Scoop Away Cat Litter Review

Scoop Away claims their litter is designed for tougher litter boxes. They focus most aggressively on odor-control. All the products in their reviews in the line are clumping to make cleanup a lot simpler.

If you have a multiple cat household or have a Sir Pees-a-Lot kitty, this could be an excellent option to review. Want to find out? Let's go over the details in this review and check out how these products measure up.

Review: more about this Scoop Away Cat Litter

Scoop Away litter reviews was started in the eighties out of the founder’s garage. It soon became popular, and this attracted some of the bigger companies. It was in 1992 that the company was first sold to First brands and subsequently sold to Clorox in 1999. It is now a fully-owned subsidiary of Clorox’s pet division, Clorox Pet Products. 

what is scoop away cat litter made of?

There are a few different products in Scoop Away’s product line, but all are clay-based like scoop away complete performance clumping cat litter. The company focuses on clumping litter. Bentonite clay offers the best results in this area. Where Scoop Away makes a difference is that it mixes crystals into one of its cat litters.

Scoop Away has included its patented ammonia-guard tech into most of its products. Their products are focused on controlling the urine smell of litter. That they haven’t branched out more is a little surprising considering the size of the company.

That said, they do offer enough of a range for most people in this review.

They don’t use harsh or harmful chemicals in their formulations, but their products are not all-natural. There is only one product in the range that isn’t fragranced we review. The company does use artificial fragrances.

Review: is Scoop Away Cat Litter safe for my feline?

The products of Scoop Away cat litter are all safe for your cat. There are no toxic chemicals in them. If we had to choose one product we review, we’d go for the fragrance-free option. While the scents used are considered generally safe by the FDA, they do use quite a bit.

We’d prefer them to tone this down a bit.

If your cat takes an occasional bite of litter, this won’t do them any harm. The clay passes through the digestive tract reasonably easily. If your cat chows down on the litter, though, (believe it or not, some do and for many different reasons), they need to go to the vet. The clay can ball up in large quantities and obstruct their digestive tract.

why should you consider scoop away?

If you have a multiple cat household, keeping up with cleaning boxes can be difficult. It can also work out quite expensive. These cat litters do make things easier. They’re good at clumping and tough on odors—precisely what a busy cat parent needs.  

very absorbent Cat Litter

When you first get the litter, pour some out in an old plastic container. It shouldn’t be something that you want to use for food later. It’s quite fun to see how fast it clumps when water is added.

The clumping action is powerful. You'll know when it's saturated because it will start to form a mess. To get to that point, though, you'll have to add a fair amount of water.

is it better for the environment?

This litter we review is not biodegradable. You can’t compost it, and you can’t flush it. As such, it’s not the best choice for an ardent eco-warrior. That said, it’s also not packed with toxins, so it’s better than some of its peers on the market we review.

The odor-control and strong clumping action help it to go further. You won’t have to replace it as often, and that’s a plus.

is Scoop Away light weight?

Not so much, unfortunately in this review for Scoop Away cat litter. The company does have a lightweight option that weighs three times less than the others we review. The 14-pound box is the most manageable option if you have strength issues.

is scoop away cat litter comfortable?

It's a good litter for cats. The particles are a reasonable size and should be suitable for all but the most sensitive paws. The particles aren't that hard, but a finer option would be softer. If your cat has been declawed, you might consider something else.

how well does Scoop Away Cat Litter work?

That’s enough about the features and reviews of Scoop Away cat litter. Now it’s time to rip it to shreds. Does it perform as well as advertised? Let’s see. 

odor control Of Scoop Away Litter

We have to admit that the odor-control abilities are pretty impressive. It’s definitely not going to bite you in the butt if you skip scooping out the solids here and there. The company claims that you have ten-days of odor control. They do have one of the best unscented cat litters available 

Technically, you could skip scooping it during this time, but it's counterproductive. If you scoop ever second day or so, you can put off changing the litter entirely for up to a month. All you'd need to do is to top it up from time to time.

Overall, all the products in the Scoop Away litter range will work well for odor control according to our review. We do recommend starting with the unscented versions. The fragranced versions are pretty strong-smelling. If you're looking for litter for multiple cats, the extra strength version seems to be a popular choice.


This litter is great at odor control. It's not so great at minimizing tracking in our review for Scoop Away. If you have a long-haired cat, or you can't stand the sight of kitty litter littering your home, steer clear.

In all fairness to the company, tracking is hard to stop.


Dust is usually a problem with cat litter. It’s also something of an issue here for Scoop Away. The Extra-Strength version seems particularly bad in our review, so the formulation needs some work. 

Reviews: how long Scoop Away Cat Litter lasts

If you're scrupulous about cleaning the box, you'll get by easily with twenty pounds or less per cat per month. Buy the larger quantities to save time and effort in a bigger household. These Pretty Litter reviews are worth checking out if you're looking for alternatives.

here's what the experts say About Scoop Away Litter

Cat experts agree that cats and clay litter fit together well. They love the feel, and the same is true here. This product is tolerated well by felines. The scented versions could be a bit iffy when you have a genuinely fussy cat.


The pricing is very competitive here compared to other litter brands we review. Scoop Away offers something for everyone at every budget level. The budget options offer excellent value for money, but fewer features. The premier versions border on being pricey, but they’re not overpriced for what you’re getting. For the lower priced options, they're considered some of the best cheat cat litter options available.


  • Great clumping action
  • Excellent odor control
  • Priced competitively
  • Wide range of options


  • Scented versions have a strong smell
  • Can’t compost or flush the litter
  • Some versions are very dusty
  • Tracking is an issue

our final verdict Of These scoop away cat litter Reviews

Overall, we gave this range a review 7 out of 10. The dust and tracking somewhat mar the great clumping ability and odor control. These are not the best products out there, but they are a good mid-range option that won't break the bank, concluding this Scoop Away Litter Review.