Pretty Litter Review - Color Changing Subscription Cat Litter

Pretty Litter is an interesting litter product to review for cat owners and their family. Pretty Litter has got built-in indicators to check for abnormal alkalinity and acidity levels in your cat’s urine. 

Pretty Litter kitty litter will change colors if there is an issue of concern for your cats. The idea of Pretty Litter cat litter is that you’ll get an early warning if your cat is ill or sick judging from the Pretty Litter cat litters color so you can get them to the veterinary office to make sure your cat is healthy, especially if they need  treatment for urinary tract infections. We've come up with these Pretty Litter reviews to get to the bottom of whether or not the featured top rated color changing litter for cats is worth the hype.

pretty litter
Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter Review: The History of Pretty Litter

The popular Pretty Litter business and their cat litter products itself was started in 2015. Prettylitter is relatively new but has become well-established, highly rated and recommended monthly subscription natural cat litter service to monitor cat health which is why we're writing this helpful Pretty Litter cat litter review. Click the link above to shop online and receive free shipping of Pretty Litter cat litter for your feline on your purchase of this litter.

What is Pretty Litter Made Of?

The litter is made from silica gel and includes the Pretty Litter subscription company’s propriety color changing cat litter formula to check for acidity, alkalinity, and blood. The kitty litter crystals are clear and contain no fragrances; Pretty Litter cat litter is better at trapping moisture than most clumping clay cat litters. the experience lasts an entire month, which is why you subscribe for multiple months.

Is Pretty Litter Safe & Natural?

Yes, Pretty Litter color changing litter for cats is non-toxic. The number of compounds that have been added to Pretty Litter feline litter has been kept to a minimum. Pretty Litter cat litter was created by veterinarians and formulated to pass through the digestive tract without being absorbed.

If you have a cat or cats that like to eat their litter, this feature will become important to you in this Pretty Litter analysis.

Pretty Litter

How Does Pretty Litter Work?

Pretty Litter is simple enough. Like any other cat litter we review, you pour Prettylitter into the litter box. A depth of two inches of Pretty Litter cat litter is a good bet. If you have a standard cat litter box, you’ll need a bag or multiple bags of Pretty Litter cat litter. If you have a bigger litter box, you’ll need more.

Your cat uses Pretty Litter kitty litter as usual. You'll have to remove and scoop out the poop from the litter and solid waste every day. After that, give everything a big stir to mix the cat pee in with the litter crystals. The litter crystals will absorb most of it due to the silica gel. Any remaining urine will evaporate.

One bag of this highly absorbent Pretty Litter cat litter should last a month. Then the litter needs to be replaced.

The unique feature of Pretty Litter kitty litter is that it gives you insights into the state of your cat's health. Whenever she pees, you'll see a patch of color forming. If there's something wrong, the color will change in the litter box.

Here's how the health monitoring color altering technology works:

The beauty of Pretty Litter is the color changes to dark blue, dark green, yellow, or red depending on the health problems on your feline, which is due to the use of calcium oxalate crystals.  The information you can get from cat urine is so vital; you can see if there is kidney disease, blatter stones, bladder inflammation, and more that your feline may have. Both customers and our reviews are very impressed with the amount of testing the scientists did to make sure Pretty Litter provided accurate information to cat owners.

Here’s what each health monitoring color means (aside from the original white color) when you see the color change in Pretty Litter to check your cats wellness and to make sure there isn't a disease:

Yellow or Olive Green Indicators

All is fine with your cats health – these indicators are normal to see as a cat owner.

Red cat litter color

This color change in Pretty Litter cat litter is an indication and a sign of blood in the cat pee. You should take your cat to the veterinarian unless you know for sure that she’s in heat. She might have an internal injury, UTI (urinary tract infections), kidney stones, metabolic acidosis, an inflamed bladder, bladder crystals, and so on. This is when you should take your cat or cats to a veterinarian to make sure no disease is present.

Orange colored

This color change occurs when there’s a high level of acidity in the blood. This is another health issue to keep an eye on. Monitor the health your cat for two days. If it’s still showing orange after this, consider taking them to the veterinarian to check for a disease. High acidity could indicate a life-threatening illness.

Dark Green or Blue 

This occurs when there's a high level of alkalinity. This typically points to a urinary tract infection in your cat.

You’ll notice with the acidity indicator, we suggest in this Pretty Litter review and ratings watching your cat over 24 hours. That's because a change in food or stress might also affect the acidity levels of the cat pee of your pet, which you'll see in their litter. 

This color changing cat litter is not designed to be a replacement for a diagnostic consultation with a veterinarian. It is, however, a way of catching potential health issues from their litter box before they become too advanced to deal with.

Do I Really Need this Health-Monitoring Product?

We understand your skepticism of Pretty Litter cat litter. We were skeptical ourselves before our review of this subscription litter. The problem with cats, though, is that they’re pretty good at hiding when they’re ill. It’s an evolutionary coping measure of cats – in the wild, the sick cat may be ostracized by his peers.

While we know our cats well, we might not be able to pick up signs of illness until they’re pretty far advanced. The worse the disease becomes, the less the chance of being able to treat it effectively. 

