World's Best Cat Litter Reviews

World’s Best Cat Litter is a little higher in price. Despite this, it is still a very popular brand according to many reviews around the web.

That indicates that they must have gotten something right, but does it perform as well as claimed in reviews? Is it right for your furry friend?

Let’s examine the details and consider the evidence to answer those questions in these World's Best Cat Litter reviews.  

Review: more about The World's Best Cat Litter Brand

World's Best Cat Litter is a brand under the umbrella of the Kent Corporation. The company operates out of Iowa and has established an excellent reputation and review for itself.

The World’s Best brand was created to offer cat slaves an all-natural alternative to traditional options. 

original clumping formula

Scoopable Multi Cat

Lavender Scented

Reviews: what's the world's best cat litter made of?

Part of the reason why this Worlds Best Cat Litter is so popular is that it is entirely natural. It is made up of whole kernel corn that has been dried and ground up. You won’t find anything like wheat by-products, oats, or beets.

These are often used in natural litters and are not the best options for your cat. There’s a possibility that he might be allergic to one of the components. As this litter contains just the one ingredient, there’s less chance of allergies flaring up.

The scented versions also contain natural oils to assist with odor control, and the litter clumps naturally, so there’s no need to add clumping agents to it. 

is World's Best Cat Litter safe for my cat?

Words Best Cat Litter is absolutely safe. It’s entirely natural. If your cat tends to snack on the litter from time to time, steer clear of the scented versions of Worlds Best Cat Litter. While Lavender oil is completely natural, it should not be consumed internally. This could lead to a buildup of a toxic residue over time.

Just as an aside – the same is true for humans. It’s also true that you shouldn’t use the same essential oil for an extended period for the same reason.

Reviews: why consider world's best cat litter?

 The all-natural ingredients in the worlds best cat litter are a huge plus. They won’t mean much, however, if the litter doesn’t do the job well. Let’s see how the Worlds Best Cat Litter performs in our reviews.

extremely absorbent cat litter

The natural fibers are highly absorbent. They’ll absorb as much as five times their weight in liquids. When the cat pees, the fibers bond together to form hard clumps. This makes it a lot easier for you to scoop out the solids and urine. This is why it made our list of the best cat litter for multiple felines.

If you do this every day, or every second day, you won’t have a problem with odor.

better litter for the environment

Clay litters have their place, but they’re not ideal for the environment. They won’t break down easily and so end up sitting in a landfill for a long time. Add into that the process required to extract clay from the earth, and it’s clear we need other alternatives.

The corn used here, though, is entirely biodegradable. You can compost it if you prefer, or flush it down the toilet. We wouldn’t suggest dumping the whole box in the toilet in one sitting. That’s bound to cause a clog. But a scoopful here and there is not going to hurt.

The other area that makes this a good option for cat litters for the environment is that it’s one way to use up corn husks. This is a pretty sustainable business model over the long-term for any of the best cat litter brands.


If you have problems with lifting heavy bags, you’re going to love the Worlds Best Cat Litter. It’s a lot lighter than clay. On the downside, this also means that the bags are larger. You’ll need to make some space in the garage or kitchen for the Worlds Best Cat Litter. 

If you have a senior cat who’s having problems digging, she’s going to find this a lot easier than clay litter. It’s also not as tough on the paws compared to other cat litters. So, if your cat has been declawed, this is a better option for her.


Kitties that love this option may be unwilling to go back to clay or silica, but some older cats will not take to this type of litter. Despite it being natural, it still doesn’t have the texture that soil does. So, buy a smaller bag to trial. It even made our list of the top rated litter for declawed cats.

World's Best Cat Litter can also help to introduce it more slowly. Use half the old litter and half the new stuff. This gives your kitty ample time to adjust.

The particles in the cat litters themselves are a decent size and don’t feel as hard or jagged as clay can be. Overall, this should be comfortable for your cat. Whether they’ll appreciate the comfort factor in the Worlds Best Cat Litter depends on how stubborn your cat is.

how well does Worlds Best Cat Litter work?

