Tidy Cats Litter Reviews

 Tidy Cats is a brand that you’re probably already familiar with. It’s part of the Purina brand, and so it’s widely available. 

As with most items in Purina’s line-up, you’re getting a better product for less. The Tidy Cat range is affordable and varied enough for any fussy cat.

Is it a brand that would work for your cat?

Let’s look at the finer details and see what the products have to offer.

more about Tidy Cats

Purina started as a company selling feed for farm animals. That was in the 1890s. The company is one of the most established and best-loved pet brands. They branched out into pet food and products in the 1920s.

Since then, they’ve earned a reputation for producing hard-working products and offering excellent value for money.

We like that this company has a firmly established history. While they can’t be credited with the original idea for cat litter, they were one of the first brands to see the potential as a pet product.

Purina has a reasonably good history when it comes to pet products. They ensure that their products are carefully tested to give you excellent quality.

Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance

This cat litter is considered one of the best ones available today. It's clumping power is a frequent answer from customers when asked why they loved it.


Tidy Cats small places

This version of Tidy Cats is very popular, especially for the price. It's known for being great at handling odors.

Tidy Cats instant action non-clumping

For a cat litter that doesn't clump, their Instant Action formula actually does a great job at masking odors.

what is tidy cat litter made of?

There are many different options within the range. The base ingredient for most products is clay. Now, we’re not the biggest fans of clay litter, but for cat owners on a limited budget, this is a good option.

We prefer to use a more organic product range. That said, if it’s a choice between making your cat use a dirty box because you can’t afford his litter, this is a workable alternative.

There's also a massive range of products under this brand. Let’s look at your options.


These are designed to have a strong clumping action. They’re clay-based and lock away the smell of cat urine. All you need to do is to scoop out the solid chunks at the end of every day. The clumping litter has chemicals in it to assist with the process.

These are not harmful to the health of your cat.


What if you don’t have time to scoop out solids daily? Then the non-clumping varieties might be a better choice. These are designed to control odor so that you can stretch cleanups to once a week instead of daily. 


Purina does like innovating. Their LightWeight range is one of the company’s premium offerings. It has all the odor control and clumping abilities of the standard options. The advantage is that it weighs half as much.

If you’re a senior, or someone with reduced strength, this would be a good option for you.


The range also includes a natural option that has no clay in it. Pure Nature is made up of pine, corn, and cedar pellets. For our money, this is the best of the bunch. It contains no unnatural fragrances and is based on biodegradable products.

With this option, you can flush small amounts or compost them (bearing in mind that it’s not a good idea to use cat litter in compost for edible plants).

litter systems

The Breeze system is an all-in-one solution. It's pretty clever and handles the odor from urine exceptionally well. This is thanks to the moisture pads contained in the bottom of the box. The litter itself is placed in a tray that fits over the pads.

The pads are highly absorbent and lock away the smell. 

additional products

The range also includes several different accessories. You can buy liners and deodorizers from this range if you prefer.

is it safe for my cat?

None of the products contain harsh chemicals, so all are safe for your cat. As mentioned before, most of this line is clay-based. That’s usually not ideal because of the dust that the clay gives off.

In this case, the company has taken steps to reduce the number of dust particles. The individual pellets are strong and won’t disintegrate into smaller particles. Dust is kept to a minimum. You can check out our list of the best pellet cat litter here.

If your cat has respiratory problems, stick to the Pure Natural range. That gives off less dust and doesn’t have silica in it.  

why consider tidy cats?

This is a reasonable range of products. Is it the best on the market? No, there are better. That said, you’re not getting anything better in this price range.

The litters are absorbent, reasonably priced, and perform well. The clumping action here is unmatched, and this helps to lock in odors more effectively.

extremely absorbent

One of the significant advantages of using a clay base is that it is highly absorbent. The LightWeight range is the most absorbent of the clay-based options. If you’re concerned about absorbency, choose a clumping option.  That makes it easy to get rid of solids.

If you’re looking for maximum absorbency, though, consider the Pure Nature range. The natural fibers of the wood and corn absorb as much as five times their weight in liquid.

Overall, though, all the products within the range will do the trick here.


Clay is heavier than most other litter bases. That’s just something that we have to live with, unfortunately. The LightWeight range comes in at half the weight of the others, but it does work out pricier.

The Pure Nature range is the lightest of the lot. The wood and corn fibers weigh a lot less than clay does. Again, though, this product is one of the pricier ones. The downside of this lower weight option is that tracking is more likely.

At the end of the day, you’ll need to pick your poison – more tracking or more weight. Besides, lugging around a bag of litter could be good exercise for you. Why not lift the bag over your head a few times and squeeze in something of a workout too?