In cases of serious illness, this subscription litter could mean expensive overnight stays and potentially losing your cat.

On the other hand, if you can see that there’s something wrong early on, it’s a lot easier to treat your cat or cats. It might entail switching out of food, or a small course of medication. We believe that this is a good point in favor of this subscription litter.

Are There False Positives in Pretty Litter color changing litter?

There might be false positives according to our Pretty Litter investigation. That’s why Pretty Litter recommends that you don’t take your cat in immediately if you see a change in their litter. The food your cat eats, how much exercise they get, and the levels of stress they’re under can all play a role here.

Also, if the Pretty Litter cat litter is blue and has turned slushy, that’s an indication that the litter needs to be replaced. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s an issue with alkalinity.

How do you know the difference? Check for patches in the litter. If most of the litter crystals have turned blue, it’s more likely to be a saturation problem. If the litter just blue in the odd patch, your cat might be ill.

What Else Can Cause Changes in Cat Urine?

Just like with humans, the food your cat eats can affect the color of their urine, which you will see in their litter box. If they eat asparagus, for example, it gives the cat pee a slight tint. You’re not going to be feeding your cat asparagus any time, but you get the idea.

Any changes in the formulation of their food can also impact how acidic their cat pee is. If they’re not drinking as much water as they should, their urine will be more concentrated and possibly more acidic in the litter box.

Specks of blood in the litter do not necessarily indicate a problem either. If your female cat hasn’t been spayed and is in heat, it’s quite normal for there to be some blood in the litter. Look at other signs that she’s in heat before you worry too much.

Signs that she’s in heat include:

  • Loud vocalizations: This is to attract male cats and can be alarming for you if you’ve never experienced it. It might even seem as though she’s in pain.
  • She’s more affectionate than normal: She might even try to rub up against the chair legs.
  • She sprays: This is where she gives a blast of cat pee in different areas of the litter box. Again, it’s to let males know she’s available.

Is Pretty Litter Extremely Absorbent?

Pretty Litter

The silica crystals in Pretty Litter cat litter are incredibly absorbent. They'll absorb the cat pee and lock it in the litter box. They also help to desiccate the feces, so that makes it easier to scoop. They can absorb a significant amount of liquid as well.

This is what helps one subscription litter bag last so long without smelling. The Pretty Litter cat litter crystals themselves have no odor-neutralizing chemicals in them, but, because the cat pee binds to the silica litter granules, and any remaining water evaporates, and the odor is completely contained.   

Is Pretty Litter Better for the Environment?

Unfortunately, Pretty Litter is not exactly better for the environment. Silica gel takes a long time to degrade as per our reviews on litter. You have to dispose of the subscription litter in the trash as it can’t be composted. It also can’t be flushed for fear of causing a blockage in the toilet.

On the upside on these reviews for Pretty Litter, silica gel litter is still better than clay because you’re not using as much. With clay, you can easily go through twenty pounds a month per cat. That’s twenty pounds that end up on the landfill.

As you’re only using four pounds of litter a month here, this is eco-friendlier than clay.

If you’re an environmental warrior, though, this litter product is probably not going to be your first choice of litters. There are biodegradable options on the market like CatSpot that might suit you better. The advantage of these options is that they can be composted or flushed. 

Is Pretty Litter Hypoallergenic?

The litter crystals themselves are hypoallergenic for humans and cats. 

Is Pretty Litter Lightweight?

The great thing about Pretty Litter is that it’s a lot lighter than clay. Forget lugging around a heavy bag of clay. Not only is Pretty Litter lightweight, but you score because you don’t need as much litter.

You don’t have to worry about lugging ten pounds of heavy clay litter around or finding space for it. The four-pound bag of Pretty Litter is manageable for those with reduced strength and is easy to store.

The lightweight litter crystals of Pretty Litter do make it easier for kitties that like to dig. If your cat is a senior, or not well, this litter will be easy for them to handle.

Is it Comfortable for your feline?

The crystals in Pretty Litter are relatively soft. If your cat is more sensitive or if you're cat has been declawed, they’ll appreciate this softer litter option. The low-dust factor makes it ideal for cats who have breathing issues.

The urine is absorbed by the particles, and this keeps the rest of the litter clean and dry. Even the most fastidious kitty can’t object to this part of these customer reviews.

Silica litter sometimes pops and crackles alarmingly when a cat pees on it. This might be enough to put the cat off using it again. This litter doesn’t seem to make too much noise, though.

From the human standpoint, cleaning out the dried-out poop from the litter box is a lot easier. It doesn’t smell nearly as bad as it would “fresh.” The lack of clumping ability is intended to make the litter itself last longer.

For ourselves, though, we’d like to have the option of removing chunks of urine from the litter. Then you’d just have to top it up from time to time.

Pretty Litter

How Well Does Pretty Litter Work?

Okay, that’s enough about the features of Pretty Litter, let’s see how it measures up. Can you really get away with one bag of Pretty Litter a month? Is it as good at odor control as they say? Let's find out.  

