Skoon Cat Litter Review & Rating

Are you looking for reviews on Skoon Cat Litter? Skoon is an Afrikaans word meaning “clean.” If you order this cat litter, that’s exactly what you’re getting – a nice clean way to deal with your cat’s toilet business. In these Skoon litter ratings, we consider this is as an all-natural product that’s slightly different than what many cat owners are used to.

Why? Most natural products contain pellets of wood, paper, corn, or grass. Skoon cat litter contains just one ingredient – diatomaceous earth. The company uses it because of its natural absorptive properties and because it is naturally anti-bacterial.

How good is this cat litter product really? Let’s take a detailed look in these reviews of Skoon Cat Litter and find out why so many cat owners are talking about this product.

Skoon litter review

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What Is skoon cat litter made of?

The one ingredient Skoon cat litter contains is diatomaceous earth. If you’re an avid gardener, you might have heard something or read comparisons about it already. It’s a combination of fossilized algae and volcanic soil. This makes it extremely good for the soil in the garden.

It’s often used for its ability to retain moisture in the soil. It works just as well when it comes to Skoon litter according to our guide. This is because each pebble is extremely porous. The urine and liquids in the fecal matter are soaked up through tiny pores in the surface.

It’s so effective that you might not even realize that your cat had been to the toilet using Skoon litter.

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Is Skoon Cat Litter good for my cat?

Yes, Skoon cat litter 100-percent natural. If you have a cat that eats its litter, you don’t have to worry with Skoon. The earth will pass through the digestive tract without causing any issues. We wouldn’t advise making a regular part of the snacking schedule, but Skoon litter not going to do them any harm.   

Skoon cat litter uses food-grade earth, so it is perfectly safe for your feline.

Review: Why Consider Skoon Cat Litter?

If you’re only going to get Skoon litter for one reason, consider Skoon kitty litter's absorptive properties. Its ability to hold moisture is among the best out of all the natural cat litter products on the market. Skoon cat litter's texture is soft and very similar to earth. Your cat is bound to like Skoon.

Extremely Absorbent

Each pebble in Skoon litter is pitted with pores that soak up any moisture that comes into contact with them. They’ll trap up to three times the amount of liquid that clay litter will.  

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better cat Litter for the environment

What we especially like about Skoon cat litter in our critique of it is that it’s biodegradable. The Skoon company recommends placing it in the trash and sending it off. You can do this guilt-free if you prefer. Skoon litter will break down naturally in a short time at the landfill.

If you have a garden, we have another disposal option for you. Dig it into a bed or add a few scoops of Skoon when you’re planting a new plant. This will help preserve the moisture in the soil.  Scoop out the poop and dispose of that separately, though.

Also, don’t use this method when it comes to edible plants like veggies and herbs. The poop can contain pathogens, and these can be transmitted to the soil. If they’re taken up by the plants later, you could get sick if you eat them.

Skoon cat litter does not recommend flushing the Skoon litter product because of the potential effect the bacteria might have on ocean life. If you need to get rid of a little here and there, though, flushing Skoon shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Is it lighweight?

Skoon is a quarter of the weight of traditional clay litter. The advantage of the smaller bags is that you can handle them quite easily. Most people can carry an eight-pound bag with relative ease.

is it comfortable?

The texture of Skoon is small, smooth pebbles. They’re bigger than clay particles, but a similar shape. Your cat should take to them well. Also, unlike silica crystals, there are no popping sounds when the urine hits Skoon litter.

how well does skoon cat litter work?

Now with your basic introduction to Skoon done, let’s see how it measures up in terms of performance.   

Odor Control 

In terms of odor control, it’s hard to beat silica crystals. Diatomaceous earth comes pretty close, though. Thanks to it being so porous, all you need to do is to scoop out the poop every second day or so.

Then give the Skoon pebbles a quick stir to ensure that the urine doesn’t get concentrated in one spot. If you take the time to follow these steps, it becomes easy.