We do have to mention that the packaging here is convenient. Depending on the size, you’re either getting a bottle or a bucket. Both offer convenient and spill-free alternatives to traditional bags.


If your cat has been declawed, his paws will be more sensitive. If that’s the case, the hard particles in the clay might not be ideal. Stick to the Pure Nature range if kitty has a problem with his paws.

For most cats, however, it won’t make much difference. They just want to be able to do their business and bury the evidence. Any kind of soil works well for that.

how well does it work?

To be honest, these are more mid-range products. You’re paying less, so you don’t get all the advanced features that you’d find in a top of the line offering. Let’s see how this range compares in terms of overall performance.  

odor control

All options except Pure Nature rely on clumping as the primary method of odor control. That said, you'll need to clean the box regularly – at least once a week, unless you have a self cleaning litter box like the popular Litter Robot model. If your cat has gone more often than usual, more frequent scooping is required.

The Free and Clean option outperforms the others because it has activated charcoal in it. The charcoal naturally absorbs odors and helps to keep everything smell fresher. It’s also completely natural so it won’t do kitty any harm.

The plain old standard option is not quite as good. This can be overcome by increasing the amount that you use in a single sitting.

The company does offer fragranced options. We’re not keen on these because we don’t like the idea of extra chemicals. They’ll mask the problem up to a point, but there’s only so much that they can do.

For us, fragranced options are entirely unnecessary. Some simple baking soda or green tea leaves will do a far better job. Just sprinkle a thin layer on the bottom of the box when you're changing out the litter.

After that, if there is a noticeable smell, start by scooping out the solids. If that doesn’t work, then a sprinkling of baking soda or tea leaves over the top will. You don’t need a lot – we usually find that a handful of baking soda or two teabags of green tea are ample.

The cedar and pine in the Pure Natural option are good at masking scents. They also both have natural antibacterial properties. That can also reduce the overall scent component.


The clumping products are excellent if you’re worried about tracking. The clumps formed are solid and won’t break up easily.

Here clay is possibly one of the better options. It’s heavier, so it shouldn’t stick in the fur. If you’re concerned about tracking, it’s a good idea to consider putting down a rug or getting a litter mat.

A litter mat usually consists of two layers. The top layer has a grid pattern on it to trap particles, and the underlayer is solid so that they can be easily cleaned up. They’re not that expensive to buy and could be a good option for you.

Of course, a plain rug will also suffice.


If dust is a big concern for you, the Pure Nature range is your best bet. It does have some fine particles, but not as many as the other varieties. Overall, except the clay-based options to kick up some fine dust here. It's one of the best dust free cat litters available.

There is a concern about the silica found in clay, but that’s really only a big deal if you have a cat with respiratory ailments. In nature, cats would bury the evidence in many different kinds of soil. And silica would be naturally present there as well. 

how long it lasts

According to Purina, one bag will last about a month. They’re quite quiet on what size bag that is, though. In our experience, you’ll probably need to change out the litter once a week. We’d reckon that you’ll need a twenty-pound bag per cat per month.

what do the experts say?

Traditional options like clay have been popular for a long time. Cats do like them for the most part. If you’re switching to the Pure Nature range, it’s a good idea to start introducing it slowly. Cats can be quite finicky when it comes to changing their toilet habits.

Cat experts suggest starting with a smaller bag to see how it goes over first.  If necessary, swap out half of the new product with the old one you were using before. Let the cat get used to it that way. The next time, swap out three quarters.

That should give kitty plenty of time to adjust.


This is where it gets really good. You’ll get away with using less of an organic product like coconut fibers. At the same time, though, you’ll also have to spend a lot more. In the end, even if you’re buying a twenty-pound bag of Tidy Cats, you’re going to spend less.

You’re looking at less than $15 for a big bag of the standard range, and the others vary in price but are not too far off that mark. You can also save money by having a subscription. 


  • One of the best for price
  • Odor control is good
  • Clumping action is outstanding
  • Lower dust levels
  • Some innovative odor control options within the range
  • Plenty of choices available to you


  • Organic options are better for you and your cat
  • You can get better out there

final verdict

If you’re looking for a reliable product that won’t let you down, Tidy Cats is a good place to start. Is it the sexiest or most advanced range? No, but it does the job pretty well. Also, if you’re trying to get the best price possible, it’s extremely difficult to beat.

It’s not the best by any token of the imagination, but then you’re not paying for the best. You’re looking at a mid-range product that is ideal for budget-conscious shoppers.

The brand is reliable, and you can be sure that nothing is going into the product that shouldn't be there.