Smart Scoop inside.  It is not meant to be used outdoors or in a wet/harsh environment like a garage or attic.

The owner’s manual includes additional care and maintenance tips as well as a troubleshooting guide to help you solve any issues you are having with the Smart Scoop.

Conclusion of this Smart Scoop Litter Box Review

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box is a good option for those looking to eliminate some of the manual steps that traditional litter boxes require.

It effectively sifts through the litter and removes clumps and solid waste, depositing it into a chamber for easy disposal.  You no longer need to come into contact with anything, as it is all transferred to a plastic bag that can be removed and thrown away, whether you use Catspot coconut cat litter or Okocat's wood cat litter.

The Smart Scoop according to our review is also much quieter than many of its competitors, a strong selling point for owners with timid or sensitive cats.  You might find that the transition from the old litter box is more seamless than it would be with some of the automatic cat litter box alternatives.

There are a few drawbacks to consider though, including the large size, the potential need to remove waste that is not disposed of properly and the need to replace litter and carbon filters often.  But compared to some of the more significant issues that we’ve come across on other self-cleaning litter boxes, these problems are not really deal breakers.

So, if you’re in the market for an automatic litter box, definitely give the Smart Scoop a look.  It gets very good reviews from current owners and although it is not as elaborate as some of the other ones on the market, it is certainly a huge improvement on the everyday litter box, ending this Pet Zone Smartscoop litter box review.