This isn’t a clumping litter. That might put some people off. With this Skoon product, the urine is absorbed into the pebbles, so there’s no pooling at all. Best of all, it won’t stick to the bottom or sides of the box.


The pebbles are large enough so that they won’t get stuck to your cat’s paws. Unless you have a digger that likes to fling the litter out of the box, you won’t need to worry about messy cleanups. If tracking control is important to you, this is a good alternative compared to best litter brands for tracking .

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does it have dust?

If you have a problem with dusty clay, this could be the solution because it's one of the best dust free cat litters available. Skoon produces virtually no dust at all. This is in part due to the large particle size. Even if the particles start to break down, they don’t become powdery.

If you or your cat have respiratory issues, this would be a good option. Of all the natural options, it produces the least dust. 

how long does It last?

An eight-pound bag of it will last one cat one month. You can also opt for a disposable litter box if you like. They contain four pounds of litter. As a result, they’ll last between two and three weeks.

The advantage of the disposable box is that when the litter is saturated, you just seal everything up and send it out with the trash.

You’ll be able to see when the pebbles need changing. The pebbles will change color, and the smell will start to become pervasive. It's a good multi-cat litter as well.

Since the litter doesn’t clump, you’re not wasting whole batches of it when you do scoop Skoon kitty litter out. That means that you’re not going to have to top it up as often and so useless.

What do the experts say about skoon?

Cats seem to like it. If you’ve got a kitty that you want to wean off clay, this is a good option. The pebbles don’t have jagged edges and are reasonably lightweight. They’re not rough on the paws and are easy for cats to dig in. 

The fact that it’s unscented will also score points with your furry friend. Most cats dislike the smell of scented litters.

pricing of skoon litter

You’re looking at just under $25 a month here according to our critique. That’s for one bag of eight-pound litter. The advantage of Skoon cat litter is that you can order a trial bag quite easily. The company will remind you a few days before shipping the next order. 

That way, if you don’t want more, it’s easy enough to cancel.

It also offers a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, return it for a full refund – no questions asked.

The disposable box option does work out pricier. You’ll need around two boxes per month per cat. The bags definitely work out to be a more cost-effective option for Skoon.

pros of skoon litter

  • Excellent odor control, even in multiple cat households
  • Harmless if swallowed and can even be good for your cat’s digestive tract
  • No harmful chemicals
  • No artificial fragrances, colors, or chemicals of any sort
  • Won’t stick to the sides of the tray
  • Will handle a lot of liquid
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Can be dug into the garden when used to aid water retention for non-edible plants
  • Can be flushed in small quantities
  • You get discounts on bulk orders
  • Doesn’t support the growth of mold
  • Won’t rot, even if it gets wet

cons of skoon litter

  • The eight-pound bag is the biggest the company produces
  • Your cat might not like it
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our final verdict on this Review For skoon cat litter

Out of all the cat litters that we’ve tried and wrote reviews for over the years, Skoon is one of our top choices. We’d give it 4.5 out of 5 review for sure. Why’d we mark it down? It’s pricier than clay litter and many brands of silica litter.

It’s true that you don’t use as much, so it’s not as much of a difference as you’d think. The other reason that we marked it down is that the Skoon cat litter's site only offers subscription offers.

It might be convenient, but not everyone wants to have a subscription in place. On the positive side, canceling the subscription is simple to do. The company even reminds you that the next lot is about to be shipped, so you have ample time to do so.

In terms of odor management, this cat litter comes in a close second to silica crystals. Considering that this is a completely natural option, its performance is more impressive.

We also feel that it's an excellent alternative to other natural options. We don't particularly like the smell of grass seeds. Paper litter tends to end up a mushy mess. Wood litter is not bad, but the smell might be overpowering. Also, most other natural options track badly.

Will this option be right for you and your cat? The only way to know that is to try it. Overall, though, we’d imagine that most cats would love this litter, ending these reviews for Skoon cat litter.