Well, now that you know the basics, let’s look over how well Worlds Best Cat Litter actually works in this review. 

odor control

Overall, the odor control here is reasonable. As long as you clean the cat litter box out regularly, you shouldn't have an issue.

The scented versions do a great job at disguising the smell. They also feature a more natural fragrance that won’t overpower you.


The particles are lighter and are also softer than crystal or clay, so they won’t hurt as much if you do step on them, and there is no tracking issues

A good litter mat or large rug will contain most of the mess of the Worlds Best Cat Litter. 


Surprisingly, there is very little dust here at all. We’d have expected more considering the nature of the material that it’s made from.

how long it lasts

7 to 8 pounds of the Worlds Best Cat Litter will last between three and four weeks. You might get away with using it for a little longer if you remove the solids daily and top it up from time to time.  

what the experts say

With natural litters like Worlds Best Cat Litter, there’s always a chance that your cat won’t take to them. We’d advise trying a single bag  of cat litter at first to see whether or not your cat will switch. To make the transition easier, mix the new and old cat litter in equal quantities.

Then keep increasing the proportion of new cat litter to old cat litter until the cat has transitioned.

On the bright side, if your cat really can’t stand the Worlds Best Cat Litter, you can always chuck it into your compost.


As with most natural litters, you can expect to pay more here for the Worlds Best Cat Litter. If you're aware of this upfront, it's not such a big deal. That said, it does have a good lifespan, so you won't use as much as you would with a clay cat litter. You’ll need about seven pounds per cat per month for the Worlds Best Cat Litter.

Save yourself some money by buying one of the bigger bags of Worlds Best Cat Litter. It's not likely to go off soon. We do have to make one caveat here, though. You must ensure that the bag is kept correctly sealed and that no moisture can get in.

If the corn gets wet in the bag, the conditions are right for mold to grow in the Worlds Best Cat Litter. Consider keeping it in an airtight container if possible. That way, there’s not a chance that it will be affected by water or humidity.


  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Corn is a sustainable resource
  • Can be composted or flushed
  • Excellent odor control
  • Available in scented or unscented
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No artificial chemicals, dyes, or fragrances
  • Very little dust
  • Clumps well
  • A bag will last a good while
  • It’s a lot lighter than most other options


  • It’s lightweight so it will get tracked easily
  • The other potential downside of the weight is that the box might unbalance if your cat likes to sit on the side, rather than in it.
  • You have to be scrupulous about scooping it or odor becomes an issue
  • It can be more challenging to come by than the more well-known brands
  • The price is higher than we’d like

our final verdict of these world's best cat litter reviews

This is not going to be the right option for everyone, but it certainly ticks a lot of boxes in anyone's review for Worlds Best Cat Litter. In our reviews, we give it an 8 out of 10 rating. The main reason that we marked World's Best Cat Litter down is the tracking issue. It’s manageable, but we’d prefer something that wouldn’t track as easily.

We do like the fact that Worlds Best Cat Litter is lower in weight compared to other cat litter brands we review. The eight-pound bag of Worlds Best Cat Litter is easy to lift and shift. The downside is that the bag is bigger, so it requires more storage space.

Also, with the cat litter being lighter, there is a possibility of the whole box tipping over if your cat likes to sit on the edge.

For absorption, we'd give it 10 out of 10 review. This cat litter can hold a lot of liquid. We do like the clumping effect of Worlds Best Cat Litter because it helps to make it easier to scoop out solids compared to other litter reviews.

The most significant factor in this review for us, though, is that Worlds Best Cat Litter completely natural. You're only getting corn, and nothing else. Our preference is for the unscented versions of Worlds Best Cat Litter. You can choose the scented versions if you like because only natural fragrances are used.

Finally, it’s easy to dispose of compared to other cat litters that we review. Send it out with the garbage without worrying about it staying in the landfill for centuries. Otherwise, put it to work, making your compost richer. Or, if you’re only taking out a clump or two, flush it down the toilet.

Overall, this is an excellent product, and we’d certainly consider using Worlds Best Cat Litter on a regular basis, concluding this World's Best Cat Litter review.