Petsafe Simply Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box Review


As it sounds, the Petsafe’s cat litter box is an automatic self-cleaning litter box that can clean your cat’s waste box using a ringed bowl. This bowl rotates very slowly and completes one rotation in an hour.

The rotation is meant to clean the litter box, and this reduces dump odor efficiently. This continuous cleaning process not only keeps the smell away but also keeps your hands free because you don’t need to worry about cleaning the litter box now and then. You can use a premium clumping litter to make the most of this box. This auto litter box is on our list of the best automatic litter boxes available today.  It does come short of it's higher rated competitors; you can check out our unbiased Litter Robot review and our detailed ratings of the Catgenie if you wanted to check them out.



how does it work?

This is one of the most innovative cat litter boxes in the market right now. It uses a conveyor belt to sort the litter and dump and clean the box. Here’s how it works:

The ring inside the box rotates all the time. Once your cat finishes his/her business in the litter box, the rotational movement around the conveyor belt escalates the waste and slowly movies it upward. The unit contains a waste container at the top half where the waste reaches as the belt pushes it on top. You can dispose of the entire waste later when you have time. Using a high-quality litter allows the dump to move smoothly to the top; otherwise, it may create a mess as the belt rises up.

Another reason why the Petsafe self-cleaning litter box is the one of the leading litter boxes in the business is it is very easy to clean. All you need to do is pull the waste container bucket and toss the entire content inside the trash. Since you will use cat litter, you need not even touch the stuff inside.

But before you allow your cat to use the litter box, make sure you fill it with clay litter or clumping. Ideally, you should fill the box with litter to the indicated line. The slow movement of the bowl will not disturb your cat’s action when he/she is inside. Since it completes one rotation per minute, your cat can take a dump without even realizing that the bowl is moving.


The Petsafe’s litter box comes with a plethora of features. Compared to its competitors, this model is way ahead when it comes to functionality and usefulness. Some of the essential features of this model are as follows:

Easy cleaning facility

Cat owners often complain that they need to frequently clean the litter box and sometimes things get messy. With this litter box, you can expect just the opposite. The unique design of this litter box can accumulate the waste in a separate container that you can detach and get rid of the dump without creating a mess.

No Odor

It comes with a continuous cleaning technique that doesn’t allow the waste to settle down. This reduces the odor of the dump significantly. Most importantly the dump collects inside a covered container that further prevents the smell from spreading. Apart from reducing odor, it also eliminates the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the box.

easy operations

Operating this litter box is easy. Since most of the functions are automatic, you need not worry about shifting the waste every time your cat uses the box. Moreover, it comes with an easy setup. You can connect the unit to the nearest power source to activate the box. The rotation of the moving parts doesn’t make any noise. It doesn’t allow the cat to know that the box is moving from the inside. You can use either AC or DC power adapter to use this litter box.

Quick clean facility

Busy cat owners will find this litter box their best friend. Although this unit doesn’t provide any separate bags, it does come with a waste container that can collect the dump of your cat. So, instead of having to throw the waste every time the cat uses the litter box, you can now use it once a day once in two days depending on your cat’s bowel movement. You can empty the container contents in a trash bag and attach it to the box again.

continuously cleans the litter area

This is one of the most significant features of the PetSafe simply clean litter box. The conveyor belt inside the box moves continuously so that it can keep the litter area clean. Cats like clean litter boxes, and this can be a headache for you if you spend most of the day outside. But thanks to this litter box, you don’t need to worry about keeping the litter box clean. The conveyor belt automatically cleans the box as soon as your cat uses it. It sends the waste through the belt on top to the container to keep everything clean and odor-free.

reduced scooping

Imagine having to scoop away the waste every time your cat uses the litter box. You will have to be in the house 24 x 7 to make sure everything is clean. But this litter box allows cat owners to do their job at their own time. The poop container is a game changer for this model. Not only does it collect all the dump but you also don’t need to worry about how the dump gets there. Everything happens automatically, and all you need to do is switch the litter box on to operate.


This litter box has an unmatched design, and with its automatic rotation facility, the makers have won the hearts of the cat owners. There are more innovative designs than this in the market, but they don’t offer the same functionality as this one. When you put automatic waste removal from the main dumping area together with the facility to collect the dump in one location, it makes this litter box the best in the business.

Cat owners who are searching for a litter box that will make their life easier should get the Petsafe automatic litter box because there’s not one model that can beat its technology and features.

tips on the use of petsafe's simply clean litter box

Having a cat is one of life's little wonders. Those feline companions have a way of bringing a sense of calmness, curiosity, and magic to everyday life.

That being said, caring for a cat comes with a fair share of responsibility, one of which is the choice and maintenance of the litter tray. For many cat owners, considering PetSafe simply clean litter box could prove to be a very wise option.

The innovative design of this litter box means that the hard work of maintaining litter trays is significantly reduced. With the use of a continuous rotating motion a full rotation taking one hour to complete, the cleaning process is maintained without the need for user input.

are special equipment or supplies needed to use this type of litter box?

In a word; no. The waste can be collected in any type of bag which the user finds convenient and once the litter box is purchased no other related supplies are necessary to maintain it.

Does It Take a long time to clean the petsafe litter box?

One of the excellent benefits that come with this choice of the litter box is the ease of cleaning for the user. To maintain the litter box and have it as a hygienic part of the home it is simply necessary to collect the waste from the container and dispose of it in the correct way.

This can be done by pulling out the collection bucket and placing the cat waste directly into an appropriate trash bag, or the bucket can be lined with a bag which can then be tied and tossed. It is simply a matter of the user determining which method best suits them.

what can make the transition easier from the old litter box to this new one?

This transition is as easy and simple as any other. It is just a matter of placing some of the old waste into the new litter box and allowing the cat time to get used to the new arrangement; it should not take long, cats are smart animals.

what can be done to avoid spillages?

It's easy to make the mistake of putting too much litter in the container; however, this can quickly end up in a spillage. In addition, purchasing a high-quality litter mat should go a long way in minimizing spillages.


what can be done to extend the lifespan of this automatic litter box?

Since the litter box offers continuous cleaning, setting a program so that it rotates, for instance, twice a day, is one effective method. In addition, using a premium clumping litter will also go a long way in maintaining the unit.

is there any type of limitations on the use of this litter box?

There are a few. Firstly, the weight of the cat should be considered. For cats who weigh under 12 lbs, the litter box is normally suitable, however for owners of cats who have a weight that exceeds 12 lbs the litter box would not be appropriate for their needs.

The second limitation which can come into play is that of cats with physical limitations. It is best to take advice before purchasing this litter box in such circumstances as a more specific option may be more suitable for the cat's needs.

Finally, the litter box should not be used for kittens who are under six months of age. Once the kitten exceeds the six-month mark, they may start to use the box.

Indeed, for cat lovers this litter box choice is certainly worthy of consideration; however, like all purchases, maintenance is the key to safe and long use.