So Phresh Cat Litter Review & Rating

If you’re looking for a litter brand for cats with the widest range of choice, So Phresh litter could be it. They have several different types of litter.

If you’re looking for clay, crystal, or natural litter alternatives, you’ll find them here in these reviews of So Phresh litter.

The vast array of choices can be confusing, though.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this So Phresh cat litter review to help make sense of what they offer.

so phresh cat litter

So Phresh Litter: more about this company

The company is a Petco brand. Petco itself was initially started in 1954 as a company supplying veterinaries. It has since grown into one of the biggest pet supply companies in the United States according to our reviews.

Petco has become a household name associated with good value-for-money products. So Phresh is a house brand. It's not as well-known, though, because you can only buy it from Petco or Amazon. It's not available in other stores like Target or Walmart. 

Still, the litter brand has been making a splash. It has some excellent odor-control products and a range of options that is hard to beat, which is why we had to come up with these So Phresh litter reviews.

Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Advanced Odor Control Fragrance Free Cat Litter

Advanced Odor Control Fragrance Free Cat Litter

what is so phresh litter made out of?

Considering the size of the all natural litter range, it would take forever to go through all the different offerings and what this cat litter contains. In our reviews, you can choose between:

  • Clay litter
  • Silica crystal litter
  • Wood pellets litter
  • Paper pellets litter
  • Grass seed litter

What else the So Phresh cat litter contains depends entirely on the type you’re reviewing and buying. The alternative this litter ranges like the grass seed and wood pellets can be found fragranced or not. They may contain baking soda.  

The clay clumping litter does contain additives to help it clump when we reviewed it. It may also contain baking soda and odor-masking chemicals.

The So Phresh silica crystal litter products may also contain fragrances and anti-bacterial chemicals.

Here are some of the So Phresh kitty litter options within each category in these reviews:


  • Advanced Odor Control – Fragrance-free: This option we rate  that it clumps well and has additives to mask the odor.
  • Dual Odor Guard: This litter helps offset the scent of feces and urine. It’s specifically designed for homes with more than one cat. It does contain artificial fragrances.
  • Lightweight Odor Control: This So Phresh cat litter product we rate weighs less than your typical litter for cats, so it is a good option for those with arm strength issues. This So Presh cat litter does clump and has no added fragrances.


  • Odor-Lock Standard: This So Phresh litter we wrote reviews for has been designed to control odor.
  • Odor-Lock Clumping: This So Presh option in our reviews is similar to the standard except that the crystals are micro-sized. You can choose between clear, blue, turquoise, and pink. (That, as far as we’re concerned, is taking things a little too far but it obviously appeals to some.)  

biodegradable pellets

  • Paper Pellet: This So Phresh litter comes in scented and unscented varieties. It contains baking soda to help neutralize odors. It has large pellets.
  • Crumble Paper Litter: Paper litter has softer, less dense pellets. It also contains baking soda for odor control.
  • Grass Seed Litter: This So Phresh product is a clumping litter made from grass seed. It comes fragranced or not.

Reviews: is So Phresh Litter safe for my cat?

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that we don’t hold with chemically added fragrances or dies. The nice thing about the So Phresh range is that you can find plenty of alternatives that don’t have artificial colorants or fragrances. It's also one of the best cat litters for multiple cats.

The baking soda added for odor control is a pretty mild compound, and so it won’t do any harm to your kitty. The company uses no harsh chemicals in its products.

The safety for your cat depends on the product concerned and your cat.

The clay litter is inert and so not harmful if swallowed, but it does produce dust. This is not great for cats that have breathing problems.

The So Phresh silica crystals litter are not ideal for cats who might eat their litter. Kittens are more prone to this type of behavior, so maybe start your new baby on one of the natural So Presh litter products. The microcrystals in the litter are very fine, and so there’s more dust with them.

The biodegradable So Phresh cat litter ranges offer an alternative that is healthier for your cat. Choose between grass, paper, or wood pellets. These litters produce little to no dust and so are ideal for kitties with breathing problems.

why consider so phresh?

Petco is a big brand with an established reputation and rating. It offers such a wide range of products that there’s something for everyone. You’ll find something to meet your needs and budget for sure.

extremely absorbent

All the So Phresh litters in the line are highly absorbent. The biodegradable So Phresh litter options top the list here, followed by the silica, and then the clay. Did you know that the wooden pellets absorb as much as five times their weight in liquid? You do now. 

is It better for the environment?