Does Pretty Litter Control Odor Well?

We have to stress here that you need a separate litter box for each cat in the household. If you have cats sharing litter boxes, you’ll find that the odor control doesn’t last as long.

If you’re using Pretty Litter as directed, you’ll find that the odor control is excellent. You will have to scoop out the feces from the litter box every day. This doesn’t really clump, and so that’s a downside. There is also a possibility that the urine will pool at the bottom of the box. If you’re stirring the litter regularly, this shouldn’t happen.

Here we'd have to say that we'd prefer a clumping litter. That way, you could clean out the clumps of litter quickly enough.


If you want to keep your home pristine, you probably shouldn’t have a cat in the first place. They’re not as messy as dogs, but they do shed fur, and they do track litter around. The smaller sized particles here are a bit of a downside. They’re easy to track.

A larger box will help to keep tracking under control.  Alternatively, you can consider buying a litter mat. These mats contain two surfaces. The uppermost surface is in a grid pattern, and the lowermost surface is smooth.

The grid catches litter trapped under your cat’s paws. This falls through and is then caught by the lower surface. All you need to do is to pick it up and shake out the litter from time to time.

Dust from Pretty Litter

This product is low in dust. It’s a huge step up from clay in this regard. You may get a small amount of dust here or there, but it’s not a lot. The particles are smaller, but, despite this, there’s no dust to speak of.

If you or your cat suffer from respiratory ailments, this is a good alternative.

How Long Pretty Litter Lasts

One four-pound bag will last one month for one cat in one standard sized litter box according to our review of Pretty Litter. You do have to be scrupulous about scooping and stirring it regularly. If you have a cat that pees more than average, it’s a good idea to use a bag and a half instead.

It’s also best to use a bag and a half if you have a larger box than normal.

We recommend that you play things by ear. See how well it goes for you and your cat. If you need to, you can always adjust as you go.

You’ll know that it’s saturated if:

  • All or most of the crystals are discolored
  • There is urine pooling in the bottom
  • The odor-control has failed
  • No amount of stirring helps you find unsoiled crystals

What Do the Experts Say About Pretty Litter?

Most cats will take to it well. It’s soft on the paws and has a neutral scent to it. These crystals don’t pop quite as fiercely when they come in contact with urine as some of the others we’ve tried.

It’s very similar in texture to clay and sand, so cats tend to like it just fine. The crystals are smaller and not quite as rough as clay would be. That makes it a better option for cats with sensitive paws.

The bonus here according to cat experts is that it will work in a variety of different litter systems, including automatic options.

How Much Does Pretty Litter Cost?

You can expect to pay more. You’re looking at just over $20 a bag. That bag will last three to four weeks. You can get a twenty-pound bag of clay little for a little less than half. That will also last three to four weeks.

That said, the clay litter is not as good at masking odors and more labor intensive because you need to change it out more frequently.

In terms of crystal litter prices, this one is comparable. It’s a little more than some on the market, but not significantly more.

The company does offer a subscription service. You’ll be enrolled automatically to this. If that’s not what you want, you’ll need to opt out by contacting the company. This, for us, is a little annoying.

It’s a good way to drive sales for the company, but the consumer shouldn’t have to opt-in by default.


  • Gives you an indication of potential issues when they first start
  • Very lightweight
  • You can scoop it with a standard scoop
  • It comes directly to your door
  • The company is known for excellent customer service
  • Super absorbent
  • Outstanding odor control
  • A lot less work than clay litter


  • The price is higher
  • You must have at least one bag per cat. In multi-cat households, that can become expensive
  • Doesn’t clump

Where to Buy The Pretty Litter Subscription Service

Follow our links to find it – we’ll get you the best deal.

It can also be ordered directly from the company’s site. The company will cover all the shipping charges. When ordering directly from the company, they place you on the subscription list by default. Subscribers of Pretty Litter can expect the deliver of their shipment in just a few days.

If you’d prefer to order it as and when you need it, you’ll need to contact their customer help desk to cancel the auto-renewal.

Pretty Litter

Our Final Verdict Of Our Testing Of PrettyLitter

Overall, it was challenging to come up with a final review and rating here for Pretty Litter. We rated it at 9 out of 10. There's no question that it's effective at masking odors. We also really like that Pretty Litter cat litter is formulated to pick up changes in the urine's chemistry.

What we didn't like was how easily Pretty Litter tracked. That's why we felt that we had to mark it down.

Pretty Litter also not the most budget-friendly option for a multi-cat household. If you have five cats, you’ll pay more than $100 a month for cat litter. Not everyone can afford that amount.

Generally, though, we felt that Pretty Litter performed as advertised for cats. While we’re not happy about being added to the Pretty Litter subscription service automatically, it did make things more convenient. So, if you’re going to stick to Prettylitter, you’ll probably like that as well.

Our final recommendations are that Pretty Litter a good product; the real benefits outweigh any cost that costs with Prettylitter. It’s got very little dust, is soft on the paws and lasts well. You can save money for months on end with their subscription services.  It’s everything that you want in a litter, wrapping up this Pretty Litter analysis.