Clay and silica crystals are problematic in terms of the environment. Neither breaks down fast and so can clog up landfills. The upside of the silica is that it doesn’t need to be changed out as frequently, so you’ll use less overall.  

If you’re looking for the best environmental option, the grass seeds are the way to go. They’re biodegradable and require the least amount of processing initially.

The wood pellets and paper pellets are also biodegradable and also a better option for the environment.

All of the biodegradable options can be flushed down the toilet in small quantities. Alternatively, add them into the compost. If you do decide to send them out in the garbage, they’ll degrade quickly at the landfill, so there’s no need to feel guilty about that.

Is It lightweight?

This is going to depend on which kind of kitty litter you get. The silica litter is quite light and easy to manage. The clay option is the heaviest of the lot. So, if you like lifting weights, that’s the way to go.

The biodegradable options are not bad when it comes to weight per pellet. That doesn’t mean that the bags are necessarily lightweight, though.

Is So Phresh comfortable to use?

That's going to depend on your cat. We've had quite a few cats over the years, and we could never tell how each would react to a new litter. Typically, cats are not keen on change, so if you're changing the type, do so slowly.

At home, we found that our cats usually liked the clay or silica options better than the So Phresh wood pellets.

Overall though, thanks to the range of options So Phresh offers, you’ll be able to find something that your cat likes. The grass seeds are going to be the softest option and so might work for cats that have been declawed. 

paper pellets

odor control

Be warned – get yourself a scoop with larger holes. These So Phresh pellets are large, and so you may have to throw away some clean litter if you’re using a standard scoop.

This So Phresh litter doesn’t clump and is designed to lock in odor. This litter does a good job with odor when it comes to urine. With feces, it handles the scent well. That said, you’ll still want to scoop out the solids regularly. It does have baking soda in it to mask the smells.


It’s a good option if you don’t want litter tracked all over the house. The bigger litter pellets are harder for your cat’s paws to catch on. Unless your cat loves flinging his litter around, not much is going to end up out of the litter box.

Does So Phresh have a lot of dust?

This is a great option if you want less dust – there’s hardly any. The large size of the pellets prevents that for your litter box.

how long It lasts

That’s going to depend on your cat. Generally speaking, So Phresh natural litter picks up scents more easily than silica from the litter boxes. You’re looking at changing it out every week or two from the cat liter box, depending on your cat. If you scoop out the solids, it will last a little longer.   

The downside of this litter is that it’s hard to tell if it’s time to change it out because the litter pellets stay the same color in their litter boxes.

what do the experts say?

Paper pellets cat litters are a little iffy when it comes to cats in their litter boxers. These are reasonably soft, but not all cats will like the feel of that type of litter under their paws. Try a small bag first to make sure. 


You are paying more here for this litter than you would for clay litter. You can save a bit of money by taking out a subscription for this cat litter.


  • It’s made mostly from recycled paper
  • Contains baking soda to neutralize litter odor
  • Doesn’t track
  • Very little dust in this litter
  • Comes in resealable bags
  • Biodegradable litter


  • Large litter pellets make it harder to scoop
  • It’s harder to tell which litter pellets are saturated and which are not
  • No litter clumping
  • The litter pellets can break down in the box
  • The litter packs tend to be large

crystal litter

Odor Control

This litter sops all the moisture. That means in the urine and the feces. It definitely works well at handling odor. The litter crystals are a good option if odor control is your main goal.

Eventually, with this So Phresh option, you’ll find some of it sticking to the bottom. It’s not a big deal because it can easily be rinsed out.

crystal litter Tracking

That's going to depend on whether you get the microcrystals litter or not. The microcrystals litter feel softer when you handle them. That advantage is offset by the fact that they are lighter.

If tracking is your big concern, then it may be better to stick to the standard sizes of litter for your litter box. 

Does it contain a lot of Dust?

Again, the microcrystals lose out here. That said, neither litter option is anywhere near as dusty as clay litter.

How Long It Lasts

In a one cat household, four pounds of litter should last about a month. You will need to scoop the poop out every day or two from the litter box. It doesn’t hurt to stir up the crystals once in a while to avoid a more concentrated urine smell developing in one spot.


  • High absorption properties
  • The litter crystals absorb the liquids, leaving the surface clean and dry
  • Odor control is excellent
  • Light litter to carry
  • Good if you have an automatic litter box
  • Not extremely dusty
  • Highly absorbent silica gel soaks up liquid and odor
  • Tracking is not bad if you get the standard size


  • You’ll pay more than you do for clay-based litter
  • The litter crystals do make a popping sound when the liquid hits them – it could be alarming for more sensitive felines
  • It won’t clump

clay litter

Odor Control

It’s no secret that we’re not huge fans of clay litter. It needs to be changed out regularly and is not the best at controlling odor compared to other litters.

Some of the products in this range contain odor-neutralizing additives like baking soda. Those litter products are pretty good at disguising smells. The standard range is a lot cheaper but just doesn't measure up as well.

That said, this litter range does have good clumping capabilities, and that makes it a lot easier to dig out the smelly bits.

Does it Track?

Your cat is bound to pick up some of the particles in his paws from the litter. On the plus side, the litter particles are a little heavier, so they don’t fly quite as far when kitty’s digging. 

Is this Litter Dusty?

Clay litter and dust go hand in hand. It’s unavoidable and one of the main downsides to using this type of So Phresh litter.

How Long It Lasts

If you’re diligent about scooping out the litter clumps, you’re looking at about a week or so before it needs to be changed out.

What Do The Experts Say?

Most cats react well to clumping clay litter. Perhaps that’s because it’s closer to what they’d use in nature. If you have a cat with sensitive paws, the particles may be a little rough for them.


  • Clumps well
  • Okay with odor control
  • Great for budget-strapped consumers
  • Most cats will use this litter
  • Tracking is better than with some other options


  • It’s dusty
  • You’ll need to change this litter frequently
  • It’s pretty heavy to lug around in a bag

grass seed litter

We’re always a bit nervous when it comes to introducing our cats to new things. Our older cat is a little fusspot. She doesn’t like So Phresh wood pellets so we didn’t think the pellets would go down well.

She seemed okay with it. It was us that didn’t like it for the litter box. The texture is fine, but the smell wasn’t great. Still, it wasn’t us that the litter had to impress, was it?

We’d recommend starting with a smaller So Phresh cat litter bag here to make sure your kitty does take to it.

Odor Control 

The seeds are surprisingly good at controlling litter box odors. We didn't like the smell as it came out of the litter bag, but since we're not going to stick our nose in the litter, it wasn't a huge issue. It does dry out the solids and clumps very well, so it lasts longer than expected.


The litter particles are small and light, so be prepared to do some sweeping. That’s probably what’s going to annoy most people about this option. In all fairness, though, there’s not much the company can do about that.

is it Dusty?

Oddly enough, there’s not a lot of dust with this litter. If you’re tired of breathing in clay dust, this is a good alternative.

How Long It Lasts

This depends on your cat. You’ll need to scoop it out at least every second or third day. Thanks to the clumping, though, this is simple. You’ll find that a 20-pound bag will last months if you only have one cat.

We’ve heard of people leaving it in place for a few months at a time without changing it out. They scooped out the solids and topped it up from time to time. We don’t believe that’s very sanitary and, frankly, your cat deserves better.

Getting rid of the litter is simple enough – it’s biodegradable so you can compost it. You don’t have to feel bad about sending it off to the landfill either. Alternatively, flush it in small quantities.

This would be a good option for kittens and cats with sensitive paws. It’s very soft, and they’ll find it easy to dig around in. If they happen to chomp some, it won’t do any harm.

It is a bit more expensive compared to other litters, but it lasts well so you won’t have to buy as much as you would with clay litter.

Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

Odor-Lock Crystal Cat Litter

Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Odor Control Paper Pellet Cat Litter

Advanced Odor Control Fragrance Free Cat Litter

Advanced Odor Control Fragrance Free Cat Litter

our final verdict for these Ratings of so phresh litter 

Overall, the range of products from So Phresh is well-conceived, which is why we give it a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. The products are effective and offer good value for money. You’ll find something in their line-up to suit every budget. And there’s going to be something that will suit your little feline too.

If we did have to make one complaint, it would be that the sheer number of choices in this rating is a little overwhelming. Choosing the right one for your cat can take some trial and error. You’ll need to read each product description carefully.

We like that the brand has natural options. Most brands offer paper or grass or wood—this one offers all three. You can narrow down exactly what your cat or kitten likes best. We also like that they’re not using any dangerous chemicals to help with odor control.

It does seem a little silly to have so many colors of the crystal litter available. After all, this is a practical kitty litter, not a design statement. The litter box is certainly not something we include in our house tour, but, to each their own. If pink litter makes your heart beat a little faster, you have that option here.

And that, we guess encapsulates what the So Phresh litter range is about. It’s about giving the consumer the widest range of choice